Smart Cities

Regions are central to sustainable development

New technologies and service platforms to support local authorities in their transformation.

Towns and regions are facing the challenges of economic, environmental and social transition

For local elected officials, a new term of office with greater responsibilities in a post-COVID phase implies that complex issues have to be managed at a more local level, without necessarily having the data and cross-cutting tools to prepare for and accurately measure the effects of decisions that are made.

Despite the growing importance of groupings and pooled resources, budget constraints are limiting municipalities’ capacity to attain a critical size in order to establish and finance strong, lasting digital competence.

New technologies to meet the challenge of territorial transition

  • AI and high-speed networks to increase attractiveness and economic vitality and develop renewable energies

  • IoT, computer vision and mobile solutions for resilience and responsiveness in a crisis, and to optimize connected infrastructures

  • Open data and blockchain for collaboration between private and public stakeholders

  • Cloud to control costs and investments and have ubiquitous access to the IS

  • 5G and collaborative 3D for connected healthcare, land-use planning, and the enhancement of tourist assets and property

  • Cybersecurity and digital identity for 360° administrative e-Services

  • User-centred apps and smart agents for social inclusion and service accessibility for all

Service platforms and geospatial data to create local value for inhabitants, service providers and elected officials

  • Share Open & Closed data and create indicators, forecasts and simulations

  • Process local and regional images in a semi-automated way via satellite, drones and cameras to monitor, safeguard, anticipate and predict – access to TR data via IoT on the use of infrastructures

  • Participate in local projects, post ideas, search in natural language, access smart agents and services 24/7 and on all channels, and have access to ideas and innovations

  • Access marketplaces that list service offers to boost local resources

  • Protect data and local networks thanks to digital sovereignty and governance at regional level

Offer services and solutions to municipalities to equip them with the tools to steer their digital transformation towards:

  • a smaller carbon and energy footprint

  • inclusive and sustainable development 

  • efficient and secure services for inhabitants and users

  • optimized operational and investment costs

  • ubiquitous, paperless and secure access to local and regional services

Boost the attractiveness of your area

We help cities to offer enabling services.

We offer municipalities a range of services from consulting to turnkey solutions that allow them to:

  • Define urban planning that favours a smaller carbon footprint and resilience to climate change
  • Encourage alternatives to car travel to aim towards Mobility as a Service
  • Access spatial and temporal data to accurately foresee changes in inhabitants’ service needs
  • Assess the current service offer and develop services to inhabitants that favour proximity, quality of life and the use of local resources

Use digital technology and data to transform management processes and support regional decision-making for public and private stakeholders in order to:

  • Better target investments

  • Help municipalities to increase productivity and economies of scale

  • Make regions more attractive for inhabitants and enterprises

  • Improve quality of life and services to users through easier access to services and paperless processes

  • Give municipalities an active role in adapting to climate change, energy transition, and inclusive, sustainable economic development

A partner of choice for municipalities

We turn data into services for the public.

As a developer of software solutions and provider of digital services, Inetum works daily for cities, inter-municipal bodies, departments and regions, on data and applications that bring services to millions of local users.

Inetum is the leading developer in France of software for the Public Sector, with 40 years’ experience and an unequalled coverage of different sectors thanks to 34 dedicated solutions that support the entire life cycle of citizens, from maternity to cemetery.

  • In terms of services, Inetum is one of the biggest digital service providers in the French Public Sector, differentiating itself through a combination of:
    • being close to the client thanks to an extensive coverage of the territory with 40 sites in France,
    • a wide portfolio of services to manage the entire life cycle of projects from scoping study to operations,
    • a strong innovative capacity with six innovation centres in Europe (including Paris, Nantes and Lyon)
    • a high level of industrialization with 4,000 employees in 22 pooled service centres
    • a strong capacity to work with our clients in collaborative, agile mode, with proven co-building models
  • Inetum thus offers its clients:
    • the local presence and flexibility of a specialized IT services provider
    • the industrialization that can be expected from a comprehensive IT services provider
    • the operational expertise of a leading business-software developer 
    • the capacity to innovate and deploy co-building innovations to scale

