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Inetum Peru is a leading company in the country's technology market. We have more than 300 highly qualified professionals to design solutions and projects for our clients from different business lines, believing in innovation as an ally of people and their goals.​




Innovation centers

+10 M$

annual turnover​


of people certified in cutting-edge technologies​

Inetum in Peru​

Our offices

Inetum Peru has one of the best local proposals for IT opportunities and seeks to be in constant communication and proximity to its clients, adapting to their availability, location and different ways of working.​

Our Activities​

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At Inetum Peru we seek to offer a comprehensive service proposal for our clients.​

  • Focus on generating a strategic alliance with our clients, providing highly specialized consultants to design joint solutions that improve time, quality and resources.​
  • Specialization in the different market areas, through the hiring of business specialists or the training of people in each business.​
  • The design of Centers of Experience (CoE) for the different development lines we offer (agility, automation, architecture, etc.).

Why joining us?​

Find out why joining our team is the best decision for your professional career. ​

  • We take risks and decide. We make decisions, we take risks and we learn from our mistakes.​
  • We have a great team spirit. We think as a team to contribute the best of each one to the common goal.​
  • We focus on the customer. With them, we define our business strategies.​
  • We have no secrets. We have a responsibility to share all information and knowledge.​
  • Inetum Peru belongs to everyone. As collaborators, we are all partners of the company. Our professional growth will be reflected in our improvement as people.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognize our employees as our main asset and we work towards making them a valuable contribution to society, collaborating with their personal and professional development.​

The mission of our company is to help our clients with professional services of outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, delivering the best solutions to fully satisfy their technology, business process and management objectives. ​ ​

Gfi Peru is actively committed to economic, social and environmental development, promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a goal of our management, since it is one of the issues that has become relevant, due to its scope and implications, especially because of the difficulty in establishing its practice. But as an organization we meet the interests of positively impacting our society.​

  • Commitment to the environment. We aim for a sustainable business, minimizing the environmental impact when developing our activities, through actions as recycling tasks or campaigns to reduce energy consumption.​
  • Commitment to society. We promote the development of our society, contributing to its improvement and sustainable development, through actions as job training for interns, community help and volunteering or the inclusion of professionals with disabilities.​
  • Commitment to our partners. We are committed to the well-being, health and professional growth of our partners, since behind the sustainable growth of our organization, there are people. We promote an appropriate balance between work and family life, execute training plans and annual performance evaluation, and integration activities to improve the work environment.​
  • Commitment to the market. Our value proposition for the client is to offer an innovative business mindset, based on an understanding of their culture, business knowledge and a resourceful approach to technology. We do this through open commitments to all levels of business, listening, researching and proactively adapting to easily meet your needs. Also, propose to periodically evaluate the degree of customer satisfaction through surveys and promote "commitment to the customer“.

Grow with Inetum

Learn about our career line plans and the possibility of development in our company. ​

We have a defined and evolving career line plan, both towards management profiles and aimed at achieving technical excellence, supported by a constant dissemination program that allows each employee to know the growth possibilities within Inetum, in addition to the objectives they must achieve to move up within the company. We work with three major growth lines within the company: Programming and Development, Quality Assurance, and Infrastructure and Systems.​

Within each of these lines, we propose levels of growth depending on the chosen growth line. It is through our annual performance evaluations that we determine which people are ready to take the next step in their career path, in addition to identifying gaps and areas for improvement to continue growing (based on which we define training plans).​

In addition, we offer people the possibility of an horizontal growth, towards technical specialization of the various technologies that we specialize, or vertical growth, towards project and people management. ​

HR People Support​

Our main goal is to provide all our collaborators the tools and means to be happy at Inetum Peru.​

We work with the 4-box technique to evaluate the productivity and potential of each collaborator, involving the reception of feedback from leaders and clients, assessment center dynamics to identify skills and technical challenges that help us define the level of expertise of each tool. With this, we create a defined program for each quadrant and identify our top talents, for promotion, course bonuses or recognition as trainers and technological references.​

We have a continuous integration tool called GoIntegro, which works as a social network where everyone in the company can communicate with each other, in addition to accessing to information such as birthdays, anniversaries, contests, celebrations, recognitions and articles of interest. ​

Training activities​

Our training program is constantly created and reinvented, according to the needs of each employee, thanks to a prior identification of gaps and aspects of improvement that allows us to identify the technologies and skills that each person must improve, in order to successfully fulfill the role expected by the customer. In addition, our focus is hands on lab training, 100% practical, so that they use those tools that they must learn from day one.​

