Outsourcing – we help our clients address their digital transformation

Transform your IT landscape with circumspection and in line with your own application remediation program.

GO – Global Outsourcing
Acquisition and takeover of the whole IT department of a client (assets and HR transfer)
BSO – Business Solution Outsourcing
End-to-end outsourcing solution from design, build, develop and run (Apps maintenance and Infra/Hosting support) for a Specific Application or a Group of Applications
ISO – Infrastructure Solution Outsourcing
Managed IaaS through an hybrid cloud solution (Right combination between Inetum Cloud & Azure/AWS/GCP) with a unique IT Operation support

ISO – Infrastructure Solution Outsourcing

Hybrid cloud is a prerequisite for digital transformation.

Modernize your infrastructures and make your digital transformation a success.

Our keys to success are:

  1. Ideal size for Mid Market
  2. Combining an Industrial delivery model with agility in operations
  3. Simple, clear and efficient governance
  4. Transparency & proximity
  5. Our vision: Inetum’s Hybrid Hosted Managed cloud allows a smooth and secure transformation to the public cloud at the client's pace.

We help our clients address their transformation in a smooth and secure journey

Transform your IT landscape with caution towards a more public cloud in line with your own application remediation program.

To meet your challenges and goals, we believe that:

  1. You need an adaptive infrastructure platform that's agile, flexible, ready to use and scalable in order to meet your transformation goals
  2. Public cloud transformation is relevant, but you must be cautious in this journey (risk analysis, no aggressive planning, sustainability, etc.)
  3. To modernize your infrastructures, you need to move from your old Datacentres, increase your agility in your business lines, standardize legacy and public cloud through a homogeneous solution, delegate recurring operations to an outsourcer to focus on your core business, and transform CAPEX in OPEX. These are the key success factors for a strong strategy based on infrastructure and IT operations in order to drive your digital transformation and the associated application remediation.

Inetum proposes an evolutive solution to transform your IT landscape with caution,  without risks, towards a more public cloud, through hybridity (combining Private & Public), at the pace you choose, aligned with your own application remediation program.

Our services combine industrialization with agility

Infrastructure Solution Outsourcing lets you benefit from IT as a Service, Proactive services, risk mitigation and budget control.

Why choose Inetum?

  • This offer is for mid-size companies. Inetum targets the upper mid market through its strategic Outsourcing solution.
  • Combining the industrialization of a major IT Services Company and the agility of a start up, Inetum brings you the best of  both worlds.

Your ISO solution is based on:

  • Robust Inetum Private Cloud enriched with CMP (cloud management platform) which allows clients to provision the public cloud and therefore adapt its infrastructure to their accurate needs,
  • Seamless day-to-day operations thanks to tooling, reporting and a cooperative spirit,
  • Experienced Governance and Inetum exec sponsor to adress potential issues fast,
  • Mature operations delivered from shared service centres,
  • AWS Azure and Google as strong partners,
  • Industrial tooling.

A wide range of IT production services

Our clients pick the services they need from a large catalogue of services and technologies.

  • Operational activities such as management of incidents, backups, management plan and management of standard requests, administration such as management of Level 2 and 3 incidents, problems, capacity, performance, security, etc., and integration such as management of configurations, changes, and technical integration of production releases.
  • The scope of intervention from the technical base (virtualisation, storage, backups, core network) through the management of OS, databases, middleware, technical applications such as AD, Citrix, CFT, messaging, etc. to business applications (functional).

Financial service catalogue

To ensure payment for use, Inetum proposes a financial approach based on a financial service catalogue.

The work packages proposed allows the client to understand precisely each price per activity or task and in a spirit of transparency, help the client to build their own budget with complete autonomy. For all new projects or for changes, we offer you a rich catalogue with some 2,500 tasks described and priced.

The financial model is based on a Work Package with monthly prices for :

  • IaaS: server, storage, back-up, network. This price depends on the type of cloud - Inetum private cloud or AWS/Azure public clouds.
  • IT Ops: services related to the management of OS, middleware, Databases and Applications to be supported. The price depends on various criteria:
    • SLAs (ie Gold, Platinum…)
    • Windows services (ie 24/7, Business Hours…)
    • Typology (ie OS Windows, BDD SQL…)
    • Platform (Dev, Test, Prod…)
    • Complexity of items (simple, complex)
    • Delivery model (Nearshore…)
    • And volumes (price decrease with volumes)
  • On top of Work Packages, we add fixed price for:
    • Governance
    • Transition & Transformation projects

Vast capabilities, extended services

Our volume of resources and our organization allow us to be at the heart of your hybrid cloud solution.

Infrastructure & Outsourcing Services Business Line represents roughly 20% of Inetum’s business which breaks down as follows:

  • 12% IaaS & Hosting 
  • 26% IT operations (outsourced)
  • 32% IT operations (insourced) 
  • 14% end-user services
  • 16% technical projects

60,000 Virtual Machines are globally supported including 15,000 Virtual Machines through Inetum Private cloud.

More than 4,000 professionals working for 500+ clients including 100 for which we provide hosting.

Our capabilities in Hosting: Inetum has 9 datacentres in Europe with partners like Equinix and Data4.

Our capabilities in Operations: Inetum leverages various delivery centres with dedicated ressources for IT Production.

This organizational structure gives our clients a mixed delivery model (mono or multi Shared Services Centre) that is dedicated to Infrastructure management. Resources are organized through technical skills (by technologies and layer of service) and the huge volume of resources allows Inetum to pool staff resources for different clients.

Our capabilities in IaaS (cloud provisionning): Inetum owns is own virtual Private Cloud and through a multitenant architecture, address private cloud for roughly 50 clients (11 000 VM).

Moreover, thanks to the Cloud Management Platform which is included in our ISO solution, Inetum proposes direct access to public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Clients are totally autonomous to drive their infrastructure whatever the cloud (private or public) and can easily modify the architecture, provision or deprovision resources (VM, Storage, back up), set up DRP plan or adapt SLAs for each resource...

We are at the heart of the Hybrid cloud solution.

Our technological partners support our industrialized model

A premium quality relationship with leading IT providers enable us to deliver outstanding services for your business.

Inetum has made huge investments in the tooling factory to propose a highly industrialized servide model. To do this, Inetum has developed partnerships with tooling providers.

Clients can benefit from this high level of industrialization, thanks to the premium support that Inetum gets from its partners.

On top of the tooling factory of which you'll see the main providers below, Inetum’s cloud management platform lets CIOs control their own infrastructure strategy by provisioning (or de-provisioning) infrastructure in both private or public cloud with total autonomy. Solid partnerships with software vendors enable Inetum to maintain and enhance our key tools for Hybrid Cloud.

Inetum has also developed partnerships with major public cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Inetum's service catalogue includes Azure, AWS and GCP which are directly and natively integrated in the Inetum Cloud Management Platform.

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ISO offers include our Go-to-Cloud offer and Advanced IT Ops which are ISO components.