Artificial Intelligence in talent management: from trend to internal policy

Artificial Intelligence in talent management: from trend to internal policy

From chatbots to resume screening tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reinventing traditional Human Resources processes in companies. The adoption of new technologies in talent management in Portugal was at the center of the discussion that marked the first TechPeople Conference, organized by Inetum and IIRH - Institute of Information in Human Resources, in Porto.


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What was once considered the future of Human Resources practices has now become a reality for companies and a crucial tool to face current corporate challenges. These trends have been transformed into internal policies, shaping the way organizations approach talent and human resources management within their operations.

Jorge Nájera, Country Manager at Inetum Portugal, says that “As digital transformation accelerates, companies need to adopt increasingly agile and innovative approaches to ensure effective human resources management. AI offers effective tools to predict trends, optimize the workforce and empower team development.”

One of the main trends highlighted at the Conference was the use of AI technologies to facilitate talent selection, offering CV analysis tools, which quickly identify relevant skills and traits, resulting in more efficient and accurate recruitment processes. At the same time, these AI systems are used to predict employee turnover trends, allowing companies to adopt proactive talent retention strategies.

With regard to internal communication, these technologies have also been gaining more space within companies. The implementation of chatbots and virtual assistants has been facilitating communication between employees, automating administrative tasks and providing quick answers about internal policies and corporate benefits.

In addition to the most common applications of this technology, AI systems are also beginning to be used to develop personalized training and training programs for employees. The system has the ability to identify training needs based on those that the employee has already completed, those that their peers have completed or those that are most sought after by the market.

The rapid evolution of AI technologies in the field of Human Resources points to a profound transformation in the way organizations operate internally. However, it is important to ensure a balance between the efficiency provided by process automation and human sensitivity when making strategic decisions.

These were some of the various perspectives addressed in the first edition of the TechPeople Conference, organized by Inetum, an IT services company and market leader in the implementation of SAP solutions, in partnership with the Institute of Information and Human Resources (IIRH). The event took place in November at the Sheraton do Porto and was attended by around 100 professionals from the Human Resources sector and witnessed by companies such as SAP, Efacec, Grupo Solverde and Real Hotels Group.

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