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Our key figures

Inetum in France is a benchmark IT services company that represents 44% of our Group's total revenue. We offer innovative and sustainable industrial solutions to turn information systems into a real performance lever for our clients. Ranked among the top 10 French software providers, Inetum in France offers products for a variety of sectors – insurance, public sector, healthcare and social welfare, etc.




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Why join us?

Thanks to our local network – more than 30 locations in France – you will be able to work close to home, build relationships of trust with your internal or external clients, and interact directly with your local management.

With a visionary mindset and feet on the ground, our capacity for innovation is matched only by our power of industrialization. In France alone, we have deployed 3 FabLabs and 5 service centres. What could be more motivating than to progress within a growing company that never stops taking on – and succeeding in – new challenges?

With more than 25 job families and 6 major areas of activity spread over 19 countries, you will have every opportunity to shape your own career path, according to your technological, sectoral or geographical affinities.

As a learning company, we will train you in the latest work methods and technologies suited to your job. You can choose from more than 3,000 online training modules to continually update your skills and obtain new technical and managerial certifications.

Every day, we undertake to make the world a more positive place by implementing ambitious projects for our clients – 1,600 will receive our support in 2019 – and for our employees. Teleworking has been in place since 2011. Be proud to join a company that is changing the world through digital technology.

Solidarity and excellence are the foundations of our culture... and it works! We came 4th in the Happy@Work ranking of companies with more than 5,000 employees. At Inetum, you will always find someone to help you. And because we believe that excellence comes from daring, you can propose your own ideas, test them and implement them, regardless of your position or seniority.

Join Inetum!

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Inetum certified Top Employer Europe 2024

Our 28,000 digital athletes are proud to be certified Top Employer 2024

The Top Employer Europe certification rewards the initiatives that Inetum has been deploying for several years to provide the best possible work environment for its 28,000 employees through our innovative HR practices in order to allow each individual to shape their career path within the Group by living their own Inetum Way.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

“Think Global, Act Local.” We are committed to a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility policy, consistent with the economic requirements of our business and closely linked to profound changes in society.

Our employees' commitment and an ongoing search for excellence and innovation - this is the mindset that drives our teams to support our clients in this post-digital transformation era, and help them build a sustainable future together. 

This proactive commitment is mainly based on three challenges, which we see as opportunities:

  • Contribute to a more positive world through actions in favour of the environment 
  • Nurture the talent of each individual by promoting diversity within our teams
  • Become the trusted partner of our stakeholders by making ethics and quality the touchstone of our relationships.

Our environmental policy

The fight against climate change is our priority. We are taking action to reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations, generated by our service activities and by our employees. 

Reduce the CO2 footprint of travel

A strict travel policy is applied in order to streamline processes (travel, expense reports, invoicing) and control indirect costs. Rail travel is favoured whenever possible, and the CO2 emission rate of vehicles is taken into account for eligibility for our car fleet catalogue. A car-sharing solution with electric and/or hybrid cars has been proposed to employees. The use of telecommuting was formalized in 2011, via a company agreement, favouring the reduction of costs and CO2 emissions linked to travel while maintaining social links. 


Reduce the CO2 footprint linked to the use of resources

The management of our waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), which has been in place for years, helps to reduce the CO2 footprint of our business. For obsolete equipment distributed to our customers, we are a member of ESR, an eco-organization responsible for collecting and processing.


The use and recycling of paper are also taken into account with the implementation of selective sorting as soon as possible, and the provision of secure collective printers-scanners-copiers, encouraging the reduction of paper use. In addition, employees are offered the possibility of replacing their pay slip with a digital version, with an adapted electronic safe. Lastly, paper meal vouchers have been replaced by an electronic payment card.

Reforestation programme

At the beginning of 2019, we joined the Reforest'action programme. The aim is to offer each new employee the opportunity to plant a tree among the priority reforestation projects identified. Since the launch of this initiative, more than 8,700 trees have been planted, 26,100 animal shelters set up, 34,800 months of oxygen generated, and 8,700 work hours generated.


Promote diversity within our teams

Our differences bring us together

Our differences bring us together 

In France, the Mission Handicap team consists of five people who provide local support, starting from the recruitment process and for as long a person stays with us. To enable everyone to reach their full potential from the moment they arrive, a specific onboarding process is put in place for those who indicate a disability during their recruitment.

After that, Mission Handicap creates a favourable environment so that each person can shape their career and achieve their goals, regardless of what makes them unique. Our company agreement defines what this support entails – adapted workstation, specialised assistance when needed, specific days off... Various tools are available to compensate for disability.

Awareness campaigns are regularly organized to get rid of stereotypes and encourage a climate of sharing. This makes the company more inclusive so that each employee can live their Inetum Way.

Gender equality at work

28.5% of our staff are women. In a digital market where employees are predominantly male, Inetum demonstrates its desire to promote professional equality between genders through its actions for access to employment, professional promotion, remuneration and professional training. 

In 2023, the Inetum UES obtained a score of 92 out of 100 on the gender equality index (indicator 1: 37/40, indicator 2: 20/20, indicator 3: 15/15, indicator 4: 15/15, indicator 5: 5/10).

