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Why work for us?

The promotion of internal mobility is one of the essential components of our human resources policy.

Be part of the change and promote the values of respect, ethics, openness and teamwork!

Our clients are of various sizes and work in different sectors ranging from financial services to public institutions, but all work with us on new and ambitious projects.

Every month we organize at least one event that brings together all our teams. These events are an opportunity to socialize and share good times with your colleagues.

We are a great Team, with members of various cultures and nations. We use new technologies in order to implement amazing projects for clients from all around the world.

The promotion of internal mobility is one of the essential components of the Inetum Romania’s human resources policy.

About our services

We are a major player for key accounts in the Finance-Insurance sector, while operating in the Aerospace and Transport Industry, Telecommunications, Energy and Retail sectors.

Consulting Services

We support our clients in the structuring and development of their IS. The credibility of our recommendations is based on our ability to implement them. Our consultants undertake design and support projects in all areas where our expertise can create value and contribute to your financial and sales success.

Our Consulting teams’ ambition is to help our clients deploy their strategy through transformation operations and to let teams of managers work together on change-management and performance-steering operations (project management and assistance).

The Consulting Department has the ability to rapidly deploy consultants (functional and technical) on the Customer's site to conduct various projects (business and / or technical). Consulting teams are composed of various but complementary profiles: Project Manager, Functional and Technical Analyst, Application specialist, Programmer, Tester, Architect, Support, System Admin, Database Administrator etc.

Functional and technical assistance is delivered at client site or remotely. Within the implementation of the solutions, Inetum Romania can engage in Fix Cost Projects or in Time and Material mode, respecting engaged project planning, cost and deliverables. Inetum Romania applies recognized methodology to respect planning, finance and quality of services delivery.

Our experts work with you to assess your specific needs, design and develop effective solutions, rapidly deploy applications and extend your systems to partner communities. Our consultants are capable to help you at every phase of the project, from initial assessment to day to day management and support.

Services Center:

Inetum Romania delivers from its Service Center many types of services as:

  • Application Support
  • Application Testing
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Robotization
  • AI / Chatbot

The Shared Center of Services is responsible for the execution and management of the specific operational tasks:

  • Minimise costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost fast execution
  • Better decision making
  • Adopt and exploit the emerging technologies
  • Optimise the organizational capabilities
  • Ensures better collaboration between companies

Application & Infrastructure Services

Providing support and maintenance services by fulfilling strict SLAs and KPIs. Working accordingly to ITIL. Providing 24/7 services.

The Service Delivery Center (VSDC) delivers IT Services for the existing Clients in a remote access mode. Technical assistance and maintenance services are delivered in conformity with a strict methodology, guarantying the Client that their system respects the best standards commonly used.

The SDC enables organizations to create a more cost-effective model, highly flexible, secure, scalable and responsive IT infrastructure. We offer expertise, methodology, security, delivery, full time availability, support 24/7. SDC Outsourcing allows our Clients to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

A strict security management policy permits management, optimization and security for connections and accesses for all the Exchanges between our company and the Client, a logical access control, an operational interface for security, a security incident management real time communication with the Client, reporting and reviews.

Our SDC services are accessible through the Inetum Romania Support Portal, A SPOC Single Point of Contact manages all incidents and services.

Each Input is registered by phone and/or email on the Ticketing System. A Support Request number is raised and follows the Service Level Agreement rules. Reports can be delivered, in order to have a good visibility on all actions in process/solved/ unsolved.

Our company also ensures On-site support for solving issues that cannot be solved remotely.

The SDC industrializes delivery capabilities by offering services as:

Application maintenance evolutive, corrective and preventive.

Infrastructure capacity: we deploy highly skilled professionals that are lacking within the Client’s internal team. Difficult and expensive to recruit, hire and train IT specialists to manage all the infrastructure functions in-house.

Service desk outsourcing: Inetum Romania delivers technical support with a single point of contact for all technology incidents and requests.

