Inetum, SAP Application Maintenance with a difference

Inetum, SAP Application Maintenance with a difference

As an agile IT services company and a global group, Inetum provides its digital services and solutions in an approach that combines great proximity to its clients, optimization of operational flows, and a modelled industrial experience.


This proximity-cum-industrialization takes shape through the mobilization of experienced teams in 21 Inetum service centres country- and worldwide. The concept is agile, breaking away from traditional codes that tend to centralize everything.

The organizational principal is based on expertise, ensuring fair practices and recognition for all of the Group's SAP support teams. Inetum has in fact dedicated an entire entity to it, called the SAP Group Business Line. This gives a whole new meaning to the geographical aspect. We refer to this singular approach as an extended front office or a Software Factory.

Inetum emphasizes the added value of its service centres: forget about any preconceived notions of nearshore or offshore – what matters here, is putting the Group's expertise to use.

Access to our knowledge bases and SAP expertise

The collaborative experience of our Inetum SAP teams ensures efficient, streamlined interaction between our various stakeholders. The teams have demonstrated their capacity to work together, resulting in an industrial level of SAM (SAP Application Maintenance) and SDF (SAP Development Factory) services.

Thanks to our 2,700 SAP team members, the processing of data retrieved from our clients' application management systems benefits from all the expertise accumulated in our SAP GBL. This is even more true when it comes to prevention, innovation and productivity improvement plans. These are topics that are often misunderstood, but that are very important to our clients. This is where Inetum's notion of distributing internal information truly comes into its own: going beyond typical application-management tasks, we put ourselves in Push mode towards our clients. This means they have access to all our innovative topics: solutions for moving towards S/4HANA, but also local or country specificities that we have developed, or even certified, with our SAP vendor.

The flexibility of a geographically optimized model

For many companies, when it comes to improvement plans and boosting productivity, geography no longer appears to be an obstacle. With phenomena like the "yellow vests" movement in France followed by the COVID-19 pandemic that is still with us today, Inetum's worldwide organizational efficiency with a strong focus on teleworking and our service centre network has enabled us to ensure seamless operational continuity for our clients, to the point where certain major groups are rethinking how to address financial challenges and issues related to service quality. Noting the efficiency of our worldwide SAP delivery model, it was easy to convince them to extend their trust in the Inetum network, looking beyond their own requirements to gain significantly in productivity and budget savings. Our clients, of which some may still have been culturally reticent, thus chose to switch more of their activities to our shared service-centre model.

How do we maintain our clients' trust and secure access to data?

Inetum's organizational model allows clients who wish so to control their own security requirements when it comes to geographic location. At an operational level, the main difference lies in the time it takes to access our shared knowledge bases due to physical separations between environments. The SAP Business Line nevertheless remains in Push mode with a filter that is provided by the person in charge of your SAP application management.

Inetum and SAP

On the other hand, Inetum offers its clients a good balance between proximity and independence from the vendor, while taking part actively in SAP certification processes. This allows us to develop and certify not only our own tools, but also the expertise of our resources. It is also this service quality that has earned Inetum its country- and Group-wide SAP PCOE certification.

In a broader sense, Inetum offers a comprehensive, high value-added application-management model that preserves the three-way collaboration between client, integrator and vendor.

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