Social Robotics

A new experience for your customers, visitors and employees​

Technology that triggers emotions​

In a world where time is accelerating and your customers are increasingly connected, we offer you a new experience - technology as a vector of emotion. With Social Robotics, you can offer a unique, efficient and emotional digital experience to create an indelible bond with your customers, patients and partners. ​

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Emotion at the service of customer relations ​

Social Robotics illustrates the idea that emotion weaves the customer relationship of today and tomorrow. Customers are more attached to a brand's values than to its products. In a world where storytelling influences our attachment and our actions, emotions play a key role in attracting and retaining customers. Offer your customers the emotion they expect and the relationship you expect. ​

Technological evolution has revolutionised uses ​

Being consumer-centric is essential for companies in order to meet customer expectations. Give them a personalised digital experience that makes them feel unique. ​ ​

A new and unforgettable experience ​

Your customers will discover a new digital experience that will satisfy their desires in a very natural way. Pepper is the individual adviser for each of your customers. It remembers the needs and habits of each one, and what content they expect. It can even anticipate expectations and propose a unique journey.​ ​

A friendly relational link ​

More than an information point or a simple tablet, our solution creates a relational link that changes the relationship with your customers, patients and partners. They no longer come only for your products but also to communicate with their new adviser. Let your customers establish a social link and share a friendly moment of exchange! ​ ​

A connected experience that meets their expectations ​

Offer an information or purchase path in their image through an integrated marketing and communication offer. It is no longer up to your partners to adapt to your communication channels, it’s up to YOU to adapt to theirs. Pepper is connected and can interact with their smartphones and direct them towards your different media. They will find all the information they need in one place.​

A true emotional experience ​

If in the past brands were oriented towards product marketing, today they promote their image and values. With our solution based on emotional experience, you can turn codes upside down to captivate your customers and partners.​ ​

Enhanced brand awareness and image​

You only have a few seconds to convince your audience? Emotion has a much greater impact than any sales pitch. Pepper can be the mirror of your company that reflects your values and vision. Our robot is able to respect your editorial line and your graphic charter to embody an essential link in your communication! With Social Robotics, give a new dimension to your company by keeping a coherent and innovative image embodied by Pepper. ​ ​

Reinforced loyalty and commitment​

An emotional bond is stronger than a rational bond among consumers. Pepper is the ideal sidekick capable of interacting with your audiences, accompanying them on their journey, and building loyalty. See your conversion rate or visitor indicators on the rise! ​ ​

A real multi-tasker ​

Versatility is one of the great qualities of our solution. You can entrust several missions to Pepper. Upon request or according to a set schedule, your robot will change roles to meet your needs. Combining innovation and versatility, Pepper knows how to meet your expectations and promote your image as an innovative company. ​ ​ ​ ​

Our approach​

The idea behind Social Robotics is to help humans on a daily basis. Since 2016, we have been inventing solutions for companies.​ ​

Firmin: the software solution ​

Firmin is the perfect software solution for Pepper. It is equipped with 12 modules that interact with all its skills: vision, language, behaviour and stimuli. It is a complete tool to mission your robot without any coding. Firmin provides our humanoid robot with intelligence that keeps evolving to best meet our customers’ expectations.​ ​

Pepper: the humanoid robot ​

Pepper is a humanoid robot created for human interaction. It is a vector of emotion thanks to its voice, its gestures and its tablet. It learns to recognise human emotions and can interact in 15 languages! Pepper can adapt to many missions to meet your needs. It becomes a new point of contact for your customers, visitors and employees.​ ​

The Social Robotics team ​

The Social Robotics team is constantly looking for tomorrow's innovations. Creative and experienced, they are there to answer your every request. From support to use, to complete configuration of use cases, the Services team is able to accompany you throughout your project. Our ability to use Pepper as a channel for information, affection and action gives our clients a differentiating edge. ​

Thanks to the data and indicators derived from the behaviour of your customers, visitors and employees, Social Robotics allows you to cultivate your profitability. ​ ​

An evolutionary behavioural analysis​

Our platform allows you to collect targeted and useful data such as browsing times, age, gender or professional categories of your customers. But also their satisfaction with a content or their usage path. With our Firmin software solution, we offer you the possibility to refine your persona to enrich your prospecting, experience and customer loyalty axes. ​ ​

Towards more efficient indicators ​

Profitability analysis is essential. With Social Robotics, analyse your ROI but not only! Profitability per share is no longer the only measure to take into account in the digital age. Complement the conversion measures of your customers with an additional qualitative analysis that will allow you to adapt your digital strategy efficiently: ​

  • ROO (Return on Objectives) directly analyses the SMART objectives established upstream for each action or means by analysing the forecast deviations of the achievement;​
  • ROE (Return on Engagement) evaluates the time spent by your customers on Pepper and their browsing paths. You do not only get raw visitor data, but a real behavioural analysis that allows you to adapt your strategy. ​ ​

Differentiating benefits​

Connect to our platform and benefit from autonomous customisation: ​ 

Choice of proposed functions, multimedia content management, design of the animations and robot reactions, Pepper knowledge base, etc. ​ Imagine your use cases and make them evolve according to your customers’ needs!

