Smart Data

Data – the essence of your digital transformation and performance​

Use data to activate performance levers across all layers of your company, institution and beyond.​

Data has already made a major contribution to the performance of companies through ‘model-driven' approaches, by providing businesses and decision-makers with a cockpit of indicators reflecting their performance levels. This movement has become increasingly widespread over the past 20 years.​ ​

Today, we realise more and more that data – all data – can contribute value, but by taking a new path, the ‘data-driven' path, by starting to identify weak signals!​ ​

Our vision is that today, data can actively participate in providing a competitive advantage in many ways: it can act on pockets of cost- reduction optimisation, it can improve the image of services to consumers or users, or it can open the way to new and innovative services. It therefore represents the central lever for adaptation in a constantly changing world. ​

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Data as the action lever in all your operations and decisions

Our end-to-end offer ensures full adoption by all business lines in conjunction with IT and Legal teams.​

Our service catalogue consists of “drawer” modules and adapts to your level of maturity and requirements. This agile make-up can be customised at 3 levels:​ ​

  • Our Data Consulting or “Data Value” offer: It starts with the definition of a vision and instantiation of your data strategy according to the level of your digital cultural, assets and internal skills. It continues with the implementation of data governance in line with your context, to allow the smooth exchange of data and key skills for a new and common goal. To give it substance, this governance must be based on a data architecture to be defined in accordance with local IT constraints and opportunities, at a controlled financial cost and speed of rollout in line with the current level of urban planning. Finally, we offer you consulting on solutions, trials and industrialisation of the AI component, which is increasingly in demand depending on our clients' level of maturity. ​ ​
  • Our data-platform instantiation or “Data Solution” offer, doubled by verticals for each pillar (e.g. AI Ops) or professional field (e.g. predictive maintenance for the aerospace industry), each delivered with its own action levers and levels of professionals. We cover the entire data product lifecycle, from the infra sizing of environments, to the remote implementation and maintenance of projects.​ ​
  • Lastly, a change-management consulting or “Adaptative Data” offer, which is central to the success of projects like these considering how the familiar work environment and habits are upended by this type of programme. Drawing on more than 9 years of experience in this type of programme, and pushed by the latest advances in neuroscience, we activate the hidden potential of each of the contributors, either through homeopathic support via our PO project teams present in the Data Solutions Offers, or via a clearly identified team dedicated to activating exchange in the Data Driven programme. ​

The architect of your critical data systems​

We bring you a comprehensive response tailored to your data-platform needs in less than 6 months.​

Inetum is the overall architect of your critical data systems. We offer a comprehensive and pragmatic expert approach to cover all your needs in terms of data platforms and associated accelerators - from consulting to maintenance in operational condition of complex and critical data systems. We operate in sectors with strict regulations such as Intelligence, Aerospace and Telecom.​ ​

We have more than 8 years of experience in running data-centric IS, with cumulative ROI in excess of €250 million per year.​ ​

In order to activate these ROI, we also rely on two French start-ups. One specialises in data-centric open-source technologies, and the other in Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Our core skills in analytical and storage engines enable us to choose the right solution for your business. Our Inetum innovation teams have furthermore developed assets on non-alphanumeric AI bricks.​ ​

We carry out the projects with highly concentrated but expert teams in order to get your systems up and running in less than 6 months (including infrastructure).​

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Expert teams dedicated to the use of your data​

We build solutions tailored to your use cases to accelerate your ROI.

