Customer Web Platforms

Customer Web Platforms - Engage and impress your customers and prospects

Personalized journeys, targeted content and an efficient engagement platform – three essential components for a successful customer experience

Because 21st century customers are demanding, knowledgeable and experienced in web marketing, get yourself in good shape to make an immediate impression:

  • Keep your eyes and ears open and detect irritants and opportunities
  • Simplify, unify and personalize customer journeys
  • Take care of content, ergonomics and design
  • Opt for powerful, scalable engagement platforms

... for an improved customer experience, accelerated time to market and hands-on customer relations.

Drive customer engagement through service marketing

More than just a choice of solutions, we offer you a 4D vision driven by knowledge.

  • Customer knowledge for a good match between customer aspirations and the digital service that your brand offers
  • Business knowledge to achieve your ambition, think customer-centric and move into the era of service marketing
  • Tech knowledge to harness the full power of the engagement platforms available on the market
  • UX-UI knowledge to design attractive and engaging editorial and digital routes

 A winning combo for an end-to-end customer experience that leaves nothing to chance.

Understand your customers needs to serve them better

Customer knowledge
Observe and listen to your customers, engage them, and analyse the data to go beyond intuition and rely on real facts.
Personalized journeys, targeted content, and meticulous ergonomics in line with your brand personality.
Efficient engagement platforms that are secure, API-able and future-proof
Lead generation, loyalty, brand image

Your end-to-end service offer

  • Combine the art of marketing and technology to capture the best of both worlds.
  • Create, optimize or revolution your possibilities.
  • From exploration to industrialization to cover all scales.
  • UX Research, UX Design, UX Writing – 3 keys to a friendly UX
  • One-stop shop: consultancy, content design and production studio, and a Digital Factory for perfect harmony

Define your goals in the company: exploratory interviews, Design Thinking and UX workshops, audit of your digital ecosystem, your content, mapping of uses, etc.; Capture the customer's voice: focus groups, field safari, user tests, customer surveys, exploratory interviews...; Analyse data: analysis, modelling, insights; Look at the solutions: benchmark and market comparisons
The digital offer of the future: competition benchmarking, Sales & Marketing workshops, writing offers; The ideal solution: technical framing; UX Design: personae, user-stories, journey maps, sketching; UX Writing: editorial line, tree structure, editorial structure
Animated prototype and user tests; Project roadmap; Graphic and editorial templates; Audit and SEO best practices
Roll out and Measure
Integration and development; Content production; Coaching in UX writing, SEO; Performance analysis; Optimisation advice

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