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CSPs at the core of digital transformation

Stay competitive thanks to advanced technologies.

Telecommunication operators contribute to the creation of an ecosystem of innovative OTT services by providing efficient, reliable and extensive connectivity.

This core business is however challenged by an increasingly fierce heterogeneous competition, requiring a diversification of the activities of telecom players in order to climb the value chain.

At Inetum, our belief is that telecom operators must keep up with this technological evolution in order to remain competitive, efficient and innovative in the fields of:

  • Data Management & AI (Big & Fast Data, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Virtual Data Lake, etc.)
  • BSS and digital channel modernization (Open Digital Architecture, omnichannel, total digitalization)
  • OSS: network and infrastructure management (5G, NFV, SDN, MANO, Cloud, Network Automation, Zero Touch, etc.)

Expertise at the center of your digitization

We support your transformation.

Thanks to its business and digital expertise, software solutions, and industrial service centers, Inetum supports operators:

  • Defining the strategy and master plan of the IT.
  • Modernization of BSS and OSS systems and process automation.
  • Implementing a digital, omnichannel and seamless customer experience.
  • Setting up Big Data and AI to respond to Telco use cases: customer experience optimization, reduction of churn, optimization of performance and network deployment, fraud detection... 
  • Modernization of the application portfolio, streamlining and securing IT infrastructure, adapting the way IT teams work and working with the trades. Development and acquisition of digital skills.

Capacity, agility and innovation, the core system of our transformation programs

An extensive expertise to serve you over the long term.

With its 4 centers of expertise and 2 near-shore service centers, Inetum has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, which is one of its historical areas of action.

  • Strong customer proximity, materialized by a very fine mesh of the territory with 40 sites in France and a strong international presence. 
  • Broad portfolio of services to manage the entire lifecycle of projects from scoping to the operations.
  • Strong flexibility of contractual models since we can work at the customer, in the proximity, near-shore or offshore and in technical assistance as well as the package or in BPO mode.
  • Capacity for innovation, with seven innovation centers (including Paris, Nantes, Lyon) with a high level of industrialization with 4,000 employees in 21 mutualized service centers.
  • Ability to work with its customers in a collaborative and agile mode with proven models of co-construction.


Customer Oriented

Your long-term satisfaction is our mission. We adapt our work to your needs with agility & flexibility. Our independence & integrity are our pride: our interests are yours, and only yours.


Our experience in large transformation programs

Transformation programs are our core domain. Leading those projects to their success is our passion & what we do best.

Our catalog of solutions

A wide range of services to meet all your expectations.

Our ambition is to become your main partner in your transformation journey. Our wide range of services extends from IS transformation consulting to application solution maintenance, allowing you to :

  • achieve business agility
  • obtain value from your data by implementing Big Data and AI solutions
  • or completely or partially outsource your IT.


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