Colombia - Career

Formation of the Inetum group

In this section you will find how the group is formed, the areas of action and business in which Inetum is involved.

Inetum arises from the acquisition of the Efron group in 2016 and IECISA English court In 2020.
Inetum does the following activities locally:
Consulting, Value Added reselling, system integration, outsourcing, application and infrastucture services and software, focusing mainly on financial sector, public administration, TELCO and technology and industry.
Inetum Colombia currently has more than 400 employees and 18 trainees who are located in different business areas.  

Location of Inetum

Inetum in Colombia

Inetum has two offices in Colombia, one in Bogota, located at Calle 104 #18-52 in the 104 tower building, floors 2 and 3, and the other in Medellin, located at Carrera 43a #5a-113, south tower, offices 201-301.

Be part of the best team ​

In this section you will find the reasons why you should be part of Inetum Colombia team.

Inetum Colombia has alliances with the main manufactures and suppliers of software and hardware in the market, we have clients as: BBVA, Global Hitss, MinDefensa, Finandina and others. It gives the possibility to participate in high technology projects in the TIC sector. It offers growth and learning possibilities in diffferent tecnological tools and processes. It gives the opportunity to move to another countries to work or receive training.​ ​

In addition, Inetum Colombia has a human resources area in which the well being and health of its employees is taken into account throught different benefits and activities that allow maintaining an excellent working enviroment.​ ​

Inetum Colombia, bet on people growth, that's why our professionals represent the most important asset of the company. ​ ​

Social Responsibility of Inetum Colombia ​

In this section you will find the ethics and social responsibility policy of Inetum Colombia.​

The social responsibility of Inetum Colombia is based on taking advantage of natural resources to protect the environment, the ethics policy is managed, based on fundamental principles.​

Inetum Colombia's ethics policy is based on fundamental principles that serve as a guide for the conduct at work of our employees:​

  • Respect and spirit for others.
  • Integrity​
  • Relationship with customers and providers.
  • Environmental responsibility​
  • Group and third party assets​
  • Procedure for reporting irregularities

At Inetum Colombia, the health and safety of our employees, clients, costumers and all those affected by our business activities, as well as the protections of the enviroment, remain our priority.​ ​

We seek to make efficient use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our activities and our products throughout their life cycle.​ ​

We take care of the environment and natural resources through recycling process.​ ​

We constantly train our employees to increase responsible action regarding the care of the environment.​

Corporate Induction

In this section you will find the process of induction carried out at Inetum Colombia for new employees.​

The corporate induction program allows to warmly welcome the new employees of Inetum Colombia. ​
During the program, the employees will discover our company (clients, business sector, organization, management team), our well being program and our internal policies and benefits in order to strengthen the closeness with the company and generate a sense of belonging. ​
After this session, the employees are integrated with their teams.​ ​

This induction program is carried out on the first day of the employees work. We provide them the necessary tools to carry out their work and create their access card. ​
At the end of the trial period, an evaluation is carried out by the direct manager and, with the human resources support, they identify the process of adaptation and knowledge to the different policies of the company.​

Career Path ​

In this section you will find the career plan defined and develop by Inetum Colombia for their employees.​

Inetum Colombia has designed a programme of career plan where profiles have been defined to include a group of professionals oriented in different activities of the business. Each one of these profiles has it's promotion levels, salary bands and requirements for its application.​ ​

The requirements that are defined to move a level up are: seniority in the company, experience, results of the performance evaluation, fulfillment of the polices and norms of Inetum, sense of belonging.​ ​

Each professional profile has its own soft skills set and its training plan to enheance each of them.​ ​ A form is established to define if the employees applies or not for the position and in case of not doing so, support is provided in the process. ​ ​

Inetum promotes the growth of its employees based on the established model of career plan where promotion and the analist of hight potential.​ ​

Training in Inetum Colombia ​

At Inetum Colombia, current or new employees are trained to strenghthen in technical mastery and soft skills, according to the needs identifed in the project or client and based on the evaluation of the performance or the trial period; monthly soft skills trainning is carried out and opened to the voluntary registration of employees.​ ​

  • Technical skills training: ASO, APX,COBOL, Quality process Methodology, Linux, Nacar, Cells,...​
  • Training in soft skills: Assertive communication, teamwork, autonomy, adaptation to change, leadership, work under pressure and goal setting up,...​ ​

Those trainings help employees to strengthen the skills required for their current position but also help them to access some new opportunities within the organization.​

Graduates and interns​

Discover how internships and opportunities for recent graduates within Inetum Colombia are handled ​

Wherever you are graduated from, many opportunities are offered to recent graduates and apprentices.​

Within Inetum Colombia, Sena apprentices have the opportunity to carry out a productive stage or practice of their technical or technological trainning, through an internship contract for a stipulated period of 6 months. This creates an opportunity for students to learn and start working.​ ​

For recent graduates of the different universities or institutes, Inetum Colombia offers the opportunity to start their working life through training in some specific programming language according to our needs. Within the first two months of the contract, they are in the process of training, which has to be fully completed to continue in the company.​

Model of compensation ​

The compensation policy of Inetum Colombia, is provided according to the salary scale of each job profiles in wich it is established:​ ​ ​

  • The salary of each employee at Inetum Colombia covers all requirements of the law. Additionally, in some cases, a flexibility is handled that allows to have food allowance in some employees´s salary that does not make part of the benefit load. ​
  • In the operating area, overtime is considered for people who exceed the established legal hours​
  • The variable for compliance is given according to the position and level of compliance.​
  • The performance evaluation is carried out to validate a growth and a position within the company​
  • The company has additional compensation, wich allows the employees to have benefits that are designed for the welfare of each one and their family. In addition, agreements are handled with different entities that allow for discounts, savings, education and health.​

Additionnal compensation and well being activities ​

In this part you will find the specification and characteristics of the salary and some welfare activities for the employees of Inetum Colombia .

We provide to all Inetum employees benefits that allows them to enjoy personal and family activities and business agreement​.

Several benefits allows Inetum employees to enjoy personal and family activities. These benefits can be enjoyed after completing and passing the trial period. The benefits are:​ ​

  • Bitrhday, trainer's day, revitalization day, half day with pet, familily day, half day of personal affairs, day of moving to a new house.

To enjoy these benefits it is important to apply at least 15 days in advance, must be agreed with the inmediate boss, you can only take a maximun of 2 benefits per month and is important to send evidence for some benefits.​

In addition, there are agreements with some entities that allow to enjoy health services, recreation, loans and education for Inetum employees, within these entities are: The feg, Fincomercio, Compensar, and insitutes of languages.​ In Inetum Colombia, activities are designed so strengthen the relashionships of the employees and to improve the work climate. ​

Activities focused on integral well-being​
The monthly calendaractivities and communications of each activity is send by corporate email ​
Happiness survey, application survey and motivation survey​
Communication to celebrate special days

Recruitment, selection and hiring process​

The process of recruitment is carried out in 4 steps.​

  • We publish the offer through the different job portals and also manage a referral programm in which our employees share with us the CV's matching with our needs​
  • After reviewing your CV, you will be appointed for pyscho-technical and technical test if required, as well as a competency interview. ​
  • After this, a technical interview is held and according to the chosen profile, a verification of job references is carried out. Then a medical examination is scheduled.​
  • The candidate selected receive his work contract and respective social security affiliations to be part of Inetum team.​ ​