We use our recognized experience to boost your operational efficiency

The recognition of our uniqueness and service excellency by our clients and the motivation of our employees make us a reference in SAP consulting in the markets where we operate.

We apply all our experience in implementing corporate systems to the transformation of our clients’ backbone. Our SAP Gold Partner certification and the specialization of our 2,700+ professionals in different SAP solutions – cloud and on-premise – enable us to comprehensively cover each of an organization’s ERP or other corporate system transformation projects, giving them the necessary flexibility and scalability and the operational efficiency required to compete.


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We tailor business solutions with our in-depth knowledge of your sector

Client-focused services


SAP Business Line is a member of SAP EMEA Partner Executive Council (PEC).


Our global team of over 2,700 consultants is committed and results-oriented, keeping us competitive in our industry. Combining teams on a “right shore” approach enables us to deliver high-quality services at a reasonable cost.


Our team's in-depth knowledge of key business sectors makes us a highly competitive global player capable of providing value-added solutions and services.


SAP Business Line’s business model is based on a client-focused approach to service. Innovation is a key factor in continuing to implement new ideas and solutions.


On-time and on-budget project delivery.

Solutions throughout your innovation cycle


  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP CX
  • SAP Concur
  • SAP Vendor Invoice Management



  • SAP Application Management & SAP Basis 24/7
  • SAP Development Factory
  • SAP Solutions Centre
  • SAP Testing Centre
  • SAP Cloud Centre of Excellence
  • SAP Application Governance
  • SAP Customer Management







As a key part of the digital transformation strategy that SAP Business Line provides for its clients, the new "GO 2 S4 HANA" service follows SAP's "10 steps 2 S4" methodology, This service package offers our clients the following advantages: 

  • Project accelerators
  • Certified a team of senior consultants
  • Fully dedicated and experienced team
  • Best practices in S4 HANA conversion
  • Follows SAP’s 10 STEPS 2 S4 methodology
  • Project industrialization

SAP Analytics Cloud provides advanced reporting and planning solutions, fully integrated and enhanced by intuitive self-service dashboards and by auxiliary tools of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis. Through the use of pre-defined connectors to receive data from SAP and non-SAP sources, in the cloud or on-premise, this solution allows the assessment of data from the most diverse databases and applications.

Are you aware of your workforce potential? SAP SuccessFactors is a Cloud solution offering a 360-degree view of the most important asset in any company - people. It covers performance management by objectives, remuneration plans, career progression, succession planning, recruiting, evaluation and training programs.

SAP Ariba is the most revolutionary e-market for modern businesses, allowing millions of buyers and suppliers to establish a relationship throughout the whole process, from P2P (procure to the pay). With the market leader solution SAP Ariba, companies can simplify the collaboration with their commercial partners, turning business decisions easy and clear and amplifying their collaborative business processes by using an open technology platform.

SAP CX is an integrated offer, fully centred on the consumer’s experience, designed to provide a connected, innovative and agile journey for the customer.

SAP CX solution gathers and unifies consumer data, operational data based on the consumption experience, and the power of smart technologies in sales, marketing, commerce, and services, in order to provide customers with engaging and reliable experiences at decisive moments.

The result? A loyal and close customer base, a unique e-commerce experience, greater efficiency and less risk for your business.

  1. Get a clear and complete view of expenses to cut costs, be more efficient and foster compliance in your organisation.
  2. Simplify travel, expense and invoice management for complete visibility and greater control.
  3. Gather all your data on costs in a single system to make end-to-end expense management and more strategic decisions.
  4. Create, send and approve expense reports from any device, anywhere.
  5. Capture electronic invoices or use OCR technology to eliminate paper invoices, save time, and reduce errors and duplicate payments.
  6. Book trips and manage itineraries from any device.
  1. Accelerate accounts payable (AP) transactions across the company through integration with SAP ERP.
  2. Increase productivity and billing by automating routing, approval and payment processes.
  3. Simplify workflows and reduce the payment cycle.
  4. Ensure accurate, on-time financial reporting with automatic access to AP information.
  5. Ensure compliance with a well-managed AP process using pre-configured rules.
  6. Improve supplier relationships by accessing the most current and accurate information.


Preventive, corrective and scalable maintenance in the application and administration areas of SAP systems. Test our professional, experienced and multidisciplinary team that provides cross-cutting support to all SAP modules.

  • Maintenance contracts managed by objective execution parameters and levels of service that match the reality and requirements of each client
  • Remote service provision, with visits to the client's premises whenever necessary
  • The resident team is complemented by the rest of our SAP Business Line's consultancy team if necessary.
  • Active service in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Angola, Belgium, Mozambique, Luxembourg, USA, Ivory Coast, México and Brazil
  • Online service management tool that gives you total control of the service
  • Possibility of round-the-clock system administration support through the SAP Basis 24/7 service


SAP Development Factory is your SAP Business Line service line that is totally dedicated to SAP software development. Whatever your challenge may be, you can count on our support. We are here to convert ideas into simple and agile systems.

