Value Added Resell

Going beyond hard- and software products

Help your customers open the floodgates of their digital flow.

Now more than ever, VAR enables us to provide a full-service experience for your organization and team. Together, we provide a wide range of professional ICT products and the best complete ICT solutions on the market to get you in a digital flow.  You decide exactly how you want to work with us. 

We combine technological expertise with a flexible business model

Our certifications guarantee the successful implementation of the solutions you choose, both in major and breakthrough technologies. A customer-oriented approach based on our expertise:

Today, technology is evolving at the speed of light. Every day, new solutions are coming on the market and companies are improving their existing products. As resell implementation and service partner to our customers, it is vitally important to keep up with these fast-paced evolutions and even try to stay ahead of them. That is why we keep both large technology brands and smaller start-ups on our radar. In total more than 150 brands.

With a product assortment of over 150 brands, it can sometimes be a considerable challenge to stay up-to-date. Inetum still succeeds in attaining and retaining the highest certifications for the top brands. These certifications are the result of a great deal of research combined with a wealth of practical experience in various domains within our top team of technology experts. But also in the area of new technologies, we continue to be a player on the cutting edge of innovations and digital disruptions. Products such as augmented reality glasses, assistance robots, drones, etc., are all matters that our specialists are pro-actively busy with.

We provide a wide range of professional ICT products and the best complete ICT solutions on the market. Customer decides exactly how he wants to work with us. Different possibilities in visual.

Together with our customers, we consider what role innovations can play in their daily work. By way of demos, proofs of concept and pilot programs, we guide them in their search and together, we work on creating solutions. This all based on the latest innovations, which enables our customers to stay ahead of their competitors and be considered as innovators in their respective sectors.

We help you make the right choice

We simplify contracts and let you self-provision as you wish.

> Independence to advise the right technology, adapted to your business needs

Your company is in a digital flow and as a consequence your ICT infrastructure continuously has to meet new requirements. Security, availability, performance, management, all these elements are crucial for the consolidation of your market position. We can help you with independent advice on the most appropriate products, brands and configurations. Oriented on 3 axes: 

       - Workplace

       - Datacentre

       - Networking & security

> Fast and self-service provisioning for online marketplace/store

> Single contract: devices + services + management +financing + buyback + Transparent & predictable budget.

A complete range of services to meet your needs

Products or services? Get both!

Our offering contains both products and services:

  • IT Consulting (strategic, tactical and operational advising in ICT adoption and optimal architecture definition)

  • Hardware/Software Product Resale (more than 150 technologies, automated and personalized e-commerce platform, logistic services and stock control)

  • Solutions Resale (Product+Specialized services in Workplace, Cloud/Datacenter and Networking&Security infrastructures)

  • VAR ‘as a service’ (pay-per-use models in HW/SW solutions)

A channel for ordering products/services:

Online marketplace: one place, one click for all your professional ICT products

Want to purchase and manage ICT products without worrying? 

Operational ICT issues – such as purchasing and managing ICT products – are just one of the many challenges associated with the digital transformation. Like many others, your organization will not be able to avoid them. How can you internally keep track of your budget and administrative matters when purchasing new ICT products? How can you keep the number of different technologies and brands under control, so that you can continue to provide support internally? How do you ensure that all purchases are in line with your corporate and safety policies? How can you be certain that prices reflect those on the market? How do you deal with all the new technology releases available?

Rstore: two-in-one - your own online store and an administrative customer portal

Rstore is an online store for professionals that gives you access to…

  • A broad, up-to-date range of professional technologies, brands, services and comprehensive solutions

  • A direct, immediately accessible central location for all your ICT orders (including admin)

  • A range that is easy to find and easy to order

  • A store that operates 24/7 and has up-to-date information on stock and delivery periods

  • Bite-sized inspiration thanks to a central overview containing all new releases, special offers, bestsellers, our monthly flash-mails, tech and sector blogs

Rstore is a convenient online client portal with a wide choice of features:

  • View your complete history of quotes and orders and your personal contact for Rstore

  • Select a central administrator who gets total control over the ordering process (who, what and when)

  • Select from different invoicing and delivery addresses immediately after only one setup round

  • Get uninterrupted access to up-to-date delivery information and ETAs (estimated times of arrival)

We are preparing for the future

Our teams are ready for the next developments in digital uses

  • Global delivery network with 21 worldwide 'follow-the-sun' 24/7 Service Centres

  • Skill centres: workplace, datacentre, multi-cloud, networking & security

    • Workplace: By 2025, 75% of all employees will be millennials. Organizations and their IT departments therefore need to start today on preparing tomorrow’s workplace where structured and simple collaboration is of primary importance, all systems are connected to each other, and access to systems by employees is a given anywhere and anytime.
    • Datacenter: The times when we simply had to build an on-premise infrastructure are now behind us. More and more companies choose a multi-cloud solution. Specific applications and data remain on premise or in a partner system while others enjoy the flexibility of the public cloud.
    • Net&sec: 

  • Team of technicians and consultants with highest level of certification for most of the main vendors.

Additional offers

These complementary offers would help you improve your business.