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In Morocco, Inetum focuses its service offering on integration, service engineering and expertise, and consulting in the telecom, utility, retail, food, banking, and energy sectors.









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Inetum in Morocco

We deliver our services from Casablanca ​and Rabat.

Services and solutions centred around our clients’ business challenges

Inetum in Morocco is the Group's growth vector in French-speaking countries of Africa. Founded in 1987 (initially under the name Professional Systems), Inetum is the uncontested leader in Morocco in the integration and implementation of management software packages.​ Inetum provides companies with its business consultants and know-how and offers its clients a complete service covering all phases of the project life cycle. Its business challenges are focused on the following offers:

Business Solutions

The integration of systems and solutions is Inetum's core business; with an offer that relies on the capitalization of our knowledge and on all the skills of our business consultants who accompany you at each stage of the integration of your ERP. ​

Over 60 people in Morocco dedicated to the integration of management software suites: ​

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX ​
  • Microsoft Navision​
  • Sage ERP X3    ​
  • GMAO             ​


Thanks to our extensive experience in software development, we are able to support our clients in terms of consulting, service, integration of our innovative solutions, and third-party application maintenance (TPAM).​

The Software offer includes all the Group’s development solutions for each business line.  ​

Our software solutions:​

  • Chronotime (time management)​
  • Security Services (access control)​
  • Active’Track (geolocation)​
  • Bdoc (CCM and desktop publishing)​
  • Rflow (archiving)​
  • Cleva (healthcare ERP)

Application Services

From design to run, not to mention maintenance, our engineers and technicians are mobilized to ensure the implementation of integration projects and their constant optimization. Market developments have led us to offer different types of services, depending on the maturity of our clients' projects:​

  •  Technical assistance (project ownership, project management – “Java, .Net, Cobol”),​
  •  Specific solutions,​
  •  Testing, ​
  •  IT management,​
  •  TPAM (third-party application Maintenance) / TAA (third-party application acceptance),​
  •  Corporate Solutions (Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, Microsoft Sharepoint solution, SAP Business Objects)​

Infrastructure Services

Thanks to the Group's experience, 24/7 IT platform management is a reality in addition to application server and transactional server support. To overcome any obstacle in ensuring business continuity for our clients', our teams have developed projects for the management of backup sites and incidents. We offer services in the following areas: ​

  • Security​
  • Hosting and IT management outsourcing​
  • Operational Excellence

SAP Business Line

Inetum in Africa offers value-added services in the integration of SAP solutions - SAP S4 HANA - SAP Business Objects - EPM tools: BPC, BO Cloud - SAP Cloud Platform - SAP Success Factors - SAP Ariba - SAP SRM - SAP CRM - SAP Hybris - Property management.​

Inetum has the first SAP PCoE (Partner Centre of Expertise) certified support centre in the region.​

Capital Consulting

Capital Consulting, an Inetum subsidiary, has been a management-consulting success story in Morocco and French-speaking Africa since 1998. As leader of the sector, Capital Consulting provides consulting throughout the value chain with an integrated and exclusive strategy, management and technology service.​

As a benchmark player, we are recognized for our expertise: strategy, transformation, human capital, change management, PMO etc. We are the only firm to have such an integrated, end-to-end offering. Our consulting signature is characterized by our pioneering strength, the quality of our resources, and our pragmatic and user-centric approaches that guarantee the landing and operationalization of our projects. ​

Africa, which is a proud part of our DNA, is a growth market.​

In 2019, our consulting firm joined the Inetum group to strengthen its value proposition in digital solutions and innovation.​

Why join us?​

Experience your Inetum Way!​

Become part of work environment that will further your career​

Inetum represents internationally recognized technology solutions. Our variety of expertise positions us as a market leader in all our businesses. Our fighting spirit, drive, and strong client focus are an integral part of our organization which is a model in terms of its modern human-capital approach.​

For people who want to stand out in an organization that continues to looks for challenges and high standards, Inetum offers a working environment that is conducive to personal development, professional success, and knowledge-sharing.​

