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GREA, your water and sewage services management software

GREA – a collaborative and innovative solution​

GREA is an innovative and modular solution that responds comprehensively to collective and non-collective water and sewage services. The solution is fully collaborative between services of the same organization (water, non-collective sewage, household wastewater, related services, industrial discharges) or an organization and its delegates. 

Supporting you throughout your processes

GREA, schedules, to-do list and key figures in a few clicks!

GREA – check everything in just a few clicks

Depending on the type of request coming in via GREA, the software assigns an available agent who has the required skills. Your planning is simplified. Your decision-making dashboards are configured so that you have everything at your disposal – list of interventions, checks, connections to be carried out, etc. See which tasks have to be performed in order to be better organized. GREA alerts you about when you need to perform the next installation checks. You have the guarantee to meet your obligations. Cubic metres consumed and invoiced, overall volumes distributed, price per cubic metre… with GREA, you can easily edit your key indicators. A handy feature - write your annual report on the price and quality of the service (“RPQS” in France).​

Customize your solution

Check and manage your budgets better with GREA

GREA – an efficient open technical architecture​

Thanks to its open and efficient technical architecture, GREA can easily and sustainably be integrated into your IS.

Supplement your application platform with business modules

Innovative management software for all your business needs​

A cross-sector application platform and vertical business modules​

  • The GREA management software consists of an application platform for managing your shared yet secure reference documents to which is added a module for managing incoming requests and interventions. You manage your connection, installation, changeover, control and maintenance operations up to billing. The software is supplemented by three business modules - collective and non-collective sewage management, and water management.​

A tailored configuration console​

  • To provide a solution that is suited to your environment and your needs, GREA also includes a configuration console. You can easily customize the solution to suit your processes.​
  • GREA helps you set up and generate your documents and communication tools. Need to send single or batch emails or SMS messages, or produce statements and reports? Use your software to manage it all, and save precious time.​

Built-in EDM​

  • GREA gives you the support you need to digitize processes, documents and file elements. Thanks to the built-in EDM feature, you can easily store your files (invoices, plans, diagrams, letters), items relating to your service points, and interventions. A powerful search tool enables you to find them at any time.

Advanced User Experience​

  • GREA management software is a responsive solution that can be used in online or offline mode. Whether you are on a smartphone or tablet, in the office or in the field, you can use all of its features. Useful for staying effective!​
  • With GREA, you benefit from advanced management of user rights by profile. Access is strictly limited to the features that are needed by the various organisations and sectors. Users have a tailor-made working environment.​
  • Given the merging of local authorities, the pooling of resources, and the delegation of skills to private organizations, it is essential to have shared reference systems. GREA gives you just that - fully collaborative between departments and agents of the same local authority and its delegates, the tool optimizes communication and facilitates decision-making.​

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GREA - a formula tailored to you​

Your GREA solution is available on premise or in cloud mode.

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