Accelerating our recruitment

Accelerating our recruitment

Human capital and the search for talent are keys to our growth

To support the company's organic growth strategy, Inetum Group recruited 2,000 people in France in 2021, including 400 students and young graduates. These recruitments, 40% of which will take place in the Paris region and 60% in other regions, will involve a variety of profiles: developers, business analysts, solution consultants, security engineers, data experts, systems and network engineers, DevOps engineers, IT experts, cloud architects, agile coaches and scrum masters, sales engineers, etc.

In order to meet these ambitious challenges, in a highly competitive digital sector, Inetum in France has established a recruitment strategy based on different levers:

  • A co-optation programme, which represents 30% of the recruitments made;
  • The purchase of online recruitment media;
  • The implementation of a “school-relations” strategy with 16 target schools with Inetum ambassadors involved in student events;
  • Dynamic digital communication via social media and through our Career site;
  • The deployment of the new employer brand, in line with our new Group identity,
  • An event policy to recruit in a different way, through direct contact with candidates at numerous recruitment events around France, in person or during webinars;
  • Digital sponsorship/HR marketing actions;
  • A “Chance” programme aimed at integrating new employees as part of of job reconversion through a retraining programme in our business areas (Operational Preparation for Employment).

For many years, Inetum has had a co-optation programme in place to reward employees who recommend a person in their network with the hiring of that candidate.

In 2020, and in order to better coordinate this programme, an application was rolled out to all employees to gamify the process.

The change in the Group's identity with the adoption of its new Inetum brand was accompanied in 2020 by an “employer promise” to present to potential candidates our strengths as well as the differentiating elements of the Inetum Group such as its corporate culture.

This new brand, deployed in all of the Group's countries, is an additional lever of attractiveness to consolidate our employer image and to be visible both on our recruitment media and on social networks.

Young graduates trained in the latest technologies and innovative methodologies contribute to the added value of our clients' assignments. Their recruitment is a major challenge. In order to concentrate human and financial efforts, Inetum France has identified 16 target schools throughout France. Partnerships have been established with these schools in order to contribute to the teaching of our expertise to students (in the form of courses or conferences) but also to participate in forums or other dedicated events to make our Group better known and to offer them internship or work-study opportunities.

Work-study programmes are a pool of potential candidates. To welcome, guide and train them, young people on work-study programmes are accompanied by a senior employee responsible for monitoring and evaluating them throughout their time with the Group. Each year, employees who play the role of tutor are trained to better assume this responsibility.

Millennials are a highly sought-after group that is difficult to recruit. Social media play an important role in their decision-making process. They do not hesitate to evaluate the reputation of companies on the web. That's why Inetum Group has created a Community Manager position whose role is to collect opinions and respond to comments. In the Glassdoor opinion barometer, Inetum in France obtains a score of 3.3 out of 5.

In addition, since interns/work-study trainees are not concerned by our appraisal interview cycles, it seems essential to us to hear what they have to say. To improve our transformation rate, it is important to gather their feedback, via the “Student Feedback” interview, to understand their professional project and to develop a proposal that meets their expectations.

Many action plans have been launched in the various subsidiaries of the Inetum Group. In 2020, around 100 actions were carried out with schools.


Building on regional specificities to attract local talent

Inetum in Belgium relies on several recruitment channels: job boards (,, print media campaigns, LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter Seats, Indeed, social media, employee referral programme (Group co-optation programme), recruiting events, campus recruitment programme, and corporate events dedicated to the specific community (students, consultants...) such as Techorama, Sharepoint Saturday, and Devoxx. Talented young people are recruited by targeting certain major schools and universities and are then integrated into an intensive 3-month training programme called AcaDDemICT.

We rely on social networks and adopt a multi-channel approach (virtual portals, universities, etc.) to reach candidates outside the traditional channels. In cooperation with the marketing division, we have developed a brand content strategy to improve our publications on social media and attract young talent. Given the shortage of talent in Spain, we are strengthening our outsourcing policy and recruiting candidates from Latin America.

Given the dynamic nature of the digital sector, we have an active policy of recruiting new employees and interns. We participate in the creation of new jobs, focusing on IT professionals and new graduates.

We also offer a retraining programme for professionals from other sectors to acquire IT skills.

The recruitment team relies upstream on the communication manager who coordinates social media and university networks, and downstream on the administrative team that designs the offer and sends it to the candidate.

We have developed a co-optation programme. Interns are recruited throughout the year, and we strive to increase the visibility of our employer brand.

We have set up a new job-application site. We also conduct searches via social media, and have implemented an Alumni Programme and agreements with universities. We also participate regularly in dedicated fairs.

To increase the visibility of our employer brand, we participate in university fairs and virtual “first job” fairs, and maintain close ties with the Colombian government's employment service. Internally, a $900 bonus is awarded to each employee who co-opts an acquaintance if that acquaintance stays for more than 3 months.