Digital Retail

Know what your customers are doing

Collect all the data generated by consumers’ omnichannel behaviour.

> Customer behaviour is becoming more and more omnichannel: they purchase on all channels, all devices, in any order, and at all sorts of times.

> However, the richest information on customer journeys comes from the web, where the slightest move is fed back into analytics engines such as Google Analytics, Salesforce Einstein, or Adobe Omniture.


What about all the rich information on in-store journeys ?

  • Do you know how they move around?

  • How much time do they spend in each section and at the check-out?

  • Where do they stop?

  • What do they look at?

And once you have the information, what do you do with it ?

Observe visitors’ behaviour

Enhance your web analytics with our behaviour-analysis technologies.

> By combining several of our skills – Computer Vision, Edge Computing, eCommerce practice, WiFi Analytics – we capture precise information on the way your customers move around in your sales areas. 

> Analyses at shop level enable you to identify areas with or without traffic and see where there’s a denser concentration of shoppers (to comply with distance rules, for example).

A wealth of information to use WITH that of the web

  • Enhance YOUR analytics with these in-store journeys, using standard mechanisms

  • Does your DMP only manage marketing campaigns? Imagine what it could do if it had all this information!

You’ve always dreamt of it ? Inetum Fablab does it ! 

Make your customers truly independent

Add intelligence without making the customer journey more complex.

  • Amazon got us all excited with their Amazon Go concept: by using video cameras, artificial intelligence, and face and product recognition, everything that’s in your physical trolley (or that you pick up) will also be in your Amazon-account trolley. And payment happens automatically when you leave the shop.


The promise : a shop where the customer is 100% independent and no longer needs to go through check-out


But it’s not always that easy in real life (children who pick up articles and put it in the trolley when you’re not watching, several articles at the same time, “oops, I’ve dropped it”, etc.).

Sometimes, intelligence makes things more complex.

As a response, Amazon Go version 2, rolled out in their Wholefood shops, which uses a “smart trolley” rather than “smart shelves”.