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Key figures

Inetum-Realdolmen, a member of the Inetum Group with approximately 2,000 highly qualified employees, provides strategic, tactical and operational ICT solutions for over 1,000 customers throughout the Benelux. ​


Inetum certified Top Employer Europe 2024

Our 28,000 digital athletes are proud to be certified Top Employer 2024

The Top Employer Europe certification rewards the initiatives that Inetum has been deploying for several years to provide the best possible work environment for its 28,000 employees through our innovative HR practices in order to allow each individual to shape their career path within the Group by living their Inetum Way.

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Offices in Belgium​

Our offices

With our four offices in Belgium, we are excellently located to provide the best services across the country.​


“In exponential times, we believe the magic happens when we cross borders between customers, employees and technology. In these times, you do not have to choose between apparent paradoxes anymore. It is all about learning to adopt a both-and-more attitude. ​ Inetum-Realdolmen wants to actively contribute to this movement. As the trusted technology partner for organizations worldwide, we therefore make technology work for both customers and employees, for both the short term and the long term.“​

We help our customers answer and manage all their ICT questions, from strategic and tactical ICT to operational ICT.​ ​

  • We respond to strategic requests by advising our customers on how ICT can be used to support their business plans or even to explore and implement new business models. We also work together to analyze how future technological developments may actually make a difference.​ ​
  • Tactical requests revolve around improving business processes and implementing new and existing ICT solutions along with how they can integrate ICT trends into their organization over the short term.​ ​
  • Operational issues involve specific products and services in the field of applications and infrastructure that can facilitate customers' day-to-day work.​ ​

Our starting point is always the "why" behind the question of our customers. We then work together to determine how IT can best provide a solution. By having all our IT experts under one roof, we can tackle all these questions in an integrated way. Integrated in terms of technology, solutions and people. We get our customers into an Inetum Way. From unburdening, to innovation and back again.​ ​

Our employees at the heart of our strategy​

As a company, we are committed to putting our employees right at the heart of our strategy. Our Employee Centricity policy helps us do this. It also answers the question: “What is in it for me to work with Inetum-Realdolmen, a Inetum Group company?”.​

One dynamic company where everyone can grow​

We are IT experts who make Information Technology work for the business of our customers and make IT more human again. In every collaboration, we help realize the potential of people and organizations. By people we mean customers AND employees, as engaged employees deliver a unique and positive customer experience. In the end we aim for one dynamic company where everyone can grow.​

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6 building blocks symbolizing our internal strength​

Our 6 building blocks rest on a base of trust. After all, without trust there's no co-operation, no team, no synergy, no results, no long term value... no company. For us, trust is the foundation of our company from which everything else flows. The 6 anchor points supporting our Employee Centricity Infographic represent our 5 corporate values, completed with a heart for our international dimension, being part of the Inetum Group. Every building block has its own name and contains various items that we continue to refine together, because change is the only constant.​

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Collaboration based on trust and shared values, with respect for everyone’s individuality ​

In our unique, dynamic company, people collaborate based on trust and shared values (ambition, team spirit, commitment, innovation, social responsibility, completed with a heart for our international dimension, being part of the Inetum Group). At the same time, it is also essential for us to respect everyone’s individuality and to keep the focus on people’s personal strengths. That’s why each employee of Inetum-Realdolmen, a Inetum Group company, has his/her own " Inetum-Realdolmen totem" next to the corporate logo and visual ID.​

Corporate Social Responsibility​

Having and acting with an environmental and ethical conscious is not a luxury, but a necessity. Inetum-Realdolmen is no exception and contributes to this issue, both in how it acts and with the products and services it offers.​

The need for sustainable IT & ethical responsibility​

Green IT, or sustainable IT as we call it, is often seen as the driver and support for many sustainable business programs. Just already from that point of view Inetum-Realdolmen is proud to be a reference company in the field of IT, helping companies becoming more sustainable by delivering tools and solutions which allow them to improve their ecological footprint.​