  • Superior code quality
  • High focus on specialization and reuse of software
  • Service designed to cut costs by around 20% over the entire cycle, including maintenance
  • Technical specialization of SDF elements results in appropriate rates and shorter development times

Created in 2015, the SAP Solutions Centre is a SAP Business Line service for initial SAP implementations and new modules in medium-sized companies. 

The team with its extensive knowledge and experience in various business scenarios works according to SAP best practices and methodologies based on ASAP for Simplified Rapid Deployment.

Created in 2015, the SAP Solutions Centre is a SAP Business Line service for initial SAP implementations and new modules in medium-sized companies. 

The team with its extensive knowledge and experience in various business scenarios works according to SAP best practices and methodologies based on ASAP for Simplified Rapid Deployment.

150 Specialized Consultants in SAP Cloud Solutions in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and France

A value-added, robust cloud offer from build to run

Main activities:

  • Analyses and prototypes of new solutions released by SAP in every version
  • Creation of own solutions based on the SCP-SAP cloud platform
  • Cloud solutions project delivery
  • Maintenance and support of implemented cloud solutions

Brazilian organizations increasingly seek to respond to their internal auditing standards and the requirements of market regulation (SOX, FDA, 3380, etc.) by evaluating technology solutions to improve their governance, risk and processes. Learn how SAP Business Line can help you.

Through its SAP GRC team, the SAP Business Line offers you:

  1. A resident team in Portugal, Brazil and Mexico
  2. 24/7 remote support for GRC tools in 4 languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish and French
  3. A service line fully dedicated to the implementation of SAP GRC solutions
  4. Remote Access Management and SoD analysis
  5. Integration of business rules with BRFplus
  6. A nearshoring approach to reduce costs without compromising quality
  7. Implementation of SAP Master Data Governance
  8. Implementation of the SAP AIS and SAP Audit Management modules
  9. Activiation of SAP Audit Log
  10. Implementation of SAP GRC Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management and Fraud Management
  11. Review of Access Profiles by Activity or by role
  12. Implementation of SAP Identity Management
  13. Implementation and adequacy of e-Social
  14. Customized training for the entire GRC suite for users, administrators, and process managers

SAP Customer Management is our service line responsible for monitoring the delivery of SAP services together with the other service lines of the SAP Business Line.

This SAP client management service provides integrated management, which allows project services to be reconciled with application maintenance, acting as the main point of contact for each client. In other words, the entire Inetum SAP service catalogue is managed, directly or indirectly, by the SAP Customer Management team.

A standardised working methodology ensures the use of tools that increase speed and efficiency and allows for the implementation of tried and tested best practices.

With this customer-centric approach, and having a holistic view of their needs, we can provide a more positive experience and build long-term, trusting relationships.

  • Service responsible for delivering SAP services and solutions globally
  • Able to create synergies between Application Maintenance, Projects and Contract Management
  • A single point of contact with the customer
  • Shared resource management with an experienced and multidisciplinary team
  • An added-value proposal for the client

An extensive range of SAP services and solutions

From our SAP Business Line  

We help our clients explore how disruptive technologies can improve their business.

Currently in 7 cities (Ghent, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Madrid, Lisbon and Casablanca), Inetum’s FabLab Network is rapidly expanding, and we are preparing the opening new FabLabs.

Even though not every country Inetum currently operates in has a FabLab, we can provide innovation to 21 countries all over the world.


GenAI4SAP is a platform that enables the delivery of content and processes into SAP environments. Using Generative AI models, we can interact with systems in natural language, test new SAP integration processes before making them available to the end-users and enjoy an easy-to-use environment to interact with complex processes. ​

The SAP Connector brings us the bridge between the two platforms and allows the deployment of any SAP Process within the GenAI.

Use cases:

  • Multi-platform Integration
  • Business Processes Automation
  • SAP Assistant 

The innovation cycle today has become much faster. To remain competitive, companies need to reduce complexity, reinvent their business, and use data to generate value for customers and investors.

SAP S/4HANA is a smart ERP that addresses current challenges and future opportunities with flexibility, speed and real-time insights for business management. 

Learn how SAP Business Line can help your business implement a digital transformation strategy with the GO 2 S/4HANA service.

Project Simulator

Estimate your conversion to SAP S/4HANA at 

To make the migration of a database to the HANA platform more agile, SAP Business Line developed HANALYST by SAP Business Line.

An analysis tool capable of identifying the code vulnerabilities tailored to each facility by providing, in a few hours, a complete and easy-to-read report with a list of problems and changes identified, as well as an estimate of the effort to correct them.

For this reason it’s imperative to know, as soon as possible, which are the mandatory and the recommended code changes in order to attain significant benefits in performance.

Safe, simple and fast, it identifies the mandatory and recommended corrections to obtain significant improvements in the performance of your system and to simplify the inevitable migration to a HANA database.

Tailored services and solutions to improve your company's competitiveness and keep a business-minded strategy.

With its widely recognized know-how and expertise, our SAP Business Line offers you outsourcing services. Our team of professionals keep updating their skills in various fields of expertise, adjusting to your specifications and business needs.