Workplace outsourcing distributes computing environments: desktops, laptops, mobile devices, file and print services.

Data center outsourcing: secure and stable environment for application development and production hosting, systems and storage services, database management and ongoing application technical support.

Network outsourcing: helps to establish a more secure and robust network infrastructure, improve scalability and reduce costs.

System Integration

Inetum Romania integrates business solutions, which are vectors of growth and performance for our Client. Our enterprise solutions are backed by strong partnerships with the leading publishers on the market. As an independent provider and market leader in the enterprise solutions sector, we can support you through every phase of your transformation project: from defining requirements to choosing the right solution, all the way to implementation.

Mergers and acquisitions, regulatory changes, digital transformations, improving business performance, launching new products in new markets: our clients are going through major changes whose success depends on their ability to transform their information systems.

Our company is more than just an integrator – we are a close partner in your transformation projects.

We know that information systems are a key factor in success, so we place ourselves at the heart of your transformation project. We can help our clients choose and implement the best innovative solution, one which will improve the performance and agility of their business, as well as optimize and industrialize their existing information systems.

Our knowledge of your sector, our mastery of your business processes and our expertise in market solutions allow us to propose an end-to-end service: advance consulting, technical consulting and change management, solution integration and maintenance of operating conditions (MOC) through one of our nearshore or offshore service centers.

Six core services to support your projects

Today, you can take advantage of our hard-earned expertise and know-how via one of our 6 core services:

Convergence and Core Model ERP: convergence and deployment of an ERP using the Core Model strategy, as well as its industrialized maintenance through one of our shared service centers.

Compliant payroll: maintenance of an HR payroll solution so that it remains consistent with regulatory changes.

CRM: Digital transformation and innovation in support of the customer experience, or how to improve this experience by automating client-facing processes.

Digital HR: digital transformation of HR functions (talent acquisition and retention) through the adoption of mobile and collaborative technologies.

Cloud ERP: Promoting usage of an existing ERP through the automation of processes, Business Intelligence, and agile deployment of the ERP in SaaS mode, for example using a

PLM: optimising the life cycle of products in response to changing industry standards and concerns.

Close partnerships with leading publishers

We partner with the main publishers in the market, but our independence from them guarantees that our clients get the solution that is best adapted to their needs and a customized integration service. All the major publishers have confidence in our ability to deliver their solutions, as shown by our certifications: Sage Strategic Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Platinum Partner, SAP Partner, and Salesforce Partner..

Dedicated Skill Centers:

  • SAP
  • Hybris
  • Oracle EBusiness Suite
  • Oracle JD Edwards HR Access
  • PeopleSoft HRMS
  • Sage X3 & HRMS
  • Microsoft AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle CRM
  • Business Intelligence

SAP Department

Inetum Romania is setting up a Romanian SAP Expertise center in coordination with the largest European SAP Expertise Center, located in Lisbon Portugal. Our objectives are to serve the Romanian market, as well as some European Clients.

Offered services: SAP Consulting, SAP Implementation Projects, SAP Application Management, SAP Outsourcing, SAP Training.

Smart City Solutions

The Group has many initiatives with several cities in Europe. Inetum Romania is helping with the deployment of digitalization and data governance for local authorities via Smart Cities projects.

Welcoming a new employee

We provide an open environment, training, mentoring and coaching for every new member of the team.

These are the steps we take on in welcoming new talent to the team.

Prior to the start date:

  • The new employee signs the contract, Internal Regulation, Health & Safety Regulations, confirmation for personal data processing (GDPR) and receives copies prior to their start date

After the start date:

  • The new employee receives standard office supplies and is introduced to their Direct Manager and the team
  • HR schedules the induction meeting


The Direct Manager schedules a one-on-one meeting either in the office or in a virtual environment

  • The Direct Manager takes the new employee on a quick tour of the company, introduces them to key persons they may interact with, and provides them with information regarding the organizational chart and the tools/applications used across the company
  • The Direct Manager assigns a mentor/buddy, depending on availability and interpersonal skills, to the new employee in order to help them through the onboarding process. The mentor/buddy should help the new employee with basic topics/questions.