In addition, the rate of representation of women among our management bodies and among the population of senior managers in France is 22% and 16% respectively by the end of 2022. 

A global asset

We have more than 800 employees of around 70 nationalities in our workforce. With their different cultures and languages, they contribute to the added value of the projects carried out within the Group.

Support for all generations

With an average age of 40, we are a dynamic, multigenerational company. Work-study contracts and internships are seen as a source of identifying new talent who can then join us on a long-term basis. Nearly 10% of our hires are people aged 50 and over.

Our quality policy and ethical commitments

In an increasingly virtuous legislative and regulatory context, we ensure that the entire value chain operates ethically and responsibly, in order to establish a long-term relationship of trust with our clients and to accompany them on a daily basis towards a responsible digital transition.

Compliance and ethics, at the heart of our activities

The Group Legal and Compliance Department defines and implements the Group's Compliance and Ethics strategy, which applies in France as well as in other countries. Its action guarantees respect for its values within a responsible supply chain, embodied by a "responsible purchasing" charter. In the same vein, we have deployed a vigilance plan to detect and prevent risks of serious violations of human rights, fundamental freedoms, health, personal safety and the environment in our use of subcontractors.

Supporting our clients in a responsible and sustainable digital transition

Our primary objective has always been to scrupulously guarantee the protection of the data entrusted to us. The appointment of our Data Protection Officer and the training and awareness-raising on personal data protection provided to our employees help us to achieve this objective. Our internal processes, the operations carried out with our customers, the software packages we offer and the processing of pre-sales are regularly reviewed or brought into compliance. Our contractual policy also integrates personal data protection issues.

A strong regional footprint

We have a large number of decentralized regional offices, with some thirty sites in France. This long-standing choice of proximity to our clients allows us to hire our employees locally and to limit the amount of travel required for our assignments. This organization facilitates the integration of the intervention teams into an economic and social environment with which they are familiar and helps to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts with the clients' local contacts. Our contribution to local development and better resource management is a differentiating aspect of our strategy.

Your integration

From the moment your contract is signed, we do everything to make you feel part of the team.

The success of your integration process is an important step in your career.

This is why we do everything possible to develop your sense of belonging, to create the conditions for you to adhere to Inetum's values and to give you all the information you need to understand the Group's strategy as soon as you agree to join us.

Before your arrival,

an introduction to our organization and your future working environment

Via our training platform, you will have the opportunity to discover our Group, its ambitions and values, as well as the Business Unit you will be joining. 

Once you’re here…

The day of your arrival, you will be welcomed in person by your manager
On your first day, your manager or "welcome sponsor" will give you your integration kit and give you an operational presentation of the project you will be working on.

A post-integration "Welcome day" to have a friendly chat with the people in your branch.
This Welcome session gives you the chance to meet your colleagues in a relaxed setting.

Personalized follow-up of your first months at Inetum
You will be contacted several weeks after your arrival to get your feedback on our recruitment and induction process. This is essential to help us improve the induction experience!

A variety of opportunities to build your own path

Internal mobility is one of the pillars of our human resources policy. With more than 25 job families, 6 major sectors of activity, and more than 30 branch offices in France, we offer you a variety of opportunities for growth. 

At Inetum, skills, commitment, innovation and motivation will determine your career path and professional growth within the Group. 

Joining Inetum means benefiting from managerial support and multiple tools at your disposal in order to build a career path that suits who you are.

There are many milestones throughout your career:

  • Assignment follow-up, 
  • Key HR moments: evaluation and professional interviews, 
  • The Job Marketplace with inhouse offers for functional or geographical career development.  

Our HR policy enables us to support you in your thinking by providing innovative tools (mobility areas, job mapping, etc.) and structured career paths. 

Also find out about our International mobility programme

Support from our HR

Giving you the means to achieve your ambitions is one of our priorities. Because everyone is different in terms of their profile and expectations, we are convinced that a "plural" approach to our HR support can meet everyone's needs.

Your manager, Human Resources Business Partner and Learning Business Partner are at your disposal to help further your career.

There will be opportunities for discussion throughout your time with the Group to review your career. The assessment at the end of the trial period, carried out with your manager, is a key post-integration moment. The assignment follow-up sessions allow you to take stock of the mission in progress. Finally, the Evaluation Interviews (EE) and Professional Interviews (PE) are privileged moments to discuss your objectives, your skills and your career development aspirations with your manager.

Whether you are wondering about your next career move, want to know more about our professions or want to strengthen specific skills, we provide you with various decision-support tools – a structuring professional reference framework, an e-learning platform including technical content, professions and soft skills.

Your training

Because a learning company is a company that knows how to remain successful, we have chosen to place upskilling and training at the centre of our development strategy.

An expanded and accessible offer

We believe that you should be the protagonist in your own development. You therefore have direct access to our training catalogue so that you can strengthen your business and/or soft skills at any time.

An enhanced digital offering

Thanks to our various partnerships with leading e-learning platforms, you will have access to regularly updated premium content. In addition, with our online university, you can access content written by our in-house experts at your convenience.

