Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your systems

We deliver a compelling range of modernization solutions to successfully transition from legacy systems to digital technologies, with security and positive ROI results.

Legacy systems are still forming the backbone of many business processes however they are holding organizations back from fully leveraging the benefits of new digital technologies, such as cloud computing, DevOps, advanced connectivity and analytics.

Organizations are facing a significant challenge of transforming their Legacy systems into a customer-centric, agile and scalable cloud-based platform to ensure faster time-to-market, better real-time experiences for customers and partners, global uniformity of services.

With a track records of delivering successful Legacy transformation projects –  the largest experience in Europe with 200+ projects delivered – Inetum Modernisation Solutions offers the broadest range of modernization solutions to transition from legacy applications to digital technoogy, with security and positive ROI results.

Our approach for Legacy tranformation projects:

  • Analyse
  • Streamline
  • Redocument
  • Improve & Change

Key figures

25 years of experience
Delivering fixed-price projects around the world for leaders in their industry
200+ projects
100% Success
80 Experts
1 refine® Technology
Asset Analysis 100% Automated Transformation Automated/Continuous Testing
4 Expertise
Languages Architecture Regression Testing DevOps
3M Proven Methodology
Capitalized on 200 projects Comprehensive Secured High degree of parallelism

Secure legacy transformation with positive ROI results

For more than 25 years, Inetum Modernisation Solutions has been a strategic partner for organisations willing to achieve digital transformation, securely and with positive ROI results.

Digital transformation

  • Time-to-Market
  • DevOps
  • Portability
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Microservices and APIs
  • Simplified Multi-stage Transformation

IT Delivery Capability

  • Knowledge Recovery
  • Expertise and SMEs
  • Resource availability


OPEX Savings

  • Cost-effective Infrastructure
  • Software Fees
  • IT Ops Standardization
  • Commodity skill sets
  • Industrial Maintenance


Inetum Modernisation Solutions delivers the quickest and safest options and solutions to modernise Legacy Systems by relying on:

  • The most experienced team in Software Engineering in Europe combining the expertise of transformation strategies, legacy systems and cloud architecture, functional testing, and deployment
  • Refine – the most powerful and advanced technology for large software automated analysis, transformation, and testing
  • 3M – a comprehensive and structured methodology capitalized over 200+  projects, ensuring the parallelism of activities, rapid incremental delivery, and high-quality of deliverables

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Modernize your legacy systems and applications and see the benefits

Our success with legacy transformation is mainly due to the following key factors:

  • Confidence in our extensive experience

  • Our ability to redocument legacy functionalities combined with our expertise of ‘old’ systems and programming languages (such as COBOL, PL1 or Assembler)

  • Our approach to minimize the impact on end users, external systems, and business operations

  • Our ability to combine legacy modernization with our customers’ strategic roadmap

  • The availability and commitment of our resources to manage a full-scale legacy transformation

  • Faster development of new features
  • Incremental maintenance releases
  • Business process documentation and improvements
  • Increased interoperability capabilities
  • Simplifiy Multi-stage deployment of new software components
  • Simplification
  • Real-time access to information
  • Service Decoupling
  • Alignment with Customers’ Standards
  • Performance and Scalability for production and non-production environments
  • Improved Availability and Resilience
  • Rationalised Code Base
  • 100% tested code base
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Code Robustness
  • Attractiveness for younger generations
  • Simplified Transition and hand-over to newer development teams
  • Knowledge base
  • OPEX Savings in range of 70-90pct
  • Gowth in IT Investment capabilities in the short term

Our comprehensive services and software solutions bring you high-yield value

  • Discovery and Benchmark Assessment
  • Healthcheck, and risk assessment
  • Opportunity, feasibility, Scoping Studies
  • refine Analytics
  • refine redoc
  • zPLC
  • r4z Batch


  • Fixed-Time Transformation Projects
  • Migration Factory
  • Transformation Outsourcing

Proven partnerships with global players and open-source software

  • Access to state-of-the-art solutions
  • Implementation best practices capitalized over 200+ projects
  • Early identification and communication of feature improvements
  • An extended knowledge base to optimize solutions backed with easily actionable partners’ expertise for rapid problem solving

Google Alliance

Inetum develops a strategic partnership with Google, creating value with end-to-end journey to Google Cloud, co-innovation and an industry solutions approach.

