CRM – Maximize your customer approach

Make sure your Customer/Consumer feels special and unique.

CRM software improves customer relationship management by creating a 360° view of customers – professional or private – by capturing their interactions with the company and by aggregating data to understand them, anticipate their needs, and personalize conversations. This allows you to deepen and benefit from your customer relationships, and to serve your users, colleagues, partners and suppliers more efficiently.

Customer Experience has become strategic​



of all companies now see Customer Experience as a priority versus 36% 4 years ago (Gartner)


of all product budgets will switch to a Customer Experience innovation budget (Gartner)​


of all customers now consider the quality of customer services decisive in their choice of a brand or a product (Microsoft – USA)


of all consumers want consistency and continuity between the different channels (Aberdeen)​

Customer journey

Customer/Consumer data
Customer/Consumer master data and information are keys to an efficient digital strategy that generates added business value (revenue and margin). Customer/Consumer personalization based on data analysis is becoming standard practice, and much-awaited by Customers and Consumers.

Omnichannel selfcare is the best way to satisfy Customer preferences and increase interaction with your brand. It requires pro-active data analysis and operational process alignment to provide answers and appropriate services. 

Instead of mass communication, send personalized messages that focus on Customer interests and needs. Integrate communication in sequenced interactional journeys to produce a continuous and coherent experience.

Become capable of designing and delivering an all-new innovative service portfolio with related prices and invoicing processes. Analyse Customer information to adjust winning services and journeys.

Change in-store retail interaction with an omnichannel Clienteling process and interaction with Customers. Adopt a complete digital in-store approach to re-invent your store concept and sales practices. 

360° view
Manage and increase the productivity of your B2B salesforce using mobile technology and a 360° real-time customer view. Make your salespeople proactive in anticipating Customer requirements. 

Customer vision

Introduce a customer vision through CRM to ensure long-term profitability.

This allows you to:

  • take your customers’ needs and preferences into account and increase their satisfaction level
  • offset the short-term objectives of your product vision with long-term customer objectives
  • move towards a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with the customer (not only a “touch-points” relationship)

Reduce churn
Maximize your contract renewal rate by anticipating renewal deadlines and assessing the relationship.
Increase customer value
Cross-selling is the most important way to increase the average revenue generated per customer.
Improve customer satisfaction
… by implementing customer satisfaction measurement and visibility, as well as account management.
Boost marketing efficiency
Increase market coverage and enhance campaign efficiency by identifying opportunities in the sales funnel with high anticipation.
Boost operational efficiency
Use a CRM tool to improve your sales efficiency.
Understand customer expectations
Before measuring customer satisfaction on existing contracts, first ask, analyse and spread market expectations (e.g. interviews).

Service catalogue​

Wide functional coverage for sales, customer service and marketing​

Develop sales assistance tools, personalize and configure offers, and encourage digital subscription​
Continuation and generalization of your digital service: self-service, click-to-chat, click-to-call, mobility, social networks​, cross-channel customer journey modelling, and animation
Develop your digital marketing and DMP convergence​; nurture your leads to boost sales growth

Alliances and partnerships

We work with major CRM solutions through strategic partnerships:

  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe
  • Click Dimensions
  • Oracle


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