The first evaluation meeting is scheduled at 3 months after the new employee’s start date, in order to collect feedback regarding the onboarding process and discuss potential improvements.

Internal mobility in Inetum Romania

The promotion of internal mobility is one of the essential components of our human resources policy.

Inetum Romania is a company with over 14 years of activities, many missions we have implemented and multiple success stories for our employees. We cultivate the ambition of our employees and we are happy to witness them exceed their limits and achieve career success.

We have witnessed great evolutions, from entry level helpdesk role to manager positions. We greatly value evolution and support our employees in taking their career further.

Your career in Inetum Romania

Work with us on new and ambitious projects, bringing us new roles and challenges.

Our clients operate in various business sectors, ranging from financial services to public institutions, and are companies of various sizes, but all of them work with us on new and ambitious projects. This constant evolution generates new roles and new challenges for the members of our teams.

Through constant evaluations and communication with the Direct Manager, the employee builds their knowledge. The two map out a career plan and identify the need for further education and specialization within the specific area of interest. The employee can also request a certain course, if it benefits their activity on the assigned project/projects. We have set recurring evaluations regarding the level of experience and the results obtained by the employee on the assigned project, for a mutually efficient relationship.

The function of the Human Resources department

Inetum Romania has an open policy regarding the company employees. We offer support at an administrative level for each professional in our team. Here are some of the actions implemented by the Human Resources team.

Inetum has an open policy regarding the company employees. We offer support at an administrative level for each professional in our team. Here are some of the actions implemented by the Human Resources team:

The Human Resources department role is to support the company in managing the most important resource, the employees.

Ensures good communication between the management and the employees and between the company departments. Integrates the people in the company, supervises compliance with the rules of discipline and ethics.

Manages labor contracts, payroll and benefits, ensures compliance with labor laws, reviews all documentations for ITM and Social Securities.

Reviews the employee activity and flags any potential errors in reporting.

Keeps in contact with managers and staff on health and internal regulations topics. The HR propagates the Health and Security information. Issues documents requested by the employee for evidentiary purposes.

Supports the employee in any issue regarding unfair situations. Oversees the implementation of group values.

The department is responsible for the overall internal communication within the organization. We have created a weekly internal newsletter where we highlight team wins and milestones, local and international initiatives, team interests, local cultural and art events.

In association with the Marketing department, the Human Resources department also manages internal events, sets up informative webinars, organizes teambuildings and annual parties.

Opportunities to learn for our employees

Training is a practice implemented in Inetum Romania, in order to improve knowledge levels in new talent or bring new competences to existing employees.

Our clients may require for consultants allocated to their sites to learn new skills or acquire knowledge regarding a certain new  technology.

A retraining program is put into place by our internal team, using our trainers or specialized training platforms.

The demand to retrain employees usually involves retention clauses within our company.

At the request of the employees or their Client, they can enroll in French lessons. The trainer is a native French speaker with a vast experience in fast language learning.

We set-up and promote to our team webinars with various themes, held by internal talent (the Agile methodology, Health & Nutrition basics, Six Lean Sigma principles).

Professional training: we increase the level of professional competence of our employees, through various courses and training programs, depending on individual career plan and Client demands.

Education in Inetum Romania

The Academy is a collection of free workshops covering programming, testing, SCRUM methodology, i.e. topics related to the IT industry. 

Thanks to the Academy you have the opportunity to broaden your academic knowledge by actively participating in the creation / development of applications from start to finish.

The Academy workshops are also dedicated primarily to students and graduates of technical faculties.

If you do not study or you have not studied in the technical field, but you want to see what the world of IT looks like, we welcome you to our company! You already have a lot of experience and you are interested in the subject. Join us!

The workshops are devoted to Java languages, Java Script, Angular framework, .NET technology, software testing, Blockchain technology and SCRUM methodology.

