File and archive your content 

The Business Document platform files and archives all your content : incoming, outgoing, internal documents, plus associated metadata, no matter the format.​

Its easy-to-use, customisable user portal offers your managers a flexible and collaborative tool for searching, viewing, annotating and sharing archived content.

The Business Document archiving engine, with its compression, authentication and encryption features, acts as an archiving platform and a centralised vault of compelling value.​

To ensure the security and tracking of your content and help you guarantee legal compliance, the Business Document platform offers a range of dedicated tools:​

  • The platform centralises and protects your documents in compressed and/or encrypted mode and helps you respond to audit and documentation requests for private/confidential data​.
  • ​The Encryption module encrypts your archives, preventing any access to content outside of the platform.​
  • ​The Authentication module lets you manage authenticity keys for your archives. These keys are managed by the platform and are a proof of integrity in the event of a dispute requiring compelling force. 
  • The GDPR module lets you respond precisely to the GDPR recommendations:​
    • Centralization and protection of your documents in compressed and/or encrypted mode​
    • GDPR dashboard  ​...
  • In Cloud or On Premise hosting, the archiving platform can be managed as multiple entities (multi-tenant) with the same hardware and software configuration, each with its own storage space.​ 

The Business Document platform's content management user portal gives your managers quick access to search, view, annotate and share archived content:​

  • Customisable dashboards 
  • Instant viewing of archived content, with the ability to annotate the document without altering the archive​
  • Content commenting to facilitate information sharing and collaborative work ​
  • Intuitive, efficient search engine​

The portal includes an administration interface to define access permissions to archives and data per users and user groups.​