Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Own IP software vertical and cross-sectoral solutions provided in both Cloud (SaaS) and traditional (on-premise) model.

Inetum innovates in the design of its products for public and private business activities. Its software solutions are integrated by vertical solutions oriented to Public Sector, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Compliance; as well as horizontal ones, like Time & Activity, and Document Management.

Inetum offers multiples business software solutions focus on seven key areas :

  • Public Sector. Finance, Human Resources, School Transport, Smart & Collaborative Territories, Social Welfare, Tax, Urban Planning & Housing Management, Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting Services, Emergency Management software solutions

  • Insurance. Non-Life Insurance, Life Insurance software solutions

  • Healthcare. Clinical Research Management, Samples Management, Trial Management & Monitoring, patients’ records, medical orders & care plan management software solutions

  • Time & Activity. HR, Digital Workplace software solutions

  • Document Management. Customer Communication Management and Enterprise Content Management software solutions

  • Supply Chain. Inventory Planning, ERP for retail suppliers and Transporters’ Scheduler software solutions

  • Fraud detection. Anti-Money Laundering, Antifraud, Securities’ Compliance software solutions

Our offers

Inetum offers multiples business software solutions focus on seven key areas: Public Sector, Insurance, Healthcare, Time & Activity, Document Management, Supply Chain, and Fraud detection.

Public Sector

Discover our public sector softwares

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Digitalise the healthcare system to address the sector's issues and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

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Chronotime Workplace, Workforce Management Solution

Chronotime Workplace offers a new collaborative experience in time management to develop the efficiency, autonomy and commitment of the different stakeholders while respecting the company's rules and

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Content Management Solution

Managing customer communication in the digital age, a major business challenge

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Supply Chain

Accelerate your Supply Chain transformation !

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Financial Compliance

Stay head of the pack with off-the-shelf AML and KYC solutions to fight against financial crime and prevent fraud !

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Ilex International

Discover the power of the Ilex International platform.

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