The mentors are individuals who also started their adventure at university and today they are valued programmers, testers or Scrum masters. They have been improving their skills for many years and, through the Academy, they will share their knowledge and experience with you.

To apply for the Academy, send us a short email at Please include in the content of the e-mail: name and surname, telephone number, university, year and field of study and specify which workshops you are interested in. It is also necessary to agree to the processing of personal data – the content of the email and/or an attached CV.

Why work for us?

What our employees have to say about being a part of our company.

A very dynamic company that helps me evolve as a professional

I joined our company in June 2016 in a role of Sales Account Manager in the consulting division. From the beginning, my responsibility was to develop the business, especially growing the clients from the banking sector. After almost 4 years as an employee, I can say that it is a very dynamic company in which you can learn and grow professionally quickly, with a supportive management. I'm proud to be a part of such a big family. - Lavinia, Senior Sales Account Manager

The best company I worked for

I joined our company in March 2019 as a Level 2 IT Support Specialist with German for one of our clients, where I’ve managed to help the Team in decreasing and stabilizing their volumes. Now, after finishing my mission for our Client, I took the Project Management Officer role where I’m expanding my horizons and doing what I love.

I am helping with the design, managing and improvement of internal projects, training new employees, creating content and work procedures for us. I am taking on new paths and growing together with Inetum Romania.  - Denisa, PMO Support

A place where I evolve every day

I joined the company in May 2014 as a Junior Sales Executive with a strong positive energy to develop my skills in the IT market and IT business. In the early beginning, my role was to open new accounts, to meet new clients from all the sectors, to present our comapny in the best way and to adapt to the client’s needs.

One of my mentors in Inetum is David Coyne - who helped me get to the the point where I am right now. We developed many accounts from different sectors like Telco, Banking, Retail, Insurance and many more. Today I am managing more than 60 consultants on different type of technologies business units and projects from different clients.

I can say that everyday is a challenge that helps me grow into the professional person that I want to be. I always learn something new from my colleagues and the situations that I’m facing. - Theodor, Sales Account Executive

Support for my career evolution

I joined the company in February 2018 as an IT Recruiter. After a year, during which time I acquired new skills and accumulated a lot of information, I took on a new role - Sales Account Manager.

My responsibilities are to develop the business and to be in charge of the needs of the clients and our consultants. After over 3 years in the company, I can say that I met and I worked with great people, very well prepared and I consider that Inetum Romania is a company in which you can grow and developed an excellent mind-set. - Andreea, Key Account Manager

Competitive compensation

We offer a superior compensation package. 

Inetum Romania offers a salary in line with market requirements. Every role is the topic of an annual evaluation based on market studies.

We have implemented salary grids at company level. Being a company focused on employees, we make annual efforts to recalibrate salary packages. We also offer an array of benefits that boosts employee satisfaction and supports their wellbeing.

Visit the Benefits section for more information on this topic.

Inetum Romania offers to every employee a comprehensive employee benefits package:

  • Medical insurance
  • Meal tickets
  • 7 card
  • Referral bonus


Referral bonus

If an employee recommends a professional looking for a new role, they are given a referral bonus. They need to send an email to or use the internal platform to recommend a person fit for the available role(s). The bonus is offered for middle to senior positions, after the probation period (2 months). Conditions apply.

How we recruit new talent

This is how you become a member of our team.

An open policy

Inetum Romania is the right place for you! Please reach out to us and let us know you are interested in becoming a part of the team. If your profile matches our needs, our human resources team will contact you.

Sending your application means that you agree to the processing of personal data in the recruitment process conducted by Inetum Romania.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for on our job openings list, but you think you would make a great addition to our team? We still want to hear from you!

Reach out and send us your resume at

Steps and process

Resumes are thoroughly assessed by your team of recruiters. The members of our team determine if the level of experience and the knowledge required to perform the assigned tasks are met.

From that point, the professional is contacted for an interview or an evaluation of their knowledge. Several other interviews must occur, depending on decision factors and the desired position.