Public Sector

Social Action

An IS optimised to manage your social systems​

States, local authorities and major public, private or associative bodies implement social schemes for citizens, employees, members or affiliates.  ​

The Departments are also responsible for authorising the extension and transformation of establishments and agreements, quality controls, and monitoring investment programmes.​

It is also necessary to find the resources required to meet the need to optimise offers.​


A collaborative platform to turn your organization into a paperless office​

1 October 2018 marks the start of paperless public contracts for amounts over €25,000, to be followed by paperless solutions for public services in general.​

The objective of reducing printing brings significant changes in habits with new actions, internal exchange, validation and signature circuits put in place


Optimise your handling of taxes

Handling tax matters is no light affair, due to the long, dense administrative work involved, and the complexity. It is a real challenge for local, regional and central-government authorities. ​

To support public administrations in their desire to improve civil servants’ efficiency as well as the user experience, Inetum designs and develops innovative, ergonomic software that is above all adapted and tailored to your needs, providing an unrivalled user experience.

Financial management

Inetum's comprehensive solutions meet current management challenges

The management of cities, departments, regions and groups has changed dramatically. It now requires innovative methods of management and financial management.​

All the different aspects of finance – retrospective and prospective financial and fiscal analysis, inter-municipal strategy and resource pooling, municipal, departmental and regional equalization, public investment choices, financial communication, satellite analysis and control, consolidation of accounts and risks, evaluation of public service delegations and PPPs, debt and cash management, VAT management, programme and commitment authorizations, financial regulations payment, etc. – have to be taken into account to complete public operations, from defining their objectives, programmes and necessary budgetary resources, to analysing the results in order to defend the financial policies implemented.​

Human Ressources

HR software that cover the needs of all public organizations

Public organizations are experiencing significant reforms of their Human Resource management system (HRM), addressing issues like staff efficiency and up-skilling. Public authorities’ concerns include recruitment and training, but also the promotion, development and renewal of their staff members.​

​Human Resource management in Government and municipal, departmental, regional and local authorities is strategic to effectively meet citizens’ needs.

Emergency Services

Inetum, the European leader in emergency information and alert processing systems​

In 2019, Inetum acquired SIS, thereby positioning the Group as a leading European business in emergency information and alert processing systems. Emergency management, administrative management... Public Safety is an important area and affects our citizens. That's why Inetum does everything in its power to offer you:​

  • Scalable software solutions, designed for and by our customers​
  • Business experts, working as close as possible to the operational realities of the field​
  • A methodology that is tailored to carry out the most complex projects​

School transport

Thanks to Pégase, the Regions, but also the EPCIs, the Metropolises and the delegated transport companies have a tool adapted to manage the school registrations of more than 2 million pupils per year. The result is the digitisation of internal processes and the provision of a practical and efficient school transport management service for families.

Urban planning, water and sanitation management

Dematerialization of urban planning files, management of water and sanitation...

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