Just think about datacenters needing less power by using virtualization, or logistics companies reducing the amount of kilometers travelled by optimizing delivery schemes, or even manufacturing companies needing less raw materials by creating more efficient production processes through state-of-the-art Business Analytics.​

Not only do software solutions deliver opportunities for increasing sustainability, but the infrastructure itself also plays an important part. All of us generally have computer screens that use less power than the older CRT monitors, our datacenters use blade servers instead of traditional server racks, and offices are equipped with multi-function devices which are a lot more power efficient than having several separate devices to achieve the same functionality.​

Due to these same technological advances that make it possible to always further optimize and increase efficiency, that same equipment unfortunately also becomes obsolete ever faster, up to the point that when equipment is retired it very often is still perfectly usable for general IT purposes.​ So sustainability also means dealing with this in a clever way.​

So sustainability also means dealing with this in a clever way.​

Strategic partner of Close the Gap​

Close the Gap collects, at no cost, used ICT equipment from donors and then refurbish them to support international learning & development projects, in order to give a chance to acquire computer skills to people who would normally not have this opportunity.​

As a strategic partner of Close the Gap Inetum-Realdolmen is a vocal and active advocate for the organization. This not only means spreading awareness, and donating its retired equipment, it also means providing training & support to international Close the Gap partner organizations.​

Welcome at Inetum in Belgium

As from the day you signed your contract, we want to offer you a great experience. We want you to feel at home, as part of the Inetum family.​


Before your arrival, an introduction to our organization and your future working environment.  ​

Day one​

The first day always starts with a warm and personal welcome in our head office in Huizingen where new employees meet colleagues and managers. They will get to know each other and learn about who we are en what we stand for. We share some practical information, complete some documents if necessary and handover the IT equipment, company car, …​ ​

Personalized follow-up of your first months at Inetum

You will be contacted several weeks after your arrival to get your feedback on our recruitment and induction process. This is essential to help us improve the induction experience !

Internal mobility​

We offer mobility in all directions: towards other clients, other functions/roles or other domains, both nationally and internationally.​

Inetum is a knowledge company where you make the difference. Working together, sharing knowledge and developing competencies is vital. This goes hand in hand with creating opportunities for growth: to a higher level, moving horizontally to other units or competence areas as well as advancing to a management position. But it can also mean a transition to a lower level. The opportunities you get to grow, acquire knowledge, share insights and know-how will undoubtedly fuel your passion and motivation. Moreover, our internal mobility policy ensures that we always have the 'right employee in the right place'.

Employees are in the driver’s seat​

With us you’re in the driver’s seat of your career. You will of course receive support, but you largely map out your own trajectory. The opportunities are there. Together we’ll map out your personal development process. ​

Our greatest asset as an employer is that our employees are in the driver's seat of their career. They determine for themselves where they want to be in two, five, ten years and we map out a development process together. Our employees follow a personal process with training, milestones and coaching. They are the architect themselves, we facilitate and support them in their personal career plan.​

As an employee, it is clear that you have expectations towards your employer such as efficient follow-up and focus on your ambitions and future development. We have several processes to monitor your career evolution. With project debriefings, we take the time to look back at your performance and the obtained results together with your direct management and our client. And personal feedback on your project experience is equally important to us.​

Besides these meetings, there are several informal contacts with your Business Unit Manager, Account Manager, Mentor and HR Manager. This allows you to stay in touch throughout the year, and you have always someone you can turn to if you want to discuss specific issues. In order to support these contacts, we organize regular feedback sessions and technical sessions.​

Training & personal development​

We invest a lot in your career planning & development to increase the added value of both parties. Well trained consultants are the best way to ensure excellent results with our customers. In return our consultants benefit from their efforts through a fair compensation.​

In order to support your career development, we use a custom made career management system, which includes role descriptions and competences. Your role might be a combination of different tasks and responsabilities. Most of our employees like to combine different roles. The roles vary from project to project and depend on your personal expectations!​


David Hemmerijckx​

I started out as a trainee, was then hired as a Java developer and I’m now on my way to my next position as lead developer. Ambition is really welcomed here: you can invest in your own career and your manager supports you in that endeavour.​ ​

We can choose from a wide range of training courses/certifications that we can take, so there’s something for everyone. You agree to discuss your career plan with your manager at least once a year. Growth is an important part of our vision and you’re also given the opportunities and space to achieve it. Growing from trainee to manager? It’s been done before!

