Chatbot Consulting

Conversational agent consulting offer

End-to-end support for a conversational project

We offer support, whatever your maturity, whatever your sector, on the subject of conversational agents throughout the stages of reflection and implementation:

  • Acculturation to conversational agents: To understand the ins and outs, the approaches, the existing solutions to build your project
  • Upstream consulting : To define a strategy, conduct preliminary or feasibility studies
  • Experimentation: To engage in a short POC phase, to test a use case
  • Project: To carry out a project from A to Z in all phases
  • Training : To empower your employees
  • Audit : To optimize your agents following their implementation.

A specialized and experienced consulting team

A team dedicated to the current issues of conversational agent projects: content organization, relevance, language comprehension, etc.
As part of the innovation department, this team takes full advantage of the latest developments in natural language understanding and artificial intelligence. (research team, solution team),

Conducting preliminary or feasibility studies :

  • Organize the best conditions for the success of your project.
  • Deepen your thinking about conversational agents,
  • Identify opportunities, risks and the necessary organization
  • Study specific technical points.
  • Provide a transformation path, a project plan, a budget.
  • Experiment (POC, Pilot, ...) to test a use case
  • Validate the technical feasibility
  • Measure the adhesion of a population on this channel

Realize for you and/or with you a conversational agent project

  • Design (User path definition, content definition, natural language understanding)
  • Implementation (Integration of content and services)
  • Testing (application of our 3-wave training approach)
  • Commissioning (Deployment, customization)
  • Continuous improvement: Manage the post-commissioning period to ensure the improvement and evolution of the agent

Train your employees for more autonomy:

  • Acculturation session: for a first contact with the world of conversational agents
  • Project phases: understand the key points of the different stages: from design to implementation
  • Improvement phase of your service: user path, content, relevance.

Carrying out specific audits (governance, content, solution) on existing projects in order to determine the areas of improvement, the corrective actions to be implemented to achieve your objectives.

  • Analyze the organization, the processes in place to ensure continuous improvement
  • Analyze user paths, types of content of the agent
  • Optimize the relevance of natural language comprehension