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The set of applications that make up the Healthcare Information System supports all the activities carried out around a patient throughout their care process, from contact prior to the appointment, to the subsequent follow-up after the patient's discharge, in all situations: outpatient care, hospitalization, emergencies, day hospital, etc.

In contrast to the traditional grouping of information, in most centres, each episode in a patient's history is numbered, and information from several episodes in the same care process is automatically grouped together.

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This consolidation of information greatly facilitates the analysis of costs per process, as well as the carrying out of studies and statistics of all kinds – pharmacological, etc. – using the coding of presumptive, provisional, and discharge diagnoses.

Any of the professionals who intervene in the care process has access to all the necessary information from any point of the network, according to the access levels that, depending on the role they play in the organization, correspond to them, for which the System has the necessary security elements.

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The organization of the system is based on the computerization of the different functions that are carried out in a hospital, regardless of the department type of the user who performs them. Changes in the organization of the centre therefore do not imply an alteration in its operation.

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