Susy Meeus​

After a career as a Software Testing Consultant for large ICT companies, it was a real eye-opener to discover how dynamic and efficient things are at Inetum-Realdolmen. As a Senior QA Engineer, I’m responsible for software quality on a wide variety of projects, which has allowed me to rapidly expand my knowledge.​ ​

Not only is Inetum-Realdolmen built on a strong people-focused workplace strategy, the foundation for its “To get there, Together” philosophy, it also offers employees the opportunity to bring their own input to the table through Testing Guilds and SQUAD Nights. A conscious effort has been made to improve the experience of employees. Employees are central, and it makes for an inspiring and stimulating work environment. An environment that contributes both to the organizational strategy and to the job satisfaction and well-being of employees. This is how I would sum up my work at Inetum-Realdolmen : challenging projects, transversal management, a partnership where every voice is heard, great opportunities to grow in your field and beyond and a real work-life balance.​ ​

I’m proud to be an employee of this beautiful organization because its values and mission fully align with mine. What’s more, my colleagues provide a professional environment with a fantastic atmosphere.​

Young Graduates​

The Inetum-Realdolmen acADDemICT Junior Track is a unique program for young graduates. The term acADDemICT refers to young graduates with a strong passion for ICT and who are interested in lifelong learning.​

Are you a Bachelor’s or Master’s student about to graduate?

If so, Inetum-Realdolmen has good news for you! We are looking for young, motivated consultants to join our teams. During a three month qualitative training period, we will help you transition from the academic world to the business world.​ ​

The Inetum-Realdolmen acADDemICT Track is a unique program for young graduates. The term acADDemICT refers to young graduates with a strong passion for ICT who are interested in lifelong learning. Every year, Inetum-Realdolmen invests in students who are full of potential. These students are guided by experienced colleagues, who coach them at the start of their career as a professional ICT Consultant.​

Do you see yourself in a consulting role?​ ​

After your training, you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and get your IT career started! As a consultant, your work will be diverse. You will work together with your colleagues to make a difference for our customers. We do our best to make our employees work as locally as possible.​ ​

Career-growth opportunities?​

We highly value employee centricity. Our career growth opportunities are not empty promises. Interested in evolving as a Team Leader or Architect? Or after a couple of years, maybe you would like to see what it’s like to transition - whether vertical or horizontal – to a Functional Analyst, Test Engineer, Trainer, Agile Coach, or another IT function. We are here to help you make the right choices!​ ​

Our CEO is the perfect example that the opportunities are there. Johnny Smets started at Inetum-Realdolmen in 2004 as what today would be called an acADDemICT. Very soon he became SharePoint Unit manager, and from that position he was promoted to Business Unit Manager for the entire Microsoft Division. He fulfilled this role until 2011 when he was appointed Business Strategy Manager for the Professional Services Applications Divison, where he was responsible for both strategy and sales. Since November 2012 he was Managing Director. In January 2020 he was appointed CEO.

What’s in it for you?​

  • Intensive and relevant training tracks (.NET, JAVA, Infrastructure, BAPM, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 F&O, Digital Workplace) focused on technical skills and soft skills (presentation and communication skills, consultancy skills, interview techniques, project skills and methodology, etc.)​
  • Concrete projects and career growth opportunities within Belgium’s largest IT supplier​
  • Constructive feedback and guidance from experienced colleagues​
  • An attractive salary package which includes gross salary, hospitalization & group insurance​
  • Meal vouchers, net allowances and a high-end laptop​
  • A new Audi A1 company car​
  • A permanent contract

Who are you?