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Oracle Alliance

We have been an Oracle Partner for 15 years. Partnership level​, Certifications,​ Tracks

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Over 200 projects delivered around the world and across industries

  • Unique ability to lead and execute successful Legacy System transformation projects in a timely manner
  • Unparalleled experience to handle projects irrespective of size and complexity, geographies, customer contexts and organizational structures
  • Leadership in IBM mainframe replatforming demonstrated by our win rate of 3 out of 4 projects in France and Western Europe in the past 5 years

  • PMU (24/7 real-time horse-race betting)
  • National Social Security Agencies in France and Sweden
  • Argentina Stock Exchange
  • Club Med (45,000 pgm)
  • Renault (33,000 pgm)
  • La Mondiale (10,000 pgm)
  • PMU (10,000 MIPS)
  • CNAM (30,000 MIPS)
  • 24/7 (PMU, Club Med, NYSE)

COBOL, PL1, 4GLs, Assemblers



CTG, MQ, EZA Sockets, Tibco

Our references

Mainframe applications work to dazzling onto Google Cloud

“Our mainframe hosted most business-critical applications and functions. It became unsuited to support our evolution; the infrastructure was a burden, and it was more and more expensive to operate and maintain.

By migrating our mainframe applications to a new infrastructure, we can now focus on the application side, and significantly reduce OPEX leveraging the Cloud economic model. The new system brings agility, flexibility, and scalability and other benefits offered by the Cloud.

Ambroise GRESSIER, DOSI, La Redoute Group

Increased reliability for PMU’s Production System

“Performance and availability objectives are met: 24/7 availability, 100% Fault tolerant System, and backup system available in 2 hours in case of loss of the primary site. "

"PMU’s business, application and infrastructure teams are once again in control of our company strategic system. Development processes have been fully renovated with the implementation of DevOps practices including continuous integration and automated testing. "

"The reduction in Total Cost of Ownership is spectacular. “

Paul Cohen-Scali, CIO, PMU

Business Model Transformation to support Club Med evolution

"We moved from a monolithic application designed for our point of sales before the Internet era, to a system designed to support new usages, business priorities, and future developments, especially with mobile computing, and channel expansion. "

"Replatforming has improved reliability, response time and load balancing. We can scale-out easily, we improved the scalability and flexibility of our infrastructure, and made it easier to manage and far less expensive.“

Stéphane Kersulec
CIO in 2014, CIO of the year in 2015

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Enabling real-time access to information for 60M+ citizens and 2M health professionals

“This target architecture is CNAM’s first concrete step in component-based development. Functions are now reusable. Development and Maintenance workload is reduced. Improved responsiveness and IT performance resulted in faster implementation of new features

Maryvonne Cronier, CIO, CNAM-TS

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Transforming the  bookstore Supply Chain

To accelerate cycles and increase efficiency between thousands of points of sale and publishing houses, Interform modernized its legacy application supporting core processes. Replatforming this asset onto a virtualized infrastructure reduced IT run costs by 76%, removed out-of-date technology, and facilitated the transition to newer resources for IT Operations

OPEX savings, portability, and improved performance to increase value for customers

“Legacy Software and Hardware recurring costs never stop increasing over the years. With the maturity of Linux, cloud computing, and open source technology, the modernization of the technical foundation of HennerNet, our mission critical application, significantly reduces run costs and delivers better control in its future evolutions. “

Eric Nivet, Purchasing Manager, Information Systems Department

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