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Easy, direct and 24/7 access to information​


In the age of immediacy, where information must be accessible without delay and solutions must be provided immediately, numerous efforts are being made to offer an efficient exchange channel to customers, employees, suppliers, citizens, etc. Chatbots offer a relevant alternative. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversational agents act as digital assistants to answer questions and simplify transactions. Today, they are at the heart of many digitalisation strategies.​

Learn more about Botfoundry, the Inetum group’s chatbot solution.

Botfoundry coordinates your conversational agents​

Designed by Inetum, Botfoundry is a set of solutions for designing and operating your chatbots to suit your needs and implement your strategy around conversational agents.​

Botfoundry can be seen as:​

  • an accelerator: create your chatbot fast using the Botfoundry administration platform;​
  • a way to industrialise: offer your business teams a chatbot service line using the Bot Factory;​
  • turnkey bots: benefit from chatbots with off-the-shelf pretrained content. ​

Our Botfoundry by Inetum experts are there to help you set up your chatbot and voicebot projects.​

Create and administrate chatbots with a focus on efficiency​

Accessible to users 24/7, conversational agents free business teams from tedious and repetitive tasks so they can focus their efforts on higher value-added tasks. ​

Botfoundry is a hybrid solution based on language-understanding technologies developed by Microsoft, and has the highest levels of performance available on the market today. The solution is based on a generic technical model accessible to non-developers to easily feed the bot with content. This proven “quick win” method simplifies the rapid implementation of your chatbots on your website, intranet or any other channel.​

Easy to understand for business teams, the Botfoundry administration tool focuses on the RUN phase to monitor and analyse the performance of your chatbots. ​

Equipped with a powerful log consultation tool, the portal facilitates the collection and analysis of conversations in order to enrich content in a responsive manner and increase the relevance of the service.​

Create your own service line with the Factory. Unique on the market, this platform automates the creation and administration of chatbots to respond fast to the needs of your business teams.

Go faster with our chatbots on the shelf

To speed up your chatbot projects and reduce the initial implementation burden, we have designed 4 chatbots on the shelf, pre-built and pre-trained to fit your needs.

You will only have to customize it and adapt some answers to your taste.


Working methods, prevention, transport, etc.

  • 645 FAQs
  • 37 Directed Dialogs
  • 57 Intents
  • 14 Entities

Human Resources

Career, advantages, contacts, vacation paid, certificates, etc.

  • 1091 FAQs
  • 24 Directed Dialogs
  • 27 Intents
  • 133 Entities


Job offers, company informations, HR, services, salaries, website, etc.

  • 1299 FAQs
  • 1 Directed Dialog
  • 8 Intents
  • 4 Entities

Local Government

Identity documents, marital status, family, work, leisure, services, employment, health, etc.

  • 469 FAQs
  • 19 Directed Dialogs
  • 13 Intents
  • 47 Entites

A complete chatbot solution

Our vision is to offer you a complete solution hosted either in your Azure cloud, completely independent from Inetum or in a managed services model.​ Botfoundry has three products to best suit your needs.​

Botfoundry offers an administration portal for each chatbot.

This tool allows you to monitor the performance of your bot and administer its content.

From this portal, your functional and business teams can also analyse the logs to enrich and train the chatbot.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLP, Q/A engine)
  • Content management (Directed dialogs, FAQ, Domains, Library)
  • 360 analytics view (Logs, Not understood, Feedbacks)
  • Extensions to go further (Connectors to IS, Livechat)

The Bot Factory allows you to create as many new chatbots as you need in just a few clicks!

Cover all your business needs by installing a chatbot service line that can be administered from a centralized platform.

  • Centralized administration portal 
  • Templates management 
  • Governance & Right management

The metachatbot, a consierge chatbot that offers your users a unified experience for all the services of your different chatbots.

Experience in a single bot the power of many!

  • Administration backoffice
  • Dedicated NLP engine
  • Child-bots monitoring

Technologies and partners​

Microsoft is the main partner of the Botfoundry offer. Our bot creation and administration solution is based on their language-understanding technologies (NLP LUIS, QnA Maker) and more generally on the Microsoft Bot Framework. ​

Our partnership ensures that Botfoundry evolves in line with the development roadmap for cognitive services in the Microsoft Azure cloud. ​

The activity and relevance of the solution today has propelled Botfoundry on the Azure marketplace making it an offer that is now referenced within Microsoft.


Conversational agents being the appropriate solution for many issues, both internal and external, the Botfoundry team has had the opportunity to work and implement its solution in various sectors and for different use cases.​

As a longstanding Botfoundry client, L'Oréal assisted in the creation of the chatbot solution as part of a co-innovation partnership.​

Initially, a chatbot was rolled out to help HR provide specific answers to some of the cosmetics group's employees with regard to their situation and depending on their identity.​

A second internal bot was set up in the Group's legal department to answer recurring questions from employees.

Two Botfoundry chatbots have been rolled out consecutively at SNCF Réseau to improve employees' daily lives. ​

The first is intended to improve the support service of a network-asset maintenance application.​

Available 24/7, it allows field agents to find solutions during an incident but also to create a ticket directly in ServiceNow if the bot does not have the right answer. ​

Following the success of the first rollout, a second chatbot was set up to simplify clearance requests for the 250 applications in SNCF Réseau's internal fleet. ​

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the population has been inundated with a ceaseless flow of information. It is often difficult to find the answer to a specific question or concern, or to access recommendations from health authorities.​

FSNB Health & Care therefore asked Inetum to use Botfoundry to spread reliable information in a time of crisis with the aim of relieving the pressure on health organisations. An interactive platform for the general public based on data from official sources was developed for this purpose.​

Thanks to Botfoundry, the FSNB Health & Care chatbot could go live in a record time of two weeks with a high level of response relevance.​