Inetum obtains the 2024 Top Employer Europe certification.

Inetum obtains the 2024 Top Employer Europe certification.


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Inetum has once again been recognized by the Top Employers Institute for its excellence in human resources and unwavering dedication to attracting and nurturing top talent. The IT services company has also been distinguished as a Top Employer in five countries in particular: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

The Top Employers Institute has been evaluating companies’ human resources and management practices. As a unique and independent observer, the Institute certifies nearly 2,300 organizations in 121 countries to distinguish employers who create optimal conditions for the development of their employees, both professionally and personally. 

Strong progress in career performance management & talent acquisition

In 2023, Inetum has continued to make strides in various HR aspects, accelerating its focus on strategy, talent acquisition, ethics, and integrity, in order to achieve Top Employer Europe certification for 2024. Building on 2023 initiatives, the company excels in performance management, work environment, rewards, digital HR processes, and leadership.

Bruno Da Sola, Chief People Officer of Inetum, states: “Our people practices are a masterpiece of our company strategy. Our second Top Employer certification recognizes Inetum’s dedication to our people and our commitment to enriching the employee experience, to creating a thriving work environment and fostering growth for our employees."

Along with the recruitment of over 7,000 new collaborators in 2023, this certification symbolizes the pride in the Group's ambitions and recognizes the commitment and excellence of its HR practices in supporting its business strategy, enhancing the employee experience, and demonstrating its dedication to its talents and stakeholders.

Bruno Da Sola adds: "We have achieved our ambitious recruitment goals in 2023. In 2024, we will recruit more than 7,000 new employees, to strengthen our collective of experts in our 4 activities: Consulting, Technologies, Solutions, and Software.

Empowering its teams to lead the way in technological innovations - that's the top priority at Inetum!

This certification also acknowledges the quality of the Group's HR support throughout employees' career paths and its ability to train its employees. Empowering its teams to drive technological innovations forward is a top priority for Inetum. The Group implements numerous training and certification initiatives to support the development of skills among its team members.

According to Bruno Da Sola, “Continuous training is an essential pillar of our HR support and value creation for our clients. We have recently implemented our program “Do you speak GenAi?” on a large scale to develop the skills of our 28,000 employees. Training our teams in generative AI is an investment in the future of our company and promotes career opportunities and professional growth for all trained employees. This is a testament to our commitment to positioning our teams at the forefront of technological innovations by encouraging exploration and experimentation.”

Top Employer France

"The Top Employer certification rewards our commitment to an optimal work environment. We innovate and heavily invest in the skills development of all our employees. Generative AI is a transformative factor in our industry, and we're committed to harnessing it for the future growth of our company and our talents," declares Eve Royer, HR Director of Inetum in France.

Top Employer Spain

As an example of these initiatives, Inetum in Spain has been recognized as one of the 28 companies in the country with the Equality in Business 2023 seal awarded by the Government. In this line, MC Mutual has awarded Inetum Spain with the Antonio Baró award for promoting a safer and healthier working environment. It also participates in different activities to promote STEM vocations, through corporate volunteering programmes and in collaboration with different associations and entities. "Our commitment to our professionals is continuous and constant and is demonstrated in the different actions, initiatives and policies that we apply," explains Mónica Herrero, People Director at Inetum Iberia & Latam. "We want to continue leading and fostering an excellent working environment," she adds.

Top Employer Belgium

Ann De Ryck, HR Manager Inetum Belgium adds: ”The scope and effort, both in content and how to deliver such a training to 28.000 people in an extremely broad variety of jobs and across many different countries in different languages is quite big. It really requires the resources of a large international group such as Inetum to make it a success. And judging from the enthusiasm with which a large majority of employees, also in Belgium, have completed the course, it’s clear that not only are they learning about such an advanced technological topic, but are enjoying the process.”

Top Employer Portugal

“Talent management practices at Inetum in Portugal promote collaboration, growth, and continuous learning. The pride in being part of this great Team, dedicated to the success of each person and the whole Team, makes this seal of excellence a testament to our dedication and commitment to going further on a sustainable and innovative basis.” Isabel Ribeiro, HR Director Inetum Portugal.

Top Employer Poland

“Receiving the Top Employer Europe 2024 certificate for the second consecutive time brings me great joy. It is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible work environment for our employees. Last year, our employees obtained nearly 80 certificates from various areas. When it comes to the challenges of working with teams in a company where AI is a new tool supporting employees, we understand that for some, this may be a significant change," adds Monika Terlecka, HR Director at Inetum Poland. "However, we believe that AI can enhance the work experience and efficiency of our teams.”

About Inetum:

Inetum is a digital services and solutions company. With a presence in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 28,000 employees and generated a revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2022. In a context where needs and uses are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum Group supports companies and governments in their digital transformation by offering them a unique combination of proximity, sector-specific organization, and innovative solutions. With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum aligns its organization around 4 Global Business Lines: Inetum Consulting, Inetum Technologies, Inetum Solutions, and Inetum Software.

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