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Tunisia - Career

Inetum in Tunisia

For us, "Your business, our passion" is more than a slogan - it reflects our approach to every engagement with our customers.

In Tunisia, we provide high value-added solutions that meet the requirements of our customers :

  • In the public sector we propose innovative technologies for cities by developing for example solutions in the field of cyberadministration.
  • We provide application services and IT consulting to businesses across a wide range of industries.


Key figures

Inetum, your partner in digitisation

As a multidisciplinary IT services company with more than ten years’ experience in consulting and computer engineering, Inetum supports its clients in Tunisia in their digitisation process through the development of innovative, high-performance solutions. ​






Business sectors

Our offices

Inetum in Tunisia

Industrialised services offered in a model of proximity.


From Consulting to Data Science, our offers covers a wide range of activities to pursue your strategy on an ongoing basis.​

Inetum Consulting

We build change together with our clients.

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Transformation & Disruption

Innovation and industry-relevant knowledge to achieve exceptional business value from disruptive tech-driven transformation.​

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Industry 4.0

Keep on improving industrial performance and facilitate new business models

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Inetum Solutions

Boost your market position and performance with digital and SaaS business solutions.

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Inetum is actively committed to CSR.

Inetum contributes to promoting the culture of CSR in the IT sector by pursuing sustainable development goals in everything it does.

Inetum in Tunisia has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact in the fields of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption for several years already. ​

​Various partnerships have been signed.


To help fight desertification in collaboration with the association Acacias For All, Inetum has undertaken to plant a tree for each person it recruits. ​

In collaboration with the association Amel Touness, Inetum has set up a generalised process of selective sorting and collection of plastic caps. These collections enable wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility to be recovered and waste to be reduced in order to preserve the environment. ​

Actions are reguraly undertaken at Inetum to raise awareness of blood donation, first aid and breast-cancer screening. ​

Partnership with the association Acacias For All to support women artisans and encourage fair trade.

In collaboration with the association Help me Learn, actions to fit out computer rooms have been carried out in schools located in rural areas of Tunisia. ​

Inetum participates in the JRCC Challenge to support young people with disabilities in collaboration with the GAIA association, which offers them training adapted to their differences to enable them to be independent, build a future, have a job, and live in dignity.​

In partnership with higher education universities in Tunisia, Inetum has participated in a project to recruit students with a bachelor's degree in computer science for two consecutive years, enabling them to continue their engineering studies while getting practical experience in a company. The company covers all their tuition fees and enables them to have a stable and remunerated job. ​

Inetum in Tunisia is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for men and women at the time of recruitment, promotions and assignments. Our only motto is performance. Today we have more than 43% women in our workforce.​

Our integration process

Ensuring elevation, meeting everyone's challenge and moving up the ladder is everybody’s concern at Inetum.

Ensuring the success of your integration is our first mission upon your arrival. The first week is devoted to discovering your new environment. 

Guaranteeing elevation, meeting everyone's challenge and climbing the ladder is everyone’s business at Inetum.​

​An HRBP is assigned to each new recruit as their single point of contact to ensure easy integration.​

​Because feeling good in the work environment is essential, a tour of the premises is organised before the day the new recruit starts, with a presentation of the key people in the company. Training on the various tools, quality policy and HR policy is planned during the first week. ​

​Because the well-being of our resources counts above all, the employee is welcomed by their HRBP with a personalised integration kit.  ​

​Because taking care of our new recruits is important to us, a welcome email is sent with the necessary information – an invitation to join the internal company social network, plus the integration guide with all the details and important information. ​

​Because our goal is continuous improvement, we give our new recruits the opportunity to express themselves on the subjects that concern them and give constructive feedback. ​

Boost your career by being internationally mobile.

Inetum supports its employees in their mobility process to achieve their career goals.

Inetum offers its employees opportunities for international mobility.​

​Would you like to gain international experience and enrich your career path?

Several opportunities are open to employees.​

​Applications are studied in order to meet the operational requirements and development prospects of the Group.

As part of our quality process

our consultants are regularly monitored and supported in order to take stock of current projects.​

The resource manager is available to actively listen to our consultants and anticipate their needs and expectations, and handle requests in a responsive, agile manner. This person will ensure that consultants are monitored during their assignments in order to build and maintain a stable relationship of trust through continuous and regular exchange.​

​This ongoing relationship creates of a feeling of belonging to Inetum.​

Training plan

A personalised training plan allows each person to grow and achieve their career goals. 