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the essence of Inetum's management strategy in Morocco.​

Guided by our noble and long-standing values, Inetum has always considered human resources as key asset in the Group’s development. The quality of our employees and their hard work allow us to offer the best technology and business expertise to our clients.​

“CSR is at the heart of Inetum's governance, and in order to agree on these broad lines, we have always adopted a sustainable development approach that fits into the more global framework of Corporate Social Responsibility. An ongoing commitment that includes all our employees."​

This attitude has 3 times already earned Inetum in Morocco the Corporate Social Responsibility label – a distinction by which CGEM (General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises) recognizes companies’ commitment to CSR and how they make it part of their managerial strategy and daily operations.​

This award crowns the efforts made as a dynamic IT services company that strives for greater social responsibility and a better positioning on the Moroccan economic stage. ​

This renewal corresponds to a strong encouragement of the company to apply the sustainable development and social responsibility approach already integrated in the managerial strategy of the entity. The charter is based on nine areas of commitment that make Inetum in Morocco the only structure in its field to have received the CSR label from CGEM: ​

  1. Respect human rights. ​
  2. Continuously improve employment and working conditions and industrial relations. ​
  3. Protect the environment. ​
  4. Prevent corruption. ​
  5. Respect the rules of fair competition. ​
  6. Strengthen transparency in corporate governance. ​
  7. Respect the interests of customers and consumers. ​
  8. Promote the social responsibility of suppliers and subcontractors. ​
  9. Develop social commitment. ​

Mobility Program

A complete mobility programme to add a new impetus to your professional career Inetum in Morocco offers you a complete mobility program. To be successful, job mobility must be well managed and well supervised.​

Mobility at Inetum – switch to a new position or a new field? ​

  • Vertical mobility: change of job from a given level of responsibility to a job at a higher level of responsibility.​
  • Horizontal mobility: changing jobs within the same level of responsibility.​

Mobility at Inetum – how? ​

Our employees wishing to benefit from internal mobility send a written request to the HR department which, following a mobility interview, will ensure that you are motivated and will be responsible for helping you to achieve your professional development under the best possible conditions.

Mobility at Inetum – what are the prerequisites? ​

The keys to successful mobility at Inetum in Maroc:​

  • A competent, motivated employee who is convinced of the value of boosting their career by improving their expertise;​
  • An involved hierarchy, ready to let talented go beyond its entity, and/or to coach and train new employees;​

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”​ Henry Ford​

To respond to changes in the sector and ensure the company's growth, HR manages careers by attracting, retaining and developing the organization's Human Capital.​

Career management and continuous training allow each individual to deploy the full extent of their talent and to create a positive synergy through active and seamless internal communication. In addition, a personalized evaluation system makes it possible to support professional development and to detect and develop high potential.​

Through a participative and empowering management policy, we have put in place a system of recognition based on individual and collective results. As a socially responsible company, Inetum meets all the rights of the employees working with us to offer them a serene and exemplary working climate.​

The consulting business also offers professional opportunities that act as a real career accelerator. Our project-based organization offers the opportunity to move forward in the consulting business by demonstrating agility and commitment while encouraging initiative and self-improvement. Each grade corresponds to specific responsibilities and Core Skills to be acquired and validated.​

Our HR support​

We create an environment where there is no failure, only learning opportunities. By working in small increments, a setback in one of them does not usually lead to serious consequences.​

We define a goal with which each contributor can identify. This shared vision keeps us all working in the same direction and avoids conflicts of interest during the collaboration.​

We visualize our work, our deadlines, our problems. This exercise allows many people to feel involved in a mission and to contribute to its success.​

Our contributors respect and are respected, they communicate openly, they know how to listen, and take into consideration the opinions of everyone while sharing their own vision.​

Employee support is also achieved through the inculcation of the 5 core values of the Group which are:​

