Prévifrance took the digital turn with Bdoc Suite

Prévifrance took the digital turn with Bdoc Suite

Prévifrance took the digital turn with Bdoc Suite

A desktop solution to gain in modernity and responsiveness through more personalized communications, cross media and real time. Complementary to the health and welfare management software Activ'Infinite, the business document publishing suite feeds the mutual's digital strategy in order to offer seamless services between front and back office. Objective: "modernize the mutual with personalized communication," announces his CIO Evelyne Claire.


Creation date : Fri, 08/20/2021 - 16:59

"The Bdoc Suite project was a forerunner in our digital transformation," recalls Evelyne Claire, Director of Information Systems at Prévifrance.

Created 75 years ago, the mutual began its digital transformation about 3 years ago. But it was during the unification of the IS in 2014, following the merger with the Oréade mutual in 2014 that Business Document-Inetum's Customer Communication Management (CCM) bid was imposed on the insurer's ISD. While Bdoc Suite was initially managed by Cegedim, publisher of the business software Activ'Infinite, Prévifrance wanted to overcome the outsourcing on the desktop publishing solution, which will also be reintroduced a year later.

This policy is part of the strategy of the mutual that aims to integrate application bricks and develop process automation to "seamless between the back and the front office," says the DSI at the head of a team of 17 people. The internalization of the desktop publishing tool was started in October 2015 after stabilization of the management applications and the handling of the solution. "We did not want to integrate directly the complete suite in order to appropriate the tool and the methodology. We first integrated Bdoc into our CRM E-Deal where we used Bdoc Design, the design station to create and maintain our document models independently. It was important to understand the tool and familiarize ourselves with the Business Document teams. After a period of rapid increase in skills, we integrated the entire CCM solution with a start-up at the end of 2016. Thanks to the expert teams who have always been very attentive to our needs. And today everything works perfectly ", underlines Ms. Evelyne Claire.


1.2 million annual documents

Today, Bdoc Suite works with Activ'Infinite and E-Deal for document management and distribution. This translates into the annual production of 1.2 million documents (10,000 from the CRM) for some 330,000 members and prospects of the mutual. Mutualist cards, membership forms, service statements, deadlines, reminders, etc., the Business Document offer meets the functional requirements of the insurer. Starting with the creation of models. "Whether complex, such as service statements, or simple, such as letters, all models are designed from Bdoc Suite," says Evelyne Claire.

The DSI also relies on Bdoc Suite to manage omnichannel distribution of documents. Email remains a priority to communicate "even if we can not switch exclusively to this channel of communication because our members do not all have an email," said our interlocutor.

"As part of our digital transformation other channels are being evaluated.” The idea is to improve communication and develop the digital channel. "The deadline notices could adopt a more attractive format in order to encourage the reading of letters," explains the manager.


Develop the digital channel by integrating the electronic signature

In the context of seamless service from the front to the membership, an important topic to come is the electronic signature.

The integration of the electronic signature completes the management of the automated document process with Bdoc Suite, which will allow the direct and automated affiliation of prospects. The member can subscribe directly by email, smartphone or tablet in the agency or from home during a commercial prospection. A full-scale test is underway with 30,000 members on additional sales to validate the process. "We are aiming for June 2019 to be operational", says Evelyne Claire.

While waiting for these next developments, the gains are already palpable for the insurer. "Internally, we have reduced our costs, particularly in terms of postage, while offering a better service to our members", justifies Evelyne Claire. And, beyond the expected savings on postage, other "huge" gains are globally expected from the digital strategy of Prévifrance. Not to mention the benefits in terms of image. "To be a modern mutual with personalized communication, reactive and interacting very quickly", aims Evelyne Claire.

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