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Modernize your flow management and switch to logistics 4.0

Powerful solutions to help you achieve excellence

In a highly competitive and changeable environment that is developing all the time, Freight Transport and Logistics companies must take advantage of new technologies in order to keep providing excellent services while optimising resources and costs.

The main challenges of Freight Transport and Logistics companies


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Ever more robust customer objectives
Quality, cost, time and safety constraints
A fluctuating and uncertain environment
New economic and environmental challenges Scalable business models
A need for responsiveness in logistics plans
Flexible Supply-Chain solutions
An acceleration of technological developments
The integration of Industry 4.0 technological innovations (Blockchain, IoT, AI, etc.)

A holistic approach to the Freight Transport and Logistics sector

We support you at each stage of your value chain with a set of comprehensive and relevant solutions for:

We develop a strong corporate culture based on transformation engineering by making changes to organisational models, processes and tools. Our consulting services combine the experience in the sector with the vision of the future coming from our innovation ecosystem, supported by the Inetum FabLab network.

Complete customer experience offering to stand out from the competition, retaining customers and closing new sales. Fit the demand for logistics, go to market fast, and get the sales force on board. Offer prospective customers clear and simple information, Offer readable and transparent quotes, and master the Order-to-cash process.Facilitate clients' access to information, personalized offers, subscriptions to services. Be in tune with the clients' technological innovations. Offer high-quality monitoring of services: before, during, and after the sale.

Speed up the transformation of your supply chain by integrating digital and collaborative solutions to guarantee the quality of your data and share them, as well as control and optimize processes with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction. We keep innovating to meet your changing needs and expectations in four areas:

  • Carrier appointment scheduling and dock management solution (YMS)
  • Supply-chain management and stock optimization (APS)
  • Warehouse management (WMS)
  • Transport and delivery management (TMS Transporter)

Accelerate your business from purchasing to production, including inventory management, sales, customer service and finance. Provide visibility of costs and performance. Adapt to the position, preferences and workflow of your business users. Offer configuration options and flexible applications to fulfil the specific needs of Transport and Logistics companies. Deploy solutions in the Cloud or in a data centre to ensure full control of your IT strategy.

Improve the efficiency and digitalization of your IT system (Go to Cloud, Go to Agile, Automation, Outsourcing, Application Portfolio Management (AMS+), Data Performance/Predictive Maintenance, Cybersecurity).


Make use of our expertise to integrate your logistics processes

A multidisciplinary team focused on your transformation goals

Our Presence and Closeness to Customers

Support from specialist consultants an average of more than 15 years of business experience, helping global and international companies (logistics departments of multinationals) and upper mid-cap companies/national agents/regional agents (such as Freight/road haulage companies) in their transformation.

Consulting in Freight Transport and Logistics

Adaptable, responsive intervention methods that are pragmatic and result-oriented

  • Proven ability to integrate processes, methodologies, technologies and organisational models

  • Consultants with experience in crisis management

We help you achieve your transformation goals

RESPONSIVENESS Control deadlines for all your operational and support processes in order to satisfy the customer

Adapt the organization to fluctuating demand and at a lower cost

EFFICIENCY Ensure the best quality of service to the customer at optimal cost


Guarantee the reliability of logistics data


Customer Experience solutions tailored to transport and logistics

  • Boost the efficiency of all your sales resources (Sales representatives, Heads of agencies, Sales administration staff, etc.)

  • Enable quick and efficient responses to all price requests from clients

  • Contribute to customer satisfaction by providing communications solutions that are tailored to different situations

  • Accelerate and control the launch of new offers

Accelerate the transformation of your operations and optimize your logistics offer

  • Innovative solutions, tailored to your expectations and to market developments:

    • Facilitate communications between the different agents (Carrier, Logistics Coordinator, Loader)

    • BI and performance monitoring

    • Support from our FabLabs to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies

  • R&D teams to continue investing and developing our products

Finance and Human Resource solutions for freight transport and logistics

  • Facilitate the integration of the company's IS systems with those of its business partners (suppliers, customers), thereby securing the exchange of information and capital

  • Reduce the time required to complete administrative processes by automating repetitive tasks and standardising processes

  • Allow users to be more autonomous in the management of their HR matters (leave, working hours, etc.) and those of their teams