Training programmes

To support the transformation of our businesses and strengthen the professional abilities of our teams, numerous programmes have been and will be put in place. Our Sales, Management, Lean and Delivery courses have already won over our employees!


An investment in certification training

Each year, more than 10% of the training provided leads to certification – Agility, Cloud, AWS, ITIL, Lean, etc. We are committed to developing the employability of our employees by enabling them to obtain recognised certifications and thus enhance their knowledge.

A personalized approach 

Your management, Human Resources Business Partner and Learning Business Partner are there to offer you support and advice to help you choose the training schemes best suited to your professional goals, facilitate your adaptation to our clients' technical/business environment, and build your knowledge.

Take a new direction with our "Chance" programme

Inetum offers you the opportunity to retrain in digital professions.

Our "Chance" programme is part of the "Operational Preparation for Employment" (POE) scheme and allows you to follow a tailor-made technical training course lasting several months, which aims to help you return to work. At the end of the training, you will rejoin Inetum on a permanent or fixed-term contract or on a work-study contract. 

To join this scheme, you must: 

  1. Have a mature conversion project and prior knowledge in the target field; 
  2. Be registered as a "job-seeker" with “Pôle Emploi” in your city.

The "Chance" programme is deployed in both Infrastructure (Networks, Security, DevOps) and Application (New Technologies Developers - Mainframe - Decision Support, Approval Receiver, etc.) fields.

After a selection process by our teams, you will join the programme and will receive support throughout the training. This course can take several forms – individual monitoring of your learning areas, immersion in the company to introduce you to the job in a very operational way, and attending exams and thesis presentations. 

Our Campus programme

The Campus programme for students and recent graduates aims to reach out to new talent through the development of partnerships and events at teaching establishments. Each year, we recruit nearly 400 students and recent graduates.

With the Campus programme, Inetum recruits students for both engineering and consulting profiles, as well as for sales and support functions, via end-of-study internships or work-study contracts to obtain a Master’s degree. We also promote scientific excellence by supporting the work of our student researchers on strategic R&D themes.

Partnerships have been established with 16 target establishments, ranging from major engineering schools such as ECE, ISEP and CPE Lyon, to management schools such as Grenoble Ecole de Management and universities such as Paris-Dauphine and the University of Lille. Target specialist fields are: information systems management, architecture/networks, BI/Big data, digital strategy, cybersecurity, etc. With almost 150 events per year, Inetum's experts give lectures and conferences to students, as well as at forums, interview preparation and exam boards. 

We pay particular attention to the growth of students and young graduates who join our Group, by accompanying them on our client assignments. To encourage the transmission of skills, both in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills, each student is accompanied by a tutor.

As this programme is mainly designed as a "pre-employment" programme. Almost 50% of the students on internships or work-study programmes continue their careers within our teams at the end of their contracts! 

Consult our events on our actualities and our internship and work-study offers on job

Reasons to join us

Combine career and HR benefits! We offer you numerous advantages on top of your remuneration package.

  • A teleworking scheme in place since 2011
  • Meal-voucher card
  • 27 days of paid leave from the 1st year you start earning it for Inetum and Inetum Software employees, plus leave for exceptional circumstances
  • Complementary health insurance with quality guarantees
  • Life insurance scheme 
  • A free medical teleconsultation service     
  • Social and cultural activities organized by the works councils       
  • Reimbursement of your daily transport to and from work
  • Housing schemes
  • A profit-sharing and Group Savings Plan scheme
  • Co-option bonuses with additional gift vouchers on certain positions

Our wellbeing-at-work programme

Our workplace wellbeing programme offers our employees activities, events and facilities to contribute to wellbeing and quality of life on a daily basis.

Every year, numerous events are organized to bring all our employees together. 

Fun activities such as Kick-Offs, World Music Day, evenings at the Parc des Princes thanks to our partnership with PSG Handball, and more.

Thanks to our strong territorial coverage through our various agencies, service centres and FabLabs, we cultivate a close relationship with our employees.

Revisit the "Cannes Festival", take part in the largest picnic in the West, go canoeing in Montpellier, enjoy a musical break in Saint-Ouen, relax during a yoga or gentle gymnastics class, learn the benefits of meditation, take part in the inter-company football tournament, challenge yourself in the Paris 20km race, or simply share a breakfast or an afterwork evening with your colleagues...

Come and join us to share these moments!

When you apply for a job at Inetum...

How do you apply? By answering one of our advertisements, meeting us at an event or being contacted by someone from Inetum. Whatever the case, we promise to give you a smooth and fast application experience and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Check out our online opportunities on the Jobs page and submit your application within minutes. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

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A Talent Acquisition Specialist will contact you within 3 weeks to pre-qualify your profile.

You will undergo a minimum of 2 selection interviews, one of which will be on site and, depending on your profile, you may be asked to complete an English test, a technical test, or a soft-skills assessment. 

At the end of this selection phase, if your application is successful, you will receive an offer. If your application is not successful, we will contact you to give you our feedback directly.

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