Operational Excellence

Adapting to new market demands

Inetum Consulting activates your operational efficiency and resilience in a challenging environment.​ To be resilient in a continuously complex environment, companies and administrations must evolve or transform their processes and tools. This transformation is key in adapting to market changes and demands.​

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An increasingly competitive market
Rapidly changing markets with new entrants challenging established positions
Increasingly demanding customers
A shift in customer demand towards quality, personalized products, and services at a lower cost
A constant search for productivity
Operation processes designed to deliver efficiency often reduce the agility needed to withstand crises and market changes.

Support your digital transformation over time

We offer bespoke, result-oriented approaches based on best practices.

Supporting transformation ​in the long term​: We help your main operational services to find sources of competitiveness and use them as part of a sustainable transformation process.​

Sector-specific ​best practices​: We provide industry expertise to anchor our approaches in a real context and improve processes in line with best practices in the sector.​

Methodologies ​and accelerators​:

  • We use methodologies that allow us to secure our interventions and provide efficiency and accelerators within the scope of our missions.
  • We offer pragmatic and proven approaches based on our experience with companies and administrations of various sizes (SMEs, mid-caps, large groups, central administrations or local authorities)

Looking for​ Quick Wins ​& tangible results: We seek results through innovative, pragmatic and proven approaches with an emphasis on quick wins.​

A dual focus on business & technology​: We believe that the use of digital innovations is a means of permanently anchoring your transformations.​​

Skills at your service to guarantee the success of your projects

More than 1,200 local consultants collaborating to bring you the best value proposition.

Innovation​ at the centre ​of what we do

  • Inetum Consulting operates in an integrated manner with the Group's innovation centres (FabLabs) and in close contact with the innovation department to feed our thinking on new technologies and offer our clients strategies that integrate these perspectives
  • Thanks to the Group's research centres, we regularly align our resources with innovations and their implementation


Global​ operational capacity​

We operate as close as possible to our clients from more than 50 sites worldwide

A sense of commitment​

  • Inetum Consulting develops a culture of excellence, commitment, and listening to our clients.​
  • We carry out the missions entrusted to us with the utmost confidentiality while maintaining a direct and transparent approach.
  • Our teams are committed to ensuring the security and success of the projects entrusted to us.


A partner​ network​

As part of our transformation projects, we are able to mobilize the best skills internally and from our business and technology partners in order to provide our clients with the best value proposition.

Consulting Services

Inetum consulting provides a wide range of skills and expertise to support your operations.

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