A high-quality service

  • Outsourcing (Run/maintenance), Industrialization and automation of IT operations with service models close to customers and local circumstances (streetshore)

  • IT solutions (Move-to-Cloud, Go-To-Agile) tailored to logistics/freight agents that have to deal with fluctuations and changes in activity

Data performance

Efficient and secure data management that gives freight and logistics agents a competitive advantage: predictive maintenance, operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction

A wide range of services

Our solutions to make you agile


We provide this services based on five components

  • Diagnostic assessment and improvement of Supply-Chain performance (Audit, Transformation Steering/Implementation of the Transformation Strategy)

  • Procurement transformation (Diagnostic assessment, Performance improvement, Transformation, Digitalisation, Extended  Company, Innovation)

  • Management of crisis situations (Management of risky transitions, Recovery of operations)

  • Logistics 4.0 – New Technologies (Idea generation – Proof Of Concept – Industrialisation)

  • Circular Economy (Waste management, Reverse Logistics Recycling and Remanufacturing, Extended Producer Responsibility)


Customer Experience

  • Consultancy

    • Benchmark the products and services in the freight transport and logistics market

    • Identify new innovative services

    • Conduct opportunity studies

    • Help in selecting tools tailored to your objectives and to the freight transport and logistics sector (CRM, collaborative platforms, website, CPQ)

  • Setting up tools to serve your teams and your customers

    • Facilitate the activities of sales forces and marketing with a CRM tool (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integration)

    • Save time in managing quotes with a CPQ tool (Configure, Price, Quote)

    • Improve the customer interface through the creation of digital platforms and a website

Digitize your operations

  • Our supply-chain software is composed of three business solutions for industrial, wholesale and logistics service providers.

    • Planipe, our stock and supply optimisation software, can reduce stock levels by up to 30%.

    • Warehouse management. Flexible warehouse management solution, covering all logistics processes in real time, from receipt to shipment.

    • OptiDock, collaborative software for booking appointments with carriers, so that you can optimise the occupancy of your logistics docks.

  • Inetum also has expertise in the integration of ERP solutions to support our customers throughout the implementation process, from the audit phase (Build) to its operational use.

    • SAP EWM is part of the supply chain management solution suite from SAP AG. The Extended Warehouse Management product is an integrated software platform that provides flexible and automated support for the processing of stock movements and stock management in the warehouse.

    • Transportation Management Suite for Sage X3 is composed of two complementary modules developed in Sage X3: Fleet Management and Route Optimisation. These add-ons are integrated with two mobile applications running on Android and Windows mobile: Proof of Delivery and Van Sales.

Transport Logistics Business management

  • Consultancy

    • Benchmarking of products and services in the transport and logistics market

    • Identifying new innovative services

    • Completion of opportunity studies (Organisations, PoC, etc.)

    • Help in selecting tools suited to your objectives and to the transport and logistics sector (RPA, HRIS, chatbot, digital workplace, GTA)

    • Managing deployment projects for solutions integrated into your IS

  • Setting up tools to serve your teams and your customers

    • Facilitating HRD and Finance team activities with specific tools (ERP integration, Horoquartz, Chronotime, etc.)

    • Saving time in the processing of repetitive tasks (RPA, Blue Prism, UI Path)

    • Improving the employee experience through the creation of digital platforms and exchange mechanisms

  • Digital Human Resources

    • Human capital management is one of the key factors in the performance of an organisation. Attracting and retaining talent, digitalising and managing HR areas are the main challenges in human resources management. Technological developments (SaaS solution, digitalisation, social networks, intranet portal, etc.) offer human resources departments innovative solutions providing more flexibility and greater responsiveness in supporting the transformation of organisations.

  • ERP Cloud

    • As part of a complete overhaul of their information system, or more rarely today as a first-time buyer, mid-cap companies are increasingly choosing an integrated solution (ERP) to avoid the redundancy of information, the multiplication of interfaces or the use of heterogeneous solutions, to meet their needs in the areas of Logistics, Accounting-Finance, Human Resources and CRM-Sales.

IT Excellence offer

  • Cybersecurity

  • Smart Automation

  • Go-to-Agile

  • Go-to-Cloud

  • Native Cloud & Smart Development

  • Outsourcing

  • AMS+

A broad software ecosystem 

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