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Speed, simplicity, agility, and scalability are what your future ERP gives to support your new business model and processes. Simply focus on the excellence of your core business, leveraged with RPA and Artificial Intelligence!

Exit monolithic ERP which denatured certain features, as we learn to be resilient and prepare our growth. ERP in Cloud/SaaS mode can provide a solid finance-management base, supply chain management, project management, and more, and easily integrates with best-of-breed third-party applications to sharpen up competitive value across all operational areas. Whatever architecture you choose, your organization will be equipped with a powerful analytics tool to drive activities, multiply the advantages of a collaborative mode between teams and with your customers and partners, and benefit from continuous innovation.

What is best for you – embedded ERP or connected ERP?

By 2022, 30% of all large enterprises will have moved to a platform- and product-centric approach with standardized ERP capabilities at the platform core, according to Gartner 8 ERP transformation topics:

ERP Cloud – the very heart of your IS

After CRM and HCM, ERP is now ready to go to Cloud. Cloud-applications success stories for mid-market companies – and increasingly for large enterprises too – have shown that this current trend for continuous innovation takes advantage of new business models and customer expectations with optimized maintenance and controlled risks. As a Core Financial Management Suite with continued double-digit growth in the market over the last 5 years, ERP Cloud is now enabled for product-centric enterprises in a wide range of business scopes.

Core Model for fast growth

The global growth of companies has highlighted the need to deploy a business-management and business-process Core Model. ERP is the better solution to do so as it accurately covers local statutory requirements and facilitates the consolidation of finance and control operations.

Enriched Digital Operational Platform

IS – like UCR, CPQ, CRM, e-procurement and billing – can be a powerful ERP extension with higher technical and functional capabilities to support business transformations, or can simply make use of these ERP functions/modules as they get upgraded by software developers. Analysts foresee a global trend to move to standardized ERP capabilities at the platform core.

Digital channels

Digital-channel development and profitability require actual abilities to fulfil business promises. Operational management, financial compliance, profitability analysis, etc. will all be operated by ERP for this specific channel. Business integration between ERP and IS front office is a key topic for digital efficiency.

UI as key point

Today’s employee experience demands user-friendliness, mobility and ergonomics. Your ERP screen needs to be updated and redesigned to satisfy new UX and UI standards. It can be integrated in the digital workplace with or without using the tools offered by ERP software developers.

Data & IA & RPA to leverage

ERP was the first data-centric IS solution. But the development of the IS landscape generates more data silos, hence the need to implement a central data architecture. ERP must be a strong data contributor to the architecture to allow new possibilities in financial and operational analytics. 

Artificial intelligence applied to financial data opens new opportunities to control performance influence drivers.

Integration at a glance

A new IS with specific objectives must efficiently be integrated with your ERP, like PLM, APS, EPM and digital workplace. See it as a continuous part of ERP that extends your business processes towards wider functions. New ERP generations could also provide additional & specific extensions that are fully integrated.

Proven security and compliance

ERP even takes care of its own security management. Some versions include risk and compliance modules. Your IS architecture can connect to ERP as well. 

ERP – your key to a data-driven enterprise

At the centre of any IS landscape, ERP helps you to benefit from best practices in processes, adapt fast to new business models and growth to reduce related costs, improve forecasts, and innovate more. Today, its detailed transaction data make it a strong contributor to a Business-Data-Driven strategy.

Master the “one source of truth” for accurate financial, control and organizational company data, cross-analysed with other company data silos. 
Deliver cost and profitability analyses based on reliable, real-time financial and operational information through embedded Analytics tools.
Harmonize back-office business processes through different levels of your company organization.
Make your ERP an efficient, value-added experience for users – employees, customers, vendors or external partners – offering secured collaborative and interactive mobile tools.
We continue to innovate by enriching the new-generation ERP cloud with several regular releases each year.

A wide range of expertise to succeed with your next-generation ERP

  • Finance and control expertise, oriented towards financial performance and operational excellence
  • ERP user experience design know-how
  • Vision – deep expertise in ERP selection & roadmap
  • Functional and technical integration architecture with IS landscape
  • ERP business strategy design,  implementation, and rollout experience
  • ERP data optimization
  • Enterprise financial and operational analytics


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A service offer in line with your business projects and IS


    Business projects

    • ERP core-system design and implementation
    • International core-model design and rollout
    • ERP functional architecture upgrade and integration with central digital and data platforms
    • New ERP user experience in design and build
    • Cost-control and profitability-analysis system design and build
    • Company-planning process design and build (S&OP, Enterprise planning)


    IS Projects

    • ERP migration
    • ERP Go to Cloud
    • ERP role management, compliance and security integration
    • ERP integration projects
    • ERP maintenance

    Alliances and partnerships