A comprehensive range of territorial management offers

Over 30 business solutions

Territitorial governance

  • Check my city

  • Safe city

  • Positive city

  • KARTEIS Collaborative City

  • Short Distance City

  • Hello Mairie

Green Mobility

  • Green Mobility in my Pocket

  • Mobility as a Service

  • Smart traffic system

Connected Infrastructure/IoT/Virtual Reality

  • Waste
  • Security
  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • BIM & Property Mgt

Territorial Data Platform

  • Intelligent Search by domain and benchmarks: regional planning, health, mobility, local tax policy, waste, energy

    • Regional, socio-economical Open Data

    • Regional Urban Planning Reference documents

    • Infrastructure & service location

    • Data Analytics/AI

  • Market Place & Social Media for Sustainable Development discussions
    • Sustainable development KPI Library

    • Innovative Trial Library

  • Back-Office services in SaaS mode

Territorial governance

Secure your city

Setting up governance at a territorial level requires defining projects and tools that will allow a local authority to:

  • assess the current status and priorities for digital use (check-in and benchmark tool opening 19 fields of use: Check my City)

  • manage the security of  sensitive public places (coordinating security and intervention forces during natural catastrophes, accidents, terrorism, etc.)

  • efficiently guide and manage citizens in their administrative procedures (Citizen 360, Citizen Chatbot/Hello mairie)

  • have access to geomatics data to accurately analyse public services and infrastructures across the territory (Karteis, Collaborative City)

  • simulate territorial development by integrating factors like proximity, resource pooling, and improved quality of life in urban neighbourhoods or rural areas (short-distance city)


Green Mobility

Smooth, environmentally responsible mobility

Environmentally responsible mobility is a priority in actions conducted in regions, big cities and large agglomerations.

Inetum proposes a range of tools and services to promote soft transport modes, provide solutions that offer travellers a smooth “mobility as a service” experience, and improve in-depth knowledge of user habits.

  • Green Mobility in my Pocket uses blockchain technology to measure the carbon footprint of daily transport, and allow municipalities to favour a modal transfer from single-occupant cars to shared transport solutions.

  • Mobility as a Service offers a seamless, multi-modal passenger experience (passenger information/smart ticketing/digital journey/data analytics).

  • Intelligent Traffic System for driving practice profiling, vehicle counting, smart toll-gates, and automatic alerts generated by public road accidents.

Connected infrastructures

Optimize the management of your city.

Relying on our expertise in connected objects, image processing by artificial intelligence, secure digital networks for real-time data collection, tools dedicated to the collective 3D design of new buildings and the use of digital twins, Inetum rolls out innovative solutions for municipalities to:

  • Manage the availability of waste-collection systems 

  • Identify and streamline pedestrian, bicycle, public-transport and car-traffic flows 

  • Locate available parking spots in real time and push the information to drivers 

  • Have a digital twin of public buildings to let the various stakeholders interact remotely right from the design phase (Inetum’s UMI3D Collaborative Virtual Reality protocol ) and collect operational data (energy consumption, air quality, etc.) in real time

  • Use these tools to improve the management of buildings (optimization, prevention, reduced maintenance costs: Inetum consulting offer)

  • Prevent, alert and protect against malicious attacks on the digital network and access to data generated by the city (Inetum’s Keenai Cybersecurity solution)

Territorial data platform

We help municipalities know their area better.

Thanks to our knowledge of regional data and capacity to provide open-source solutions for municipalities, Inetum offers a platform for public and private regional players to:

  • Help them draw up/carry out regional planning schemes using a specialized indicator library 

  • Project and simulate changes in service needs 5 to 10 years ahead (Inetum’s 15-minute city platform)

  • Via a map library, share projects with users of territorial services and collect suggestions and propositions (Karteis)

  • Monitor the development of wildlife corridors via satellite, the artificialisation of soil, density, pedestrian or cycling isochrones, and services provided in a community 

  • Get access to innovative projects and experiences (eco-neighbourhoods, eco-city, etc.) by topic search in natural language, and customizable benchmarks

  • Via the marketplace, access available services by sustainable-development topic

  • Share and promote local experience, and contribute to municipalities’ social media accounts

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