Digital Acculturation

An all-in-one program steered by Inetum teams, called the “Good Way Program”. Now boarding!

A perfect mix of technological expertise and change management:

  • Hovering on the brink or there already – to each their own level of digital maturity. Define the change-management program that is tailored to your needs.
  • Kindle awareness, know the scope of possibilities, guide your users – from top management to operational staff – to get to grips with new tools, and experiment. New meaning, utility and enthusiasm are the keywords.
    • Meaning that puts your company strategy into perspective.
    • Utility to make daily tasks more efficient
    • Enthusiasm to ensure a positive vibe and good mood in your teams
  • Inetum offers a complementary range of expertise and a high level of technological competence:
    • Consultant pool – Design Thinking, UX Research, UX Design UX Content, Communication, Change Management, and Coaching
    • Creative studio – branding, editorial style, ergonomics, web design, content production (editorials, videos, computer graphics...)
    • Technological experts – advice on solutions, integration, and development 
    • Networking with clients, HR coaches

Engage users to improve performance

Accelerated rollout
Boost users efficiency through innovative change solutions
Guaranteed adoption
Involve users with a participatory approach for a bespoke user experience
Peaceful transformation
Monitored support to get to grips with your new tools
User ambassadors for change
Turn future changes into a lever for motivation rather than concern

Structured know-how to ensure your success

The “Good Way Program” is based on three pillars

The Good Team
It is made up of consultants from various backgrounds (Marketing, Communication, HR, UX, Tech) who design the system and manage the entire program. They are the guardians of the temple of adoption.
The Good Network
Relying on Inetum’s experience, a network of clients and speakers, and Inetum FabLabs mobilised to bring sector specificity and “truth” feedback.
The Good Tech
Efficient technology – sprung from Enetum’s expertise in technological environments – will ensure the deployment of the right communication messages and learning systems.

Inetum’s “Good Way Program”

A range of possibilities to activate according to your needs

Evangelisation and experimentation sessions (learning expeditions, digital days, flash sessions for management, discovery safaris during internal seminars...).

Customer or employee ideation workshops – led by Inetum design-thinking experts – to solve client/coworker issues in a record time and in good spirits.

Set up a communication plan and actions with the “GoodFlow”.
Identify your key messages. “Why change? What's in it for me? How does it work?” Inetum will help you.

Observe and analyse uses in the field to get “GoodTips”.

UX mock-up and prototyping – “Good… or not good”

  • Training and support plan to apply best practices with the “GoodPractices”
  • Solo or group coaching – “Good for you!”

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