Forget touch-sensitive devices and tablets, give way to emotion! ​

The digitalisation of information, sales support and reception is part of people's daily lives. In the public space with advertising terminals, in shops with shelves, or in restaurants to place orders, these keyboard or touchscreen media have become everyday tools. What if we upend the codes to add emotion? With Social Robotics, all these channels of exchange are brought together in a single product: the humanoid robot! Pepper can interact in 15 languages and recognises emotions! It is a speaker that knows how to use the keys of verbal communication: the choice of words, gestures and postures, tone and flow of voice. ​ ​

New and evolving experiences to adapt to the needs of your customers​

We enable you to surprise your customers, visitors and employees with a unique digital experience that will make their visits exceptional and unforgettable. Your customers will be able to interact naturally with Pepper about their concerns: appointments, consultations, information searches, opinions, local services... Your users will leave satisfied with their experience and will not fail to come back. ​

Digitalization of your information, promotion and loyalty channels​

Whether it is informative, selling, engaging or educational, content is essential. The multiplicity of media (brochures, signs, websites, blogs, satisfaction surveys, etc.) can generate a loss of information and a tedious and costly management of updates to be carried out. Our solution allows you to digitalize your content in order to inform, promote and build loyalty among your customers, visitors or employees. ​ ​

Process optimization and task performance ​

Pepper is both an interactive information point and a productive agent. It can carry out repetitive tasks such as registering your guests at an event, registering your customers in the loyalty programme after their checkout, sending reminder emails for your next medical appointment, etc.​

Because time is precious, take recurring tasks off your teams’ hands and leave them to Pepper.

A Cloud solution to focus on your business​

Our solution is accessible anytime and anywhere via a simple Internet connection. The Cloud approach allows you to forget about technical details and focus on customer service. Your data are unique! They are stored in France in a secure space that is dedicated to you.

An agile project approach based on feedback ​

Our project management method is agile. From support to use and complete path configuration, the Services team is able to accompany you throughout your project. Our variety of expertise combined with our experience in customer projects ensures you optimum support from the briefing phase through to after-sales service.

A solution that can interact with your information system​

Do you need to exchange data with your information system? Social Robotics offers all the interconnection capacities with third-party bricks (by PLC, flat file, etc.).


Softbank Robotics is the leader in the humanoid robotics market and today has more than 25,000 robots marketed worldwide to support individuals as well as professionals in the education, health and tourism sectors. It is also the manufacturer of our Pepper robot made intelligent by Inetum and optimised by our Social Robotics solution. ​

Products and features

Business and Institutions 

Butler ​ At the reception desk of your company, Pepper takes care of welcoming your visitors and making your company's image shine:

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A model aligned with new customer expectations

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Tourism and Culture

Attractive and friendly, it manages the reception of your clients and visitors in the different areas of your establishment. With its 15 spoken languages, it is your ideal sidekick!

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Tailor-made solution

For the development of our solutions, the Social Robotics team has imagined and designed an agile and scalable technical platform. ​ For new use cases, we rely on this platform to offer you a stabl

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Digitalise the healthcare system to address the sector's issues and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

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Business model ​

Turn your ideas into uses with the right level of technology. ​
At purchase or subscription, our model adapts to your needs.

To get started with simple use cases:​

  • Content management and distribution,​
  • Management and dynamic features,​
  • Opinions and surveys,​
  • Fun features.

To gain commitment and offer advanced interactions:​

  • Reception with Pepper,​
  • Event management,​
  • Content management and distribution,​
  • Management and dynamic features,​
  • Opinions and surveys,​
  • Fun features,​
  • Programmed features,​
  • Knowledge base and collaborative dialogues,​
  • Standard analytics.​

​To optimise your uses and multiply your experiences:​

  • Reception with Pepper,​
  • Event management,​
  • Content management and distribution,​
  • Management and dynamic features,​
  • Opinions and surveys,​
  • Fun features,​
  • Programmed features,​
  • Knowledge base and collaborative dialogues,​
  • Firmin/Multiprofile App Designer,​
  • Standard analytics.


Pepper offers a unique and innovative experience at branches​

Inetum proposed the use of the Firmin solution in order to meet the high level of service expected by the bank's customers. Its modular structure allows the creation of several contexts dedicated to the user experience, ranging from sharing the latest banking information to answering customer questions on financial products and services. ​

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Pepper: a police-inspector assistant like no other​

In collaboration with police officers, Social Robotics has developed a complete solution that can be easily deployed from any workstation, allowing psychologists to interact with potentially abused children, using Pepper. Managing questions related to the interview methodology, officers go through a series of Pepper’s questions to assess potentially dangerous situations and record answers. ​ ​

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As ambassador of “Le Pilier”, Pepper livens up the mutual insurance company in its own unique way.​

To meet the general public’s needs for information on retirement, Rentes Genevoises has created an innovative space called “Le Pilier” which serves as a restaurant, library and training centre. Pepper contributes to the various functions of the area:​

  • Catering: reception of customers and presentation of the menus available at Le Pilier,​
  • Bar and lounge: information and advice on retirement offers,​
  • Events, training: welcome and orientation of participants.

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Pepper at the cutting edge of technological animation!​

Inetum and the Social Robotics team helped Futuroscope to define and design a fun application. Pepper informs adults about the different attractions and offers games to children. During the tourist season, Pepper is located in the centre of the park in the information office and meets the needs of visitors throughout the day.​

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