Make your payroll management more reliable, optimized and secure

It's a fact: payroll is a sensitive subject! Payroll management is one of the highly regulated aspects of Human Resource management in companies. In addition to reliability issues, there's also data security and privacy. 

Constant changes put IS payroll management under strong pressure to satisfy new needs:

  • Wage policy, a vector for employee involvement, is now a fixture on the annual agenda of HR professionals and managers.

  • Changes in working methods: part-time, teleworking... we're currently seeing major transformations in working methods and hours.

  • The constantly changing regulatory framework – Labour Law, withholding tax, etc – calls for agility in adapting business processes.

Faced with these challenges, your Payroll department needs reliable and flexible services and tools. 


"The crisis has changed priorities:

  • 71% of HR managers say they have difficulty in keeping up with regulatory changes (29% up from February 2020)
  • Payroll management and increased demand for tools – 2% more than in February 2020 – take precedence over absence management and changes in labour law".

Source: RH Matin of 14 April 2020

Secure, simplify and automate payroll for large public and private organisations

To comply with legal and regulatory requirements, our zero-defect approach is both business- and technology-oriented.

With real business expertise and expertise in market solutions, Inetum helps you digitalise your day-to-day payroll operations. Payroll managers today rely on innovative tools – payroll comparator, paperless pay slips, employee/employer relationship management, HR BI and big data, etc.

Provide your employees with a personal and secure environment

In HR management, the employee experience is an aspect where digitalization really comes into play. A secure safe, own space and personal dashboard are all tools that can increase employees' trust and desire to stay with you.

Ensure regulatory compliance throughout the administrative and payroll management chain

The administrative and payroll management chain is highly regulated and keeps evolving. At the same time, employee remuneration methods are increasingly taking on complementary and different forms. Constantly ensuring compliance but also good management practices is an ongoing task that requires expertise and feedback.

Get complete, coherent and integrated processes and information systems

The administrative management of HR as well as Payroll are part of a more complete set of Human Capital management. The payroll system is no longer isolated, it is integrated with other systems, provides HR data, and shares the same HR repository. The effectiveness of HR management processes is therefore based on a complete, coherent and integrated HR architecture.

Implement and maintain your payroll chain in operational condition

The regular production of pay slips and associated documents requires a high level of quality and reliability that takes account of new rules, integrates new employees, and manage diverse populations, all in real time. Operating this type of system is a job for specialists who are aware of sector practices and the specificities of different types of companies.

Put your HR and Payroll data to good use

HR is one of the most promising areas of data use. Consolidate, protect, transform and enhance your HR data to fulfil your employer brand promise and create a personalized relationship with each employee.

Digitalize your HR processes

Digitalize your HR processes to address a variety of challenges: 


  • Reducing costs is often the primary reason why companies offer, for example, digital payslips.

  • Payroll reliability: simplifying uses and processes leads to obvious time savings, making it easier to carry out regular checks.

  • Data security improves with digitalized processes and appropriate workflows.

  • Comply with your company's CSR and environmental policy.

  • Improve your customer (or in this case, employee) service.

  • Faster and more secure exchanges strengthen dialogue and increase trust. Relationships with employees are improved as a result.

Inetum provides a wide range of services

Audit of regulations, settings, processes and organisation of payroll services
Make your payroll practices more secure, reliable and optimized
White Paper
Formalize and list your existing payroll rules
Let's help you choose a solution
We providing expertise on the various solutions in the market to identify the most appropriate solution for your needs and expectations.
Solution integration
Design and configure your Payroll solution
Application management of payroll HRIS
Corrective and evolutionary maintenance, operation, production control and user support in line with major regulatory changes.