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An agile, modular turnkey solution

A turnkey solution that is easy to configure and integrate 

Highly configurable and modular, Cleva Insurance Software is an innovative software solution for the distribution and lifecycle management of property and casualty, health and life insurance policies.

As an insurance software, Cleva provides you with agile support to meet key challenges such as time-to-market, digital transformation, performance and regulatory compliance. Cleva provides a complete modular solution that offers broad functional coverage and technological configurability that guarantees a standardised, scalable infrastructure in line with current application architectures.

Optimise your time-to-market
Fast time-to-market for life and non-life insurance products thanks to Cleva's flexible configuration.
Modular turnkey solution
Boost your innovations in a unique and scalable system.
Open and interoperable ecosystem
An open architecture that offers broad interoperability with your third-party systems.
Transformation accelerator
In addition to being a business application platform, Cleva is also an accelerator and facilitator of transformation projects.

Cleva solutions overview

Speed up your innovations

Cleva Insurance Software accelerates your functional and technological innovations.

Cleva's flexible settings allow you to market your Life and Non-life insurance products fast. Its high level of configurability gives your business teams the necessary autonomy to design products without the need for IT development to increase agility and productivity, so you can accelerate the launch of new products.

Thanks to its open architecture, Cleva enables broad interoperability with third-party systems and other peripheral applications. The solution also offers an extensive catalogue of documented APIs to address the issues of your information ecosystems.

To reconcile the growing complexity of information systems with the need for optimal operation, Cleva offers a set of modules that enables insurers to manage their innovations in a single system that is both functionally and technologically scalable.

Besides being a business application platform, Cleva is also an accelerator and facilitator of transformation projects. Associated tools ensure the reliability and security of certain tasks in a rollout and integration project – data migration, transfer, duplication, detection of anomalies, etc.

Leading market players rely on us

Over a hundred insurers, bancassurers, major brokers, mutual insurance companies, wholesalers and agents have placed their trust in Inetum as part of their IT transformation and management process automation.

- Isaac da Cunha, Crédit Agricole

“Cleva is very important to our organisation as it is the heart of our business for our activities both in Spain and Portugal. It is a strategic partner for us."

- Mário Félix, Santander Insurance Tech

"More than a supplier, it is a partner. It’s our insurers' main partner and our main bank integration module."

- Natacha Seguro, Aegon Santander Portugal

“It is our most important partner. It is our system, all our information, all our policy management with clients and we think it will also be our future.”

-Cristina Arbués, Fidelidade

“Cleva is a strategic partner for Fidelidade, we have implemented Cleva products in several of our international operations and in Portugal.”

Partner of leading insurance companies

An architecture that’s open to third-party systems

Proven high-performance insurance software with innovative state-of-the-art components

Cleva Insurance Software is a full-web, full-Java, full-responsive software solution with an open architecture for broad interoperability with third-party systems, peripheral applications, operating systems, and databases.

Cleva integrates easily into any information ecosystem thanks to its extensive catalogue of documented APIs to address the issues of your information ecosystem.


Integrates easily into our systems

Cleva Insurance Software, Inetum's insurance software publisher, can easily be integrated into the Group's various third-party systems.

Cleva Insurance Software and related applications of the Inetum Group

Its open, interoperable ecosystem makes Cleva Insurance Software easy to integrate with the various third-party systems and peripheral applications of the Inetum Group in terms of document management, data visualisation and CRM.

Enables companies and public institutions to adapt to new needs of internal and external players to optimise their document management and improve communication.
Data Visualisation – customised reports, configured according to the specific needs of the users.
Gives you a 360° view of each customer.

Making a difference in the transformation of insurers

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