Making diversity an asset

Making diversity an asset

Keeping pace with the social diversity of our ecosystem.

For several years already, the Inetum Group has paid particular attention to gender equality in the workplace. Inetum is a signatory of the “Manifesto for the reconversion of women in digital professions” initiated by Syntec Numérique and Social Builder.

The Inetum Group has 24% women in its workforce. In a predominantly male digital world, the company demonstrates its desire to promote professional equality between genders through its actions in favour of access to employment, promotion, remuneration, and job training.

It is thanks to this proactive policy that the Inetum Group's Economic and Social Unit (UES), made up of the companies Inetum and Inetum Software France that represent 94% of the Group's workforce in France, obtained a score of 93 out of 100 for the year 2020 in terms of gender equality (application of law n°2018-771 of 5 September 2018).

Aware of the richness brought by employees of foreign nationality, the Inetum Group in France counts more than 1,100 employees from around 60 nationalities in its workforce. Through their different cultures, they contribute to the added value of projects carried out in the Group.

With an average age of 42, the Inetum Group is above all a dynamic and multigenerational group. For several years already, Inetum in France has been working to promote the professional and social integration of young people. Work-study contracts and internships are considered as an asset to discover new talents who could join the Inetum Group on a long-term basis.

The Inetum Group also provides personalized support to senior employees through skill assessments and recognition of acquired experience (“VAE” in France).

The health crisis of 2020 has had an impact on the social and economic world at all levels, making certain groups, including people with disabilities, more vulnerable. In this respect, the Inetum Group has maintained its actions worldwide in favour of equal opportunities for all. To adapt to these circumstances, a targeted sourcing programme was launched to optimize the recruitment of people with disabilities.

In addition, the Inetum Group has continued to support the specialized training centres of CRP 2isa and CRP Mulhouse, by paying a portion of the apprenticeship tax.

After more than two years of partnership with Agefiph, Inetum's commitment to the employment of people with disabilities took on a new dimension at the end of the year with the signing of the first company agreement on the subject.

Existing partnerships were maintained, such as our commitment to the Tremplin association, which works to encourage more high school students with disabilities to continue their studies in higher education. The network of Mission Handicap ambassadors was called upon to let students with disabilities discover their professions, and to answer their questions.

Indirectly contributing to the professional integration of people with disabilities also received attention, with the strengthening of partnerships with structures in the adapted or protected sector. The volume of adapted digital services provided in co-contracting with companies has increased. At the end of 2020, the Group decided to entrust the recycling of waste paper from all its sites in France to the company Elise, a solidarity group with several adapted companies.

For the 24th European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, a digital e-learning awareness programme was rolled out to all employees in France.

All of the actions carried out in recent years have contributed to a better internal knowledge of the disability policy and an increase in the number of employees declaring their situation to the company. Thus, despite a number of recruitments below the forecast for 2020, the number of people reporting at the end of the year was again up compared to previous years.

In partnership with Pôle Emploi and institutional players, the Inetum Group recruits people who are excluded from employment. The Chance reintegration programme is supported by a legal scheme itself entitled “Operational Preparation for Employment” (POE). Between 2017 and 2020, 650 people were able to take advantage of this programme and join the Inetum Group.

In Ile-de-France, Inetum has initiated a partnership with Plaine Commune, the Maison de l'Emploi of the Plaine Commune territory, and Plaine Commune Promotion. It organizes presentations of its businesses to students and offers internships as part of its social integration programme.

KPI Results 2019 Results 2020 Objectives

Equal opportunity index

89 93 Keping
Number of people with disabilities 174 189 Improvement
Employment rate of people with disabilities 1.85%* Not available at the date of this report / reform linked to the Law on the Freedom to Choose one's Professional Future and associated application decrees: data available in June 2021.      Improvement Improvement

* According to regulations in force on 31 December 2019