Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer  Experience - Catch your customer  attention

Redesign and enhance your Customer and Consumer experience.

Customer expectations and demands are continually evolving. With more information than ever within easy reach, they can choose how, where or when they interact with brands.
This enables companies to answer/adapt to customer demand for curated experiences, seamless interaction and immediate satisfaction. Welcome to the disruptive era of hyper-relevance! Your products and services will be improved and adjusted in real time to match customer needs, requirements and preferences.

But, competition also increases with digitalisation, as do consumers’ choice in products. The ability to gain their loyalty has become a key goal for companies and brands. Three main drivers can be leveraged:

  • Personalisation of experience and relationships,
  • Excellence in operations, especially supply chain,
  • Anticipation and relevant recommendations.

All of these will make your company more Customer/Consumer-centric.

Digital Customer Experience - Customer benefits

Boost your customer's satisfaction and redesign customer's journey using Inetum's know-how in transformation projects and next-gen solutions.

Design a full, coherent, personalised omnichannel customer/consumer interaction journey on all touchpoints.

Personalise each Customer/Consumer’s experience, target their focused interests, suggest specific attractive products and conditions, and offer different services and shopping journeys (Click and collect, product reservation in store…).

Analyse digital performance and identify a winning, profitable sequence of interaction and preferred experiences (use of selfcare, etc.).

Rely on a high satisfaction rate to let the Customer/Consumer share their experience, product and brand knowledge with their network.

A new momentum for your customer strategy

Putting the customer at the centre of your strategy in order to better know him and better satisfy him requires a technological and service transformation of your organisation.

Adopt best practices for architecture (SOA), and for project methodology (Agility), change the way projects are delivered, and become able to follow changes in Customer/Consumer demand and behaviour.

  • Customer experience, Customer care, personalisation tactics, loyalty and advocacy programmes, and customer-data optimisation are different dimensions of the same Customer-interaction reality.
  • Define coherent principles and guidelines and design integrated IS solution and architecture to produce a customer-centric strategy with a fast and agile roadmap.
  • Analyse specific personae and with them, define (co-build) what tomorrow’s customer-consumer experience and business model will be.
  • Make sure you adopt all new usages both in terms of journey and of behaviour (mobility, social network, etc.).

Automation is central for the profitability of digital operations. Available for journeys, selfcare, order management, case management (bots)… all these technologies have immediate impacts on operational process costs.

  • E-commerce and e-services platforms require not only specific and dedicated solutions, but must be integrated into a Product Information Management solution, a pricing engine, and legacy ERP.
  • Nowadays based on headless architecture, e-commerce and e-service solution projects begin with defining personae and adapting the Customer experience, co-designed with the Customer themselves.
  • As a second part of the Customer experience, Customer care regroups topics like case management, offer engines, loyalty and advocacy programmes and customer communication on all channels.
  • The efficiency of this set of solutions is strongly linked to the ability to integrate the different solutions and generate a sense of coherence felt by the Customer during their interaction with the brand.
  • Your Customer data platform can use Customer master, transactional, relational, and behavioural data coming from the customer experience/interactions to generate and reinject value in the personalised experience.
  • This personalisation is the last step to engage and retain Customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Services catalogue

  • Persona definition
  • Omnichannel Customer journey design (UX-UI design)
  • Omnichannel business organisation definition
  • Customer community activation
  • Customer personalisation process design
  • Customer journey profitability analysis
  • E-commerce solution
  • PIM and DAM solutions
  • CRM – Selfcare solutions
  • Clienteling solution
  • Contact Centre automation solution
  • Marketing automation solution
  • Loyalty and advocacy solutions
  • Product recommendation engine solutions
  • Order management systems.
  • Customer master data solutions
  • Customer data platform architecture
  • Customer clustering, targeting and scoring
  • Promotional performance analysis
  • Churn detection
  • Analysis of winning journeys

Digital Customer Experience - Value proposition and services portfolio

A consultancy and integration offer covering the entire digital transformation cycle from customer's journey redesign to best-in-class solutions implementation. Inetum delivers deep expertise on market leading solutions on the following domains:

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We have forged strong partnerships with the market's leading publishers enabling us to offer you expertise at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

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