"Digital platforms increase the possibility of employment", interview with Kelly Soyan

"Digital platforms increase the possibility of employment", interview with Kelly Soyan

Equal@Work platform central objective is to monitor equality policies between women and men at work.


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The adoption of digital platforms results in increased access and employment opportunities.
Inetum, an information technology services and digital transformation consultancy company, launched the Equal@Work platform whose central objective is to monitor equality policies between women and men at work.
“Digital tools and business strategies to promote gender equality offer significant advantages” – said Kelly Soyan, associate manager at Inetum, in an interview with "Vida Económica".

Vida Económica newspaper – How does the adoption of new digital platforms by companies, particularly public ones, have a practical impact on combating gender disparities in the labor market?

Kelly Soyan - The adoption of digital platforms provides increased access to employment opportunities, fairer recruitment processes, promotion of work flexibility, salary transparency, facilitation of online training for employees, creation of inclusive professional networks and, in the case of Equal@Work, monitoring the implementation of equality policies between women and men at work, in order to identify and correct gender inequalities.

VE – How does the new platform help to monitor implemented policies?

KS – The platform provides objective, centralized and updated information on public policy measures for equality between women and men at work and their implementation and also provides quantitative and qualitative data that allows monitoring the results of public policy measures. Furthermore, it offers support for decision-making in public policies.

VE – What are the benefits for employers and employees?

KS – The Equal@Work platform, being a monitoring tool for public policy measures that provides a vast set of monitoring and result indicators, generates information and knowledge, analytical and critical capacity in the evaluation of measures, allowing monitoring of their implementation same measures and “measure” their execution/achievement. In this way, it contributes to creating a culture of accountability, simultaneously contributing to informing management and decision-making by those responsible for its implementation, and raising awareness of the social phenomena it seeks to address.
In this sense, the platform contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of policies and measures aimed at promoting equality between women and men, particularly in the labor market, with impacts on organizations and employees, particularly at the level the protection of parenthood, the promotion of salary transparency policies, equality and non-discrimination in access to work and career development.

VE – What are the advantages of this type of digital tools and business strategies?

KS – Digital tools, such as Equal@Work, and business strategies to promote gender equality offer significant advantages. This includes ensuring legal compliance and strengthening corporate image, which is reflected in attracting diverse talent.
These tools also optimize operational efficiency, allow proactive risk management and promote transparency in gender equality policies, increasing employee involvement and participation. Furthermore, they contribute to the equitable development of talent, the creation of inclusive work environments and the improvement of the quality of professional life. These strategies also drive innovation, creativity and reflect social responsibility, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable society.

Equal empowerment

VE – How can companies lead the way in equal training for their employees?

KS – Companies can lead the equal training of their employees through the implementation of various practices and policies. These strategies should include the development of gender equality policies, regular training/training on diversity and gender equality, ensuring equitable access to development opportunities, promoting flexibility at work and performance assessments based on objective and unbiased criteria. . Other measures include salary transparency, promotion of diversity and equality between women and men in leadership positions, support for parenting, regular monitoring of progress towards gender equality. These practices not only empower employees equally, but also establish an inclusive culture and contribute to more equitable and productive work environments.

VE – How does Inetum operate in the market?

KS – Inetum operates in the market as an information technology services and digital transformation consultancy company. Its business model is based on offering personalized digital solutions to its customers, helping them face the challenges of digital transformation. The company is currently a global player of reference in Information Technology and Digital Transformation services and occupies a strategic position in the sector, with a specialized profile in the entire digital transformation cycle, from the consultancy phase to the implementation and maintenance of applications and infrastructures. .
With more than 28 thousand consultants and a strong presence in 27 countries, the Inetum Group's main aspiration is to have global knowledge and guarantee local delivery of quality and trust.

VE – What is your positioning in the national market?

KS – With marked growth over the last few years and a successful bet on the Portuguese market, the Inetum Group currently has around 2,700 highly qualified talents in Portugal in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Bragança and Covilhã. Also noteworthy are the Centers of Excellence and Competence, which deliver services remotely on a nearshore basis from Lisbon, Covilhã and Bragança. In Portugal, Inetum operates in various sectors, such as finance, health, energy, retail and telecommunications, offering services such as IT consultancy, software development, project management, cybersecurity and data analysis, among others.

VE – How does the platform work?

KS – Equal@Work is a digital platform that provides information on public policy measures relating to equality between women and men at work and employment, reconciling work and family life and protecting parenthood. This platform was developed within the scope of the Equality Platform and Standard project, promoted by the Commission for Equality in Labor and Employment (CITE) and financed by the Conciliation and Gender Equality Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area – EEAGrants 2014-2021. The platform operates through two distinct areas: one public and one private. In the Public Area, users have access to indicators on gender equality, publications, reports and contact information. In turn, the Reserved Area is intended for planning, recording execution, monitoring and consulting information.

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