Training, a strong axis of HR policy

Things move fast in the digital age. The progression of our employees and the adaptation of their skills to market changes are essential, hence a complete range of training courses, whether in technology, business, or personal development.

The Inetum Group supports its employees by training them in agile methods, DevOps, Cloud (in this respect, a “Go to Cloud” programme launched in the second half of 2020 has enabled more than 150 employees to obtain Microsoft certification, thus positioning Inetum as one of the Cloud leaders in France), Lean Management, security and cybersecurity, project management, testing, architecture, languages, and soft skills. Ambitious training plans, notably on agility and contract management, have been launched in all regions of France where the Inetum Group is present.

Through hot and cold evaluation of the training provided (both face-to-face and remotely), the Group is concerned about the effectiveness of the training delivered and the acquisition of skills by employees. With a high rate of approximately 90%, Inetum Group employees in France are satisfied with their skill acquisition.

The Inetum Group offers its employees the opportunity to learn by providing them with a rich e-learning training offer, whether in IT, languages, or office/digital training.

Since 2018, for the new generations who expect a better work/life balance, the e-learning offer has been enriched with training courses allowing them to work on their soft skills and professional efficiency. Agility, digital skills, banking, more efficient meeting management, better presentation skills, work-time organization, project management and leadership are just some of the topics in the catalogue.

As part of a continuous upskilling and career development approach for our employees, the Inetum Group has created the “Inetum Learning Academy”. This digital learning platform is run by Inetum Group experts and is aimed at all employees. To date, it offers more than 150 training courses, accessible to 20,000 users. In 2019, the Inetum Group deployed this platform to all its international subsidiaries as part of a major training programme on artificial intelligence called “Do you speak AI?” for our 20,000 employees at the time.

In 2020, this platform was an essential tool in the face of the 2020 health context, enabling us to launch a distance learning plan (FAD) to train our employees on priority subjects (in line with our strategic orientations): IT security, sales, soft skills, the Group's offerings, etc. Similarly, our digital learning platform has been a key asset in the deployment of “Compliance” training within the Group.

In the continuity of the “GFI Master” completed in 2019, the Inetum Group wished to pay particular attention to the manager population, a mainstay of our strategic plan and a key relay in the management of the health crisis. This led us to design and structure an entirely remote course – the Leadership In Management & Engagement (LIME) course – to help them adopt changes in managerial posture required by the context and the systematic implementation of remote work, to support them in their ability to keep their teams engaged, and to create a community enabling them to exchange with their peers in these unusual times.

In 2020, 7,919 employees benefited from training in the Inetum Group.


Support Inetum's international subsidiaries to nurture the talent of each employee.

We offer our employees a wide range of training courses. As part of the definition of their career plan, Inetum Belgium employees are invited to discuss their training and personal development needs with their manager as much as necessary.

In the context of the health crisis, and in order to meet the demand of our employees, we have launched a new initiative called Lunch & Learn. The first session focused on psychosocial risks and resilience. The topics discussed during this first edition will enable us to set up new sessions in the coming months.

In addition to training on work-related topics, we also encourage our employees to benefit from training under a “Flexible Income Plan” which allows them to access training programmes at reduced costs, even if they are not directly related to their job.

Each year a training plan is drawn up based on identified needs, covering both technical knowledge and the development of interpersonal skills.

A specific training programme for managers was designed to strengthen their team management and leadership skills.

We have also strengthened our training for sales profiles, as well as training programmes for new recruits with no previous experience and for junior profiles.

Training in risk prevention, quality, safety, and the environment has also been rolled out to all our employees.

In 2020, a new initiative was launched to facilitate access to training and to promote and share internal expertise: the “Thursday Knowledge Share”. 26 “TKS” sessions have already taken place on topics as diverse as mind-mapping, no-code, agile methodologies, RPA, and public speaking.

As soon as they join the company, employees attend training courses to enhance their technical and behavioural skills according to identified needs. In addition, “soft skills” training is offered to all employees who are free to enroll.

We have developed agreements with universities such as Unipanamericana, the University of Rosario, a pilot university, and the Incca University of Colombia, in order to offer our employees degree courses at preferential rates.

We also have agreements with language schools such as “Smart” and “Open English” which allow our employees to benefit from preferential rates.

We reinforce the knowledge of our employees in a continuous way according to their individual career plans and in line with our clients’ requirements. Specific training programmes are developed by our teams based on our in-house expertise.

In the coming months, we will also be organizing webinars on both technical subjects and on the topic of well-being.