6 building blocks symbolizing our internal strength​

6 building blocks symbolizing our internal strength​

Our 6 building blocks rest on a base of trust. After all, without trust there's no co-operation, no team, no synergy, no results, no long term value... no company. For us, trust is the foundation of our company from which everything else flows. The 6 anchor points supporting our Employee Centricity Infographic represent our 5 corporate values, completed with a heart for our international dimension, being part of the Gfi Group. Every building block has its own name and contains various items that we continue to refine together, because change is the only constant.​

The fit with our company DNA is the starting point in everything we do: Does it match our values, our purpose, our mission, our baseline, our Gfi Group ambitions? Always striving for that match is what makes the real magic happen and gains lasting results.​

We are in a people business, and we want to help organizations, and ultimately people grow. We want to help fully develop our employees' talents, too. However, the employee is the one in the driver's seat. Personal growth for us is associated with commitment from both sides.​ ​

We encourage our employees with inspired leadership and with supporting tools such as a personal performance and development plan. We also strongly believe in internal mobility: together we try to find what everyone's talents and passions are and to identify new career opportunities within the company. Based on that, we create a shared value, reward and recognition.​ ​

The basis of it all remains our attitude: pragmatic, constructive and proactive. It determines all our actions, both internally and externally. This ensures that collaboration, crucial to our people business, remains effortless and positive, internally and externally.​

We also help grow people's knowledge and expertise. After all, knowledge is our capital; it all starts with the quality of our products, services and solutions. You should not expect anything less from us.​ ​

To realize our promise, we provide the necessary room for co-creation and community building. We expect our employees to engage in knowledge and expertise sharing, both internally and externally. They understand that continuous learning is the only way to move forward. Of course, everyone at his or her own pace.​

We attach great importance to frequent and transparent people-to-people communication. We encourage non-violent, engaging two-way communication to achieve a continuous dialog and an open feedback culture, which is evident both internally and externally.​ ​

Giving feedback is one thing. Listening to feedback is another: always seek to understand. Listening doesn't mean 'following indiscriminately', but genuinely trying to understand the other's meaning, without prejudice or value judgment.​ ​

People managers explicitly commit to fostering a climate in which communication of this kind can grow and flourish. This is where positive team dynamics play their part and where the whole can be larger than the sum of its parts.​

Close co-operation ensures cohesion and connection and that is what we want to strive for: be one dynamic company.​ ​

We go for an environment that unites many diverse colleagues in their uniqueness. After all, we always respect everyone's individuality.​ ​

How do we realize this? By delivering customized work adapted to individuals and key moments as much as possible. Providing our people with the best total experience. Just like the experience we want to offer to our customers.​

The sixth building block is about 'balance'. Working well together can only last if life balance is generally good. A good life balance gives the energy and resilience to improve each other in a sustainable way.​ ​

To keep a healthy life balance, it is important to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Our company actively encourages the optimization of everyone's well-being at work and the improvement of physical health. Also thanks to a flexible and mobile working environment, each employee can fit work​ more easily into an often hectic private life.​ ​

Keeping the work/life situation perfectly balanced will probably not always be possible (sometimes we need to work a little harder, either at work or at home), but together we'll do our best to keep that balance as much as possible. This is why we strive to be a great place to work, one where you look forward to go to every day!​