  • You will soon be graduating with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree​
  • You are available on the track’s start date​
  • You have a valid B driver’s license​
  • You are fluent in Dutch or French and you can also speak English​
  • You are eager to learn and are passionate about IT​
  • You are a committed team player, excited to further develop your skills


As a student, nothing beats an internship to get a taste of real work life. Here at Inetum-Realdolmen, every year we offer several internships. Join us as an intern and get individual support and supervision from an experienced professional!​

The reasons to do an internship are plenty. This is your chance to get practical work experience. Use your internship as a “trial run” to explore “market” options and gain practical experience to boost your CV. If you’re not entirely clear on what you want to do with your degree yet, an internship gives you the opportunity to explore different possibilities, or even open up new avenues. Doing an internship can even be a straight line to a job offer!​

What’s in it for you?​

A wide range of advantages​ ​

Inetum-Realdolmen offers you the opportunity to have a meaningful job where you can make a difference. You will have the chance to continously evolve, both as a person and as a professional.​ ​

We want you to find a balance between work and private life by offering flexible hours, satellite offices and location-independent work. You will get 32 days of annual leave, because life isn’t all about working. And besides a competitive salary, we offer you a group and hospitalization insurance.​ ​ ​


Our Flex Income Plan (FIP), adapted to individuals and key moments​ ​

At Realdolmen, people make the difference. We put people in the center by addressing their specific needs at different moments in their life. That’s because everyone is unique. FIPPING allows each employee to partially determine how their wages are allocated. In this way, we make innovative use of resources and further adapt to our people and their key moments. This helps realize a good flow, both privately and professionally. ​ ​

Perhaps one person greatly values environmentally friendly transportation. Another may prioritize their family’s healthcare instead. And a third may be planning for retirement. FIPPING is easy and can be done through an online platform. You can use it flexibly, in alignment with your current needs. This is how we become a ‘great place to work’.

A higher net salary thanks to our IP reward​ ​

Inetum-Realdolmen benefits from a tax ruling issued by the Federal Public Service Finance. This ruling relates to the copyright remuneration of IT employees for the software and ITIP (IP: intellectual property) they create, which is transferred to Inetum-Realdolmen under their employment contract and which Inetum-Realdolmen in turn sells to its clients.​ ​

The ruling therefore applies to our core business. It allows us to pay a certain percentage of salary in IP compensation, which qualifies as movable income subject to a lower tax rate, thus positively impacting net salary. This affords a financial benefit for our employees who create IP software and also partly for colleagues who directly support this work. In very concrete terms, this applies to a large majority of our people, the largest group of whom are colleagues who work externally for our clients.

The right balance between life and work​

Working at Inetum-Realdolmen isn’t all about working. We also want our employees to keep a healthy life balance and to have fun from time to time.

The right balance is important. Working well together can only last if life balance is generally good. A good life balance gives the energy and resilience to improve each other in a sustainable way. To keep a healthy life balance, it is important to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Our company actively encourages the optimization of everyone's well-being at work and the improvement of physical health. Also thanks to a flexible and mobile working environment, each employee can fit work more easily into an often hectic private life.​ ​

And of course we also value the fun part of life that stimulates the proudness of being part of the Inetum-Realdolmen family (#WERFAMILY): we often organize team events, family days, sport events, … To underline this proudness we consistently use #RPROUD: our hashtag to tell existing and new employees what we stand for as an employer. But also the hashtag that conveys our pride. We have plenty of strengths and daily successes to celebrate.

Recruitment process​


CV check​
Professional recruiters will screen your application for the skills needed for the job and see if these match.​
If your profile has the required skills, you’ll be invited to our offices for a first interview.
Next, a department manager will screen your technological and functional competencies.​
Contract offer​
Once all interviewers are convinced that you’re the best candidate for the vacancy, we’ll proceed to the next step: a contract offer with Inetum-Realdolmen.​