Digital Strategy

A digital strategy to serve your global vision​

Leverage digital technology to develop your strategy and gain a competitive advantage in your market.​

Inetum Consulting offers you personalized approaches and methodologies to help you define your strategic vision, identify all the levers to be activated (human, technological, legal, operational, financial, etc.) and frame the trajectory and timing of your projects in order to succeed in your digital transformation.​


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A new digital era

Digital technology is increasingly disrupting companies, regardless of their field of business, by penetrating more and more deeply into work tools and operating methods to give more autonomy to operational staff, promote a horizontal approach by breaking down silos in organisations, and speed up decision-making.

It is changing business models by reducing supply chains, automating tasks with low added value, improving knowledge of end customers, and enabling products and services to be adapted to demand in real time. ​ ​


For some time now, the digitalization of operations has ceased to be a differentiating factor and a competitive advantage.

In fact, it has gradually become a necessity for the survival of companies that operate in a globalized and completely digital ecosystem.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that the companies that resisted best were those that had resolutely taken the digital turn; and conversely, those that had accumulated a certain digital backwardness remained at a standstill for long months, weighing heavily on their ability to recover.​ ​

Personalized support for your projects

Inetum Consulting offers you personalized support to define and develop your digital strategy into operational plans and implementation.​

Personalized approaches
360° of the company for all functions • Transformation paths tailored to our clients thanks to our sectorial approach • Construction of disruptive solutions through our innovation offers
Expertise for all types of businesses
Differentiated approaches for large corporate accounts, mid-caps or SMEs • Proven expertise in different sectors with dedicated teams in Financial Services, Public Sector, Industry, Aerospace & Defence, Energy & Utilities, Transport, Telecoms and Retail
Innovative methods
Innovative digital methods • Operational support over time to ensure sustainable transformation • Benchmark solutions to meet our clients’ challenges • Strategic partnerships with start-ups and industry leaders

A global and specialized intervention capacity

  • Tailor-made support adapted to the client's context, sector of activity, size and development strategy
  • Operational plans with a focus on short-term benefits (Quick Wins) 
  • Animation methods allowing the development of collective intelligence, and the sharing of information between companies in order to benefit from experience
  • Flash diagnostic tools (digital maturity, logistics performance based on the ASLOG reference system, etc.) to quickly define the scope of the intended transformation
  • Direct and transparent interventions, a culture of confidentiality, and a trusted partner

A range of services tailored to your strategic issues

Inetum Consulting offers you four "Digital Strategy" service packages​.

Inventory, Benchmarking & Visioning​

  • Diagnosis, situation analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Operational target definition
  • Scoping study
  • Identification & analysis of innovative solutions
  • Use Cases Study of innovative solutions & PoC
  • Technological awakening

Master Plan​ & Roadmaps​

  • Formalisation of strategic issues
  • Legacy analysis & Visioning
  • Identification & prioritization of a project portfolio
  • Defining the budgetary ambition
  • Construction of a roadmap for transformation integrating the human aspect

Strategic steering of your transformation​

  • Define a transformation plan aligned with your challenges and strategy
  • Align your transformation trajectory with your project contingencies
  • Steer and monitor your implementation
  • Facilitate governance & stakeholders 

Strategic Change​

  • Transformation plan implementation
  • Change leadership (digital communication, training, support)
  • Individual & group coaching

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