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With its IT multi-specialist profile 800+ people on board here in Poland, we serve unique combination of IT services: advisory services, system development, integration and maintenance as well as IT and business management support. There are no limits with our approach as we support innovation with specialists in: blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning, AI and a lot more. ​ We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex systems such as the AML & Compliance Platform kdprevent™ and the AntiFraudHub. We prevent money laundering and detect external and internal fraud. Our flagship solutions are in successful operation world-wide.​


Number of Inetum Polish employees – most of them are highly specialized IT staff.​


We have designed and implemented so many systems as a complete solution, including ongoing IT support – during our operations.​


Number of office localizations (Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz, Rzeszow) we have service centers – providing services to our clients.​


As Inetum East, we operate in 5 countries – Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Austria.​

Inetum certified Top Employer Europe 2023

Our 27000 digital athletes are proud to be certified Top Employer 2023

The Top Employer Europe certification rewards the initiatives that Inetum has been deploying for several years to provide the best possible work environment for its 27,000 employees through our innovative HR practices in order to allow each individual to shape their career path within the Group by living their own digital flow.

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Inetum in Poland

Our offices

We operate our services from the main cities of the country: Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz, and Rzeszow.

Team Work and Team Spirit!​

Our roles are driven by our passion, courage, team spirit and the ability to ask questions. Suggest solutions is one of the many features that will ensure the success of our ongoing projects.​

  • Employment in a dynamically developing organization, in teams of professionals, with a strong local autonomy in terms of procedures.​
  • Participation in interesting projects with the use of modern technologies, in an international environment.​
  • Convenient form of employment – employment contract or long-term contract.​
  • We promote best practices of programming craftsmanship, including: writing clear code, emphasis on code testability, design patterns.​
  • Attractive market salary and always on time!​
  • Friendly working environment, content-related support and internal training.​
  • Flexible working time, adapted to the needs of employees.

We've tested in practice that helping is a great motivator!​

We keep the promises we make. We push to exceed commitments made to ourselves and others. We feel responsible for our team members. Responsibility is also one of the fundamental core of our company.​

EcoMania – Let’s take care about our planet together!

EcoMania is an environmental protection program, which we have implemented in our locations. ​ We segregate rubbish in our offices. To continue our mission we stopped buying water in plastic bottles and equipped kitchens with additional water distributors. ​

Our employees received ecological water bottles made of cane. We started all these activities to educate and encourage our employees to be ECO. ​

We organize a „Health Week" for our employees. The goal of the program is to develop a healthy habit of movement and self-care for the Inetum crew, as well as healthy eating.​

We believe that any eco-activity will have a positive impact on our natural environment, and we will be able to increase the amount of fish in the sea!


The bike2work program encourages our employees to spend time actively on their way to and from work. All this makes us a harmonious, interesting and professional team. ​

Employees are getting on their bikes to come to work and gather as many kilometres as possible, which are converted into money that will be donated to a chosen charity organisation.​

During one of the editions of the bike2work program, we offered the help to the Musical Magicians Foundation - as a thank you they recorded a song for us. Watch the video!

Charity work

inetum staff have huge hearts and eagerly engage in various activities to help those in need.​

In previous years, we helped i.a. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Noble Gift (both gather money, food or articles of daily use that are given to patients, children, elderly or families in difficult situtation) and Home Hospice in Poznan (our employees raised money to make their Christmas time more cheerful).

New Employee Onboarding​

Onboarding helps new employees have a successful and positive transition to their new workplace.​

  • "Welcome on Inetum board!” A letter that every new employee receives few days before the start with all necessary information ​ ​
  • Induction presentation and an introduction to the company ​ ​
  • Buddy programme”– Every new employee is assigned to person (Team Leader or Team Member), who provide all information about project and team in the first weeks of work​ ​
  • Welcome pack – Inetum small gifts for new member will wait for you​ ​
  • Any questions? = HR team support at any time!

Choosing a Career Path ​

Many career paths await you at Inetum. You can join and develop your skills from beginner to expert level. Just tell us where you want to be and together we will plan your next career steps! For graduates of universities and people who want to change their career path to IT, we offer a traineeship and an internship program. Through participation in a traineeship and an internship, you will go through a planned path of development and improvement of your skills in real projects.

Career Path

Trainee -> Intern -> Junior -> Mid -> Senior 

You can grow into the technical side and become a Tech Lead, Architect or Expert. You can develop towards soft skills and become a Team Leader. Or you can move to the more business-oriented side and as a Consultant, take on conversations with new clients and propose technical solutions that best meet the client's needs.

We create, develop and maintenance web, desktop and mobile applications in such languages as Java, .Net, Angular, React, Python, PHP and many others. We work with public and private clouds (Azure, AWS, OpenStack).

  • Programming
  • Designing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Project Management
  • System Engineering (DevOps/SysOps)
  • Business and System Analyze
  • IT Support
  • Scrum Roles

We support work-life balance. We provide internal and external training, not only on the technical side, but also on soft skills. We make sure to provide the right equipment and needed support for each employee. We listen and are open to any suggestions.

Industries in which we operate are mainly aviation, retail, banking, insurance, automotive, telco.

We work with clients from all over the world, but most of them are from Europe. Our projects are conducted in both Polish and English, but if you speak German, Dutch, French or Norwegian, we have an option for you!

  • Apply via the form.
  • Meet with us.
  • Join us.

Each person will be assigned to the project that best utilizes their skills but also allows for the most growth. When a project ends, we always look for a new allocation.

