Sectorial Expertise

Sectoral expertise as a leverage to create value​

Inetum Consulting brings expertise dedicated to your transformation and innovation in every sector.​

In a constantly changing world, the challenge for companies and organizations is to adapt to the digital flow that generates new economic, managerial and social opportunities. Companies today are rethinking their business model by adopting new visions of their customer relations and human capital.​ ​

In order to be as close as possible to the issues and problems of each sector, Inetum Consulting has the capacity to understand the business challenges and technological constraints specific to your sector of activity. We deliver sustainable transformations, adapt processes in depth, and make organizations agile.​ ​

We offer innovative, customized approaches and solutions, supported by experienced teams who understand the core business processes and solutions for your sector.

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Sector-based approaches and solutions

Inetum Consulting offers you customized support in defining and translating your strategy into operational plans and implementation.

Personalized approaches
360° of the company for all functions • Transformation paths tailored to our client with our sectorial approach • Construction of disruptive solutions through our innovation offers
Expertise for all types of businesses
Differentiated approaches for large corporate accounts, mid-caps or SMEs • Proven expertise in different sectors with dedicated teams in Financial Services, Public Sector, Industry, Aerospace & Defence, Energy & Utilities, Transport, Telecoms, and Retail
Innovative methods
Innovative digital methods • Operational support over time to ensure sustainable transformation • Benchmarking solutions to meet our clients’ challenges • Strategic partnerships with start-ups and industry leaders

We support your projects no matter how complex

We understand your challenges and build you a tailored solution.

Search for excellence

  • Our teams combine operational, functional and technological expertise to understand our client challenges and develop a result-oriented approach.

  • We have a pro-active training and skills development policy with an customized training path defined by a local management team based on mentoring.


International dimension

  • More than 1,200 consultants operating worldwide and close to our clients

  • Strategic growth in new geographical areas to address our clients needs

A culture of innovation

  • Inetum Consulting operates with the Group’s innovation centres (FabLabs) to challenge new technologies and create business value

  • The Group’s research centres allow our consultants to be regularly trained about new trends and innovative technologies


Trusted third party

  • Inetum Consulting develops a culture of excellence, commitment and attention to our clients.

  • We operate with a high focus on client confidentiality.

Dedicated expertise for a variety of business sectors​

We develop offers and solutions that are as close as possible to our clients' concerns.​

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