Our main forms of training are:​

Coding Dojos

We prepare programming challenges with tools that they dominate and add those identified as points for improvement. With a technical support leader, a programmer position that is constantly rotating and the rest of the participants as an audience, this technique has allowed us to train large groups in a practical, collaborative and fun way, in addition to sharing new ways of working, knowledge new and contacts within the company as points of support.​ ​

Open Spaces​

Our best way to share knowledge. With a prior organization to define topics to be discussed, these spaces have allowed us to organize short talks given by our own collaborators, so that in two or three hours, all people become both exhibitors and consumers of the content discussed. We focus that the list of topics to choose is on those that we must train and we ask that in each session there are one to two products to be shown in real time.​

Soft-skills training​

We give due importance to technical training. But we frequently complement the development of soft skills, both those that we consider optimal for the position, and those that we identify as a priority in the culture of each client. With specialized coaches, we develop experiential dynamics that, complemented with background theory, allow our collaborators to develop precise techniques to improve the skills necessary for their profile in their day-to-day lives.​

Graduates and internships​

We developed a training program for young talents, to incorporate into our activities in the future.​

We have the projection to continue incorporating practitioners from different Universities and / or Institutes.​
In 2020, we have developed a training program for young talents, to incorporate into our activities in the future, since they would learn from the business. The goal is to reach 10 students from the main houses of studies and institutes to be assigned to training in our different business areas.​

We invite kickstarted competition for project financing (start-ups) that are initiatives of our workers. They may participate individually, as a pair or as a team. Participants will present an idea of ​​technological development with the purpose of generating value for the customer. If it is the winner, it will be developed and financed internally, with specialized consultancies. We will have an internal voting system and an external jury for the selection and awarding of projects.​


Our employees benefit from a list of motivating advantages.​

  • IT Communities Partner (Dev, Tester, Mobile) inside the client.​
  • Identification of IT events and key people.​
  • Food cards and mobility bonus.​
  • Referral benefits program.​
  • Integration bonuses.​
  • Training and workshops​ Client & Inetum integration activities.​
  • New career line according to client’s plan.​
  • Internal and external training plans.​
  • Benefits with certifying institutions.​
  • “Inetum Emotional Salary” Program.​
  • Inetum’s Employer Branding as an innovative company.​
  • Innovation and Development programs.​
  • Implementation of "WOW Experience".​
  • Onboarding Client & Inetum – Culture fit.​
  • Flexible schedule​ Home office.​
  • Friday work until noon.​

In addition, we have a corporate application called GoBenefits, where anyone can access to thousands of offers and discount coupons from more than a thousand food places, restaurants, study centers, languages institutes, entertainment, gyms, cinemas, activities for children and much more.​

Happy Inetum​

Our programme integrates activities that unite teams through the joy of entertainment.​

We have developed a program called Happy Inetum, where we include activities such as:​ ​

  • At the end of every month, we get together to celebrate birthdays and introduce the new members of each team in person.​
  • Fruits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.​
  • WhatsApp groups.​
  • Cineplanet visits.​
  • Football on Thursdays or Fridays.​
  • Play Station room.​
  • Work Climate Assessment.​ ​

We also have an Inetum Recognition program, as an invitation to leaders to recognize the achievements that people obtained during the month or to reinforce actions and vital attitudes in the teams. We send it through a monthly newsletter. ​

Hiring Process​

Get to know our recruitment, selection and hiring process.​

1. The IT recruiters evaluate the CVs of possible candidates to refer them to the requesting area and that it performs the technical filter.​
2. If the candidate's CV matches the profile, he or she is contacted by phone or mail for an interview.​
3. The IT Recruiter in charge conducts a personal interview with the candidate, evaluating their personal skills and suitability for the work team. If the candidate is valid, it's assigned to the requirement in question. In some cases, the interview can be done before by the technical area of ​​the company.​
4. In case the position to be filled is technical, the IT Recruiter presents the candidate to the technical interviewer for a second interview for the corresponding technical evaluation-interview.​

5. If the candidate passes the second interview, the IT Recruiter presents the candidate to the corresponding Manager for a third interview.​
6. In case the candidate is for administrative positions, the Human Resources Manager presents the candidate to the Area Manager (Human Management or Administration and Finance) to carry out the evaluation-interview.​
7. Once the candidate has been selected, the IT Recruiter assigns the candidate to Pre-hiring status and sends the data to the Manager so that he can fill out the “Hiring” sheet and request hiring approval from the Human Resources Manager.​
8. In case the candidate has not qualified in one of the stages, he will be transferred to a reserve or closed situation.