  • The apprenticeship lasts 1 month and is unpaid.
  • The internship lasts 3 months and is paid.   
  • Fruit days, ​
  • health week, ​
  • fitness benefits, ​
  • private health care, ​
  • life insurance, ​
  • flakes breakfast, ​
  • co-financing of sports activities (volleyball, football, table tennis, board games), ​
  • prepaid cards, ​
  • holiday co-financing, ​
  • trips and integration meetings, ​
  • chillout room​ ​

…and many more !

Support employees grow and develop their skills​

We help our employees establish goals that are aligned with their strengths, interest and experience. How we support our employees in their professional development?​ ​

  • Create a development paths - supervisor conducts an annual evaluation with his or her subordinates; this is the time to review the personal development plan and share the feedback with each other. For those who want to develop their team leadership career, we offer Leadership Development Program, i.e. professional training to strengthen their soft skills. ​ ​
  • Academy/Webinars - our employees are eager to share their knowledge, so for many years we have successfully run two large training projects as part of which internal workshops for employees (also in the Inetum East region) and technical training for students are held.​ ​
  • Trainings and certificates – organized for our employees to confirm knowledge and qualifications as well as required in cooperation with the largest partners.​

Inetum Academy - Poland​

Academy is a free workshop series for people who want to start their adventure in IT, covering quite a wide range of topics.​


Inetum in cooperation with our largest partners organize for our employee's external trainings to confirm knowledge and required qualifications not only to fulfill expectations of our clients, but also because we put a lot of attention on the development of our members.​ ​ ​


Inetum Academy is a free workshop series for people who want to start their adventure in IT, covering ​ quite a wide range of topics. Mentors present, among others, good practices of conducting analyses, ​ testing and programming, which are particularly useful in business. ​

It is important for us to talk not only about theory, but above all we want to focus on practice. ​ Remarkably successfull of a series of workshops were those about manual and automatic tests ​ and Java programming.

Training & personal development​

Yes. The costs for trainings or certifications are covered 100% by the company.

Any employee who applies to the Team Leader and receives approval.

The training/certification can be conducted in the selected technology, but also in soft skills and in project implementation processes. It all depends on the direction in which the employee decided to develop.

Yes. Each department has an annual training budget.

Each employee is responsible for their own career path. The company supports the employee in his/her development and gives opportunities which the employee can use.

Yes, within the training budget, the employee can take part in technology conferences organized all over Poland.

We hold internal workshops where employees share knowledge with their project or competency team or with the entire company. In addition, most of the competence teams have groups on Microsoft Teams, where they share issues that may be of interest to others.

Each employee is responsible for his/her own development, in which s/he is supported by the Team Leader as well as the HR team.

Have a look our colleagues recommendation​

  • Professional development - certificates, workshops
  • Prestigious projects for Polish and foreign clients
  • Work in a group of 27,000 IT experts
  • Private healthcare
  • A Multisport card for you and your family members
  • Remote work, flexible working hours

A good choice! Graduates & Internships in Poland​

We play with new technologies, implementing amazing projects for Clients from around the world.​

Inetum closely cooperates with universities, such as the Warsaw University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology and takes part in job fairs. Thanks to close relations with Career Offices that are located at universities, the company has better contact with graduates, who can start their careers with us. ​

What to do after graduation?​

You can start programming your career with our company! ​ Our company can develop skills by participating in various projects, attending ​ internal trainings which accelerate the implementation in international projects. ​ ​

Knowledge, experience and practice – It all starts with an application … will you send it? ​

What does the internship look like? ​ ​

Internships are addressed to people who already have their first professional experience related to the industry. Here, we also expect full-time availability. The internship is paid and lasts 3 months. After completing the whole program it is possible to extend the cooperation with us at the position of Junior.

We work remotely all over Europe​

Inetum doesn't slow down and reports in remote mode 👍 Inetum has been working online for over 20 years providing projects for our customers. 💪 We just know how to do it!​


Inetum in Poland has started #virtualcoffee meetings in order to take the opportunity to relax and have a casual discussion about the latest technology in the context of post-COVID-19 reality. ​ ​

Thanks to increased communication and the numerous initiatives put in place, such as challenges and online academies... Inetum Poland is in the TOP 10 of "Good employers for difficult times" in a survey prepared by Poland's largest recruitment portal: Pracuj.pl.​

Lots of positive activities!​ ​

Ambitious teams require the best teams. We work as we play on our integration meetings.​


We pay a lot of attention to physical activity, e.g. we organize groups that take part in races – marathons, half marathons, etc. or group activities such as football, volleyball, table tennis.​

For those who are not so keen on sports we organize Board Games ​ ​

We also take part in the Bike2Work program, improving our condition and minimizing air pollution. We are also familiar with water adventures 🙂 Among our employees you will find enthusiastic sailors.​ ​

Our integration meetings involve the whole team in an energetic way, which gives the feeling that everyone is mutually needed during the integration tasks. An evening campfire or dinner usually end our party.​

Recruitment Process

Our goal at Inetum Poland is to make every recruitment process unique. ​ Not only the company selects candidates, but it is also the candidates who recruit the organization in which they will work.​

5 steps to join Inetum ​

  1. CV selection - we interview only the selected candidates​
  2. Phone call with the HR department - a short, soft chat​
  3. Technical interview with Team Leader​
  4. Second stage- interview with a project team member (optional)​
  5. Forwarding the decision and feedback to the candidate