Since 2006, the Inetum Group has been making its teams aware of environmental issues and the impact of its business on the world around it. We make a point of identifying good environmental, social and ethical practices, and highlighting certain concrete actions to share with our employees and economic partners.

In a world where technological developments keep speeding up and where our clients’ needs evolve at the same pace as innovation cycles, we must constantly demonstrate our ability to adapt our skills to meet the needs of our clients. To face the shortage of talents in a tense job market, the Inetum Group is developing an innovative HR policy – to reinforce the attractiveness of the Group, and to retain and train our employees.

We see diversity as a performance lever. This is why we have a proactive policy in favour of professional equality and access to employment, whether through gender equality, the inclusion of people with disabilities, the promotion of cultural diversity and sharing between generations or, more broadly, our commitment to civil society.

Aware of the environmental and climatic challenges that condition the future of humanity, the Inetum Group is determined to be a responsible player by limiting the impact of its activities on the planet. This responsibility is reflected in a series of initiatives aimed primarily at reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing the use of resources and promoting waste recycling.

Let's deploy our great collective energy!

Let's apply these eco-gestures together.


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