The ambition of the Group and its employees is reflected in several ways.​ It includes pride in our leadership position in the Southern European market, and our ability to value our best people. ​ It is also our willingness to communicate our successes and our pride in belonging. ​ Finally, our ambition is reflected in the encouragement of our employees to make a long-term career for themselves at Inetum.
Team spirit
All our achievements and actions are part of a collective approach.​ The group has several means of encouraging this team spirit: the objectives of each person include a collective component; several internal procedures are designed to allow exchanges between employees; each manager is trained to be a vector of communication.
Exemplary personal behaviour from day to day.​ The main components of this value within the Group are the personal development plan for managers and a sense of rights and duties.
“Dare to be different.”​ At Inetum, innovation is certainly technological; with the network of FabLabs at the forefront of technologies on mobility, new uses associated with smartphones or innovative interfaces. But innovation is above all an intellectual approach to thinking "out of the box", which translates into a creative approach to our SLAs or our pricing.​
Corporate Social Responsibility
A group with a successful CSR approach.​ In a highly standardized social and legislative environment, the Group is seeking to move forward in terms of diversity, parity and disability management.​ In addition, since 2010, Inetum has been doing very detailed carbon assessment, validated by an independent firm, and is involved in various international sustainable development initiatives such as Global Impact.

Training at Inetum in Morocco aims to continuously optimise the performance of our employees.

Through our strategy and a dynamic and structured policy, numerous programmes are offered that are adapted to the needs of employees and new recruits to meet technological developments and customer demands.​

Emphasis is placed on business training via technical cycles run by a network of internal and external trainers to further the transmission of our knowledge. ​

This approach allows our employees to quickly put their skills into practice and, above all, to build their prospects within all our subsidiaries.​

In consulting, having "future-proof" skills is a real issue in the consultant's career and for the future of the company. Practices are constantly evolving and so are our clients' expectations.​

Driven by a culture of excellence, the consulting profession requires a great capacity to understand the economic, political and social environment in which we operate in Morocco and Africa. ​

Curiosity and agility in learning will be your assets.​

Our training offer is based on a dual system. The first, "Core Business", is specific to the consulting business and to our offers. The second, linked to the Inetum group, covers soft skills and general competencies.​ ​

Attractive benefits​

To support our development and make a difference in our markets, our vocation is to attract talent and to motivate and retain our employees, particularly by offering them competitive benefits:

Fair appraisal of performance​

Our assessment process allows us to monitor the development, competence and autonomy of our employees through assignment follow-up interviews and annual and professional appraisals.​

A motivating remuneration package​

From the moment they join the company, our employees have a clear view of the elements that make up their fixed and variable remuneration. Our variable pay plans are designed to be tools for management and incentive.​

Social protection​

We offer all our employees social security coverage against illness as well as the possibility of joining a pension scheme with attractive rates.​

Professional development

In terms of career development, skills are monitored in various areas: technical, management, methods and processes, and functional. In order to monitor the development of our employees' skills, several methods are used, including monitored role-playing, internal and external training, and a full certification programme.​ ​

Happy Inetum

Inetum in Morocco constantly strives to provide its employees with a good quality of life and a pleasant working environment. ​

A pleasant working environment
Inetum offers its employees a friendly working atmosphere and a comfortable working environment.
Flexible working conditions
We offer our employees the possibility of flexible working hours adapted to our activity.
The Group organizes and participates in various social and cultural events for employees and their families.
Citizens of the world
Through our partner associations, we offer our employees the opportunity to actively participate in volunteer work and contribute to helping people in need.
Keeping in shape
We encourage our employees to stay fit and healthy through ongoing sports events and agreements with gyms near our facilities.
Our conventions
Through preferential rate agreements with our partners (banks, insurance companies, etc.), we contribute to the realization of our employees' personal projects through savings on purchases and advantageous savings plans.

​Recruitment and integration process​

The overall recruitment process from the expression of need to the validation of the trial period:​ ​

1. Web – Recruitment firms – Schools – Tradeshows​
2. CV selection and telephone interview​
Technical tests​; HR interview​; Manager interview​
3. Hiring​
Welcome and integration seminar​; Training in technologies, processes and methods​; Project insertion​; Production