Inetum Tunisia provides its employees with a rich and varied training and certification plan that includes technical training, training in tools and methods, and training in soft skills (languages, team management, stress management, etc.).​


Inetum Tunisia encourages its employees to obtain certifications and thus deploys all the necessary means to enable them to develop in order to achieve their career goals. ​

​The company is committed to valuing the efforts made by its employees both in soft skills and technical skills through the evaluation of performance and potential in order to decide on possible career developments for each employee.​

​In addition to these training courses, the Group provides its subsidiaries and employees with an e-learning platform dedicated to training.​


Find a new direction by retraining. 

Internal retraining:​

​Employees who wish to do so can develop their career to find a new direction. ​

Inetum gives them the possibility and the chance to develop according to the available career paths by ensuring that everyone gets the necessary competence and support through training and certification.  ​

External retraining:​

​In partnership with NGOs, Inetum helps to reduce inequalities through the retraining of people who are looking for work, and who want to follow specific retraining to improve their chances of finding a job. Programmes and training in the field of IT have been deployed for recruitment tailored to meet a specific need of the company.​

Relationships with schools and traineeships

Inetum reaches out to students and recent graduates through various actions with schools. Our trainees are our future employees. 


Inetum often receives students for training as part of their IEP placements, summer internships, or observation periods for high school and college students. ​

​Each year Inetum shares its catalogue of IEP internship topics on social networks and with partner schools and universities in order to facilitate the application process for students. Selection is based on the suitability of the profile for the proposed topic. ​

Work-study programmes:

In partnership with some higher education universities in Tunisia, Inetum organises competitive work-study exams to recruit students with a bachelor's degree in computer science and to allow them to continue their engineering studies. This is an opportunity for students to continue their studies while benefiting from a stable and remunerated job. ​

Recent graduates:

Inetum believes in the skills of young graduates and gives them the chance to join its teams to develop their career within a multinational company by providing them with the necessary support. ​


School relations:

Inetum reaches out to students and new graduates through various partnerships with universities and renowned schools specialised in IT. ​

​Company visits are regularly organised to introduce students to the professional environment, give them the opportunity to explore the different fields through on-site observation of their future profession, and understand the different company processes. ​

​Inetum participates in events organised by the schools in order to present its activities and the opportunities it can offer to students who wish to apply for internships or jobs. ​

​To apply for an internship, send your application to:

Our benefits

Inetum Tunisia is committed to motivating and retaining its employees with fairness and transparency.

​Inetum Tunisia promotes fulfilment, personal and professional development and well-being at work through different types of benefits.

Several partnerships and conventions are signed regularly, allowing us to benefit from various discounts, facilities, memberships in Fitness Clubs, Travel Agencies, Health, Beauty, etc.​

​Inetum Tunisia's remuneration policy is focused on high value-added benefits to motivate and retain our talented people. In addition to salary, bonuses based on objectives are set according to the positions occupied. Other bonuses such as Aid, back-to-school allowances, etc. are offered. All employees also receive lunch vouchers.

Inetum employees further benefit from Group insurance (health, professional) that allows them to work with peace of mind.

​Working from home – Since the COVID-19 crisis, working from home has gradually taken its place in our collaborative practices while respecting the internal rules and protocols in place.

Happy Inetum

A friendly atmosphere ensures well-being at work.

Inetum organises several internal events throughout the year to celebrate national and international holidays in a relaxed family atmosphere. ​

​To build cohesion and team spirit, all employees are invited to participate in a kick off. This annual event is an opportunity to share strategy, strengthen links between teams, and improve the spirit of belonging to the company. It is an opportunity to get to know the different teams outside the usual work environment. ​

​The communication department regularly organises competitions on the company's social network. This tool allows employees to share thoughts and moments of conviviality.​

​What is most important is the safety of our employees. During the COVID-19 crisis, a BCP was quickly set up to guarantee work continuity in the best conditions and preserve everyone’s health. ​

​In our relaxation area, a library is available to our employees and games are organised to entertain us during breaks and ensure better well-being at work. ​

​Sports activities are organised according to the occasion to keep us in shape and help us relax, such as yoga sessions or private sports coaches who accompany us on site or online.​

Our recruitment process

Recruiting the best is our mission.

For optimised recruitment, Inetum Tunisia has set up a well-established process to recruit the best talents. 

This process is carried out in various stages:

1. Sourcing
Our recruitment teams are mobilised to find the best profiles through our internal and external communication networks (LinkedIn, Co-optation, job board...) and our mailbox where we receive spontaneous applications. ​
2. The sélection
The selection is made on the basis of the unsolicited applications sent by candidates, as well as profiles chosen through sourcing. Through various interviews, technical tests, etc., our teams sort the applications.​
3. Hiring
Once applications have been selected, offers are sent out and recruitment takes place. ​
4. Integration
To ensure the well-being of our new recruits, an integration process is followed by our HRBP. The employee benefits from regular monitoring with a view to continuous improvement. ​

Do you want to be part of the Inetum adventure? 

For any unsolicited application, please send your CV to:

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