  • The assurance of having a data-centric solution built by the same dedicated team – from the choice of solutions and hardware sizing, to the maintenance of these solutions once they're up and running – with an intelligent view to your internal constraints.​
  • Utilise data by focusing solely on value-added and accessible use cases.​
  • Cost-saving advice right from the design phase and throughout the lifespan of your data systems (financial gains of up to several hundred thousand euros).​
  • An inclusive principle based on the use of data with Agile approaches (from SAFE 5.0) enabling all stakeholders to play a responsible role during the project implementation phases.
  • The capacity to define your architectures (on-premise , Cloud, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud) in line with your use cases.​
  • Accelerators with start-up partners for AI implementation or automation of Hadoop installations and advanced open-source technologies.​
  • Sharing feedback between our clients. ​
  • Pragmatic teams with an informative approach to get all stakeholders on board.​
  • To face the shortage of resources, Inetum has developed a unique method to help identify profiles that are the most native to data professions with the help of international experts in neurosciences. This method is available for our clients!​ ​

Benchmark partners to bring you effective solutions​

We build an ecosystem for the use of your data.​

In a world driven by the potential of scalable, emerging and ever-changing technologies, benchmarks are changing, even for IT services providers.​ ​

Our approach has been to adopt a two-headed partnership philosophy. On the one hand, to perpetually scan the most innovative, long-lasting software developers and provide answers to issues not yet satisfactorily addressed by the rest of the solutions on the market. On the other hand, to rely on the highly specialized support of certain start-ups in order to offer either security when adopting a new technology, as was the case with the different versions of Hadoop (Adaltas), or speed in obtaining results. This is particularly the case with AI, for which we offer a solution that clearly limits the need for data scientists and delivers the same level of results that a whole team would have achieved, in just a few days of work (Nehoov).​ ​

We also have a pure-player IT services provider as data partner that is very well established in France, with whom we operate advanced BI and Big Data platforms, and whose complementarity is native (KPC Consulting). This alliance allows us to share specialties and workloads, particularly in the regions, to address fairly large volumes of activity on programmes with important stakes, as is the case at Airbus Helicopter and CMA-CGM.​

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Example of references

Support study: taking their Datalake to the cloud​

  • > 7 Po of data​ Legacy audit​
  • Cloud-services roadmap​
  • RFI on cloud providers​
  • Strategic Cloud support​

Industrialisation of their Datalake:​

  • Legacy audit​
  • Start of initialisation​
  • Upscaling Run & SLAs​
  • Ongoing improvement​

Instantiation of their Big Data programme​

  • Agile transformation
  • Co-building​
  • 3 business uses​
  • Industrialisation​
  • Expertise on their platform​

Overhaul of anti-fraud analysis engine:​

  • Agile transformation ​
  • Co-building​
  • Big Data & AI​
  • Project ran over 5 years​
  • Confidential Defence data​

Customer experience platform:​

  • Multitenant (15 operators)​
  • Rollout within 6 months​
  • Business services​
  • Migration without service interruption (24/7)​
  • 40% less calls received​

MCO decision-making IS, Very Large :​

  • 16,000 man days ​
  • IS under high constraints

Breakdown-prevention platform:​

  • Full Cloud Microsoft​
  • 4,500 Users​
  • € 200 million saved

They trust us​

Ministries and manufacturers have been relying on us for years for every phase, from scoping through to operational continuity. ​

Ministries and operators of vital importance:​

  • Ministry: scoping, design, co-construction and operational continuity of Big Data and AI for the fight against fraud and financing of terrorism for more than 5 years already​
  • Institution: scoping, design and co-construction of Big Data solutions for BRGM and Data platforms for ACOSS (over 30 FTE in PIC)​ ​

Private sector: ​

  • Manufacturer: scoping, design and co-construction of Data platforms for PSA, CMA-CGM, Airbus, RR, Amadeus, Total Direct Energy (de 10 à 20 ETP)​
  • Assureurs : co-construction de plateformes Data pour la MAIF, MACIF, SIACI, COVEA (de 5 à 30 ETP)​
  • Banques : co-construction de plateformes Data pour BNPP, SG, BPCE, CA (de 5 à 30 ETP)​
  • Telecoms : co-construction de plateformes Data pour Bouygues Telecom, Nokia, Meditel, Bouygues Telecom, Orange (jusqu’à 80 ETP)​ ​

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