Easily manage software licences and save time.

SAP Business Line provides the insights you need to ensure that SAP licences are tailored to your needs.

Enterprise software investments should add tangible value to your organization. The SAP solution portfolio is designed to automate and streamline your business processes. As a partner and value-added reseller (VAR) of SAP software, SAP Business Line provides solutions from SAP's broad portfolio. SAP Business Line is also an SAP Partner of Expertise (PCoE) that is certified to provide support and maintenance services.

SAP Training & Education is Inetum's line of specialized training services that aims to act on human capital to consolidate and enhance their skills, contributing to the success of organizations.


As a training entity certified by DGERT since 2008, Inetum has a vast experience in the education area. As a result of this experience and the evolving demands of companies in the technology market, Inetum has been certified and recognized by SAP as an SAP Education Partner.


Our ambition is to share this knowledge with our clients, providing their professionals with a wider set of skills that matches the real needs of each organization. We want to help each of our clients to have professionals who are capable of meeting the challenges of their SAP ERP, whether it is in the ECC or S/HANA - Cloud version.


  • E-learning training
  • Highly experienced trainers in the consulting field
  • Training plan designed and accompanied by an educational coordinator
  • Access to official SAP systems and manuals
  • Participation certificate issued by SAP (SAP Education Program)
  • SAP Learning Hub platform as training software

Our team is expert in developing solutions of any level of complexity for mobile, desktop and web architectures. Learn how we can help you.

Based on our solid expertise and knowledge in supporting businesses of all sectors and industries, SAP Business Line's mobility team and services are specialized in creating high-quality and efficient web, tablet and mobile apps that give you the necessary tools to enhance your business productivity.

Our services include:

  1. Mobile Strategy
  2. User Experience Design
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Fiori Development
  5. Integration & Deployment
  6. iOS Application Development
  7. Android Application Development
  8. Windows Application Development
  9. Responsive Web Apps
  10. Front End Web Development

Inetum created a fiscal solution for Brazil named “Simple.Tax” developed in SAP. Simple.Tax by Inetum provides solutions for the following tax obligations:

  • SPED eSocial
  • Bloco K
  • SPED Fiscal
  • SPED Contábil
  • GNRE On Line
  • Eletronic Tax Payment
  • DCTF

SAP TRM (Tax and Revenue Management) is a solution that specializes in the management of tax collections. This technology promotes an increase in tax collection and an improvement in the relationship with the taxpayer and citizen in tax operations, collections and tax management.

Improve tax revenue using SAP TRM

At our SAP Business Line, we have vast experience in the implementation of SAP technology to optimize the operation of processes focusing on the management of taxpayer records, current accounts, communication channels with the taxpayers, control of obligations, auditing and collection, all within the scope of the legal framework.

  1. Better support and service to the taxpayer
  2. Actions that promote an increase in collection
  3. Information regarding compliance
  4. Campaigns to monitor obligations
  5. Monitoring of auditing and collection plans
  6. Operational and strategic reports that provide knowledge of the real collection situation

Our capacities are tailored to your needs

Our international team of experts provide uninterrupted service.

  • 2,700 consultants dedicated to SAP solutions
  • 19 countries
  • International service lines
  • 13 service centres
  • 24h global support operations – follow-the-sun approach
  • Close partnership with SAP
  • 24/7 service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • SAP VALUE ADDED RESELLER in Portugal, France, Spain, Morocco, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama

They trust us

We have many clients in a variety of sectors.

> Client since 2007 

> Partnership based on the quality of highly motivated resources 

> The partnership covers 3 business lines: 

- Application Support Service (APS) rendered in a “Co-Sourcing” model and a joint team to support Givaudan’s operations. 

- Project Oriented Approach where our consultants are allocated to Givaudan’s internal projects and are managed directly by Givaudan and work on a time and material basis  

- Inetum’s SAP Development Factory provides not only programming services but also technical designs, based on functional designs produced by functional resources. 

Integration, deployment, support, maintenance and cloud strategy for SAP (25,000 person-days/ year) for Accounting, Controlling, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventories, Sales, and HR.

Building an integrated solution in SAP with all railway activity steps; Mobility Solution; Customer Portal; Maintenance; Sales; Finance; Integrated costing model solution.

> Client since 1999

> Partnership based on commitment and trust

> Dedicated teams in support areas and SAP projects, serving the entire NOS group

> Flagship projects:

- Optimus/ZON Fusion

- Standardization of processes in Logistics, Financial and Human Resources areas.

> Inapa is a paper distributer with around 30 warehouses in Western Europe.

> Inetum implemented SAP S/4HANA during 2020 in Germany and rollouts to France and Portugal will follow.

> Extended Warehouse Management with RF was the core of the solution.

> The program also covers several S/4HANA core and non-core solutions (Finance, Sales, Procurement, ACM, VIM, JAM, C/4HANA and FSM).

> This new harmonized digital SAP platform has streamlined Inapa’s operations and is already leveraging business to broader challenges.