Smart Automation

Your digital enterprise up on the Industry 4.0 track ​​

Make your processes more agile and innovative.​

The fourth industrial revolution: towards the digital enterprise…​​

  • 80% of all companies have already started their digital transformation​​
  • This transformation is driven by new generations of digital customers​​
  • It demands new industrial models that require a new look at processes to make them more agile​​
  • The capacity to innovate regularly has become a key to capture new markets​​ ​

…but it’s not that easy to implement ​

  • Companies become “entangled” in their endeavours ​​
  • Processes are cumbersome and often become a brake on innovation​​
  • Lack of end-to-end vision and interoperatiblity​​
  • Not easy to know how efficient processes are​​
  • More and more tools around​ ​

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A broad software ecosystem ​​

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We support your smart automation process from end to end ​​

Integrate and design your solution to optimize your capacities.​

Inetum is the architect and designer of a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that optimizes all your capacities.​

We support throughout your smart-automation process – from the design of technical solutions and process AMOA to production – by focusing with you on results. ​

We also provides solid change management to ensure the acceptance of solutions and the success of your process-digitisation projects.​ Our strategy is to cultivate a strong partnership ecosystem with market-leading solutions in all the components of smart automation.​ Inetum helps you to redeploy your company’s human capital towards strong-value added tasks.​ ​

Digitalize to speed up your performances ​​

Be more people-centric.​

Your benefits:​

  • Reduce time to market by digitalizing your processes​
  • Simplify and adopt/apply processes ​
  • Acceleration of processing time
  • Acceleration of the implementation of new processes or modification of existing processes
  • Control of its ecosystem
  • Reduction of operational risk in the application of processes
  • Improvement of data quality

What sets us apart:

  • An ability to choose and integrate the solutions best suited to your needs 
  • A strong partnership policy 
  • Existing models for integrating the various technological building blocks 
  • A transformation that takes the human element into account 
  • A tailor-made system designed for your context and your needs
  • An innovation-oriented approach in conjunction with the Innovation Department with the integration of Artificial Intelligence in process processing

Functional bricks that interact ​

A comprehensive service offer for an all-round solution.​


  • Definition of technical and functional architectures
  • ​​Proof of Concept​​
  • UX Design​

​Integration in agile mode​​

  • Replace your ITSM tool​​
  • IT process integration, SecOps, CSM, ITBM, ITOM, SAM, RH, CMDB, FSM…​​
  • Intelligent Apps, chatbot, RPA…​


  • Worldwide​​
  • Training for key users​​
  • Change management

​Advice & Strategy​​

  • Ideation​​ Transformation strategy and plan​​
  • Roadmap​​
  • Help with choice of tools​​ Audits​​ ​


  • Change management​​
  • Define, simplify and steer processes​
  • Communication​​
  • Marketing​​
  • Lean​​
  • Product Owner​

Process management​​

  • Functional administration ​​
  • Minor changes​​
  • Expertise: performance analysis, correction​​
  • Manage your service catalogues

Service Delivery Management​​

  • Manage your service supply​​
  • Operational dashboard​
  • Crisis and escalation management

​Maintenance in operational condition​​

  • Adapt specificities to upgrades​​
  • Non-regression testing​​
  • Functional expertise ​​
  • Licence management​

4 functional bricks that interact continuously

Inetum designs and integrates an all-round, end-to-end solution to optimise all your capacities.

Over 100 certified consultants for time-tested delivery​

Expert teams deployed in local, nearshore and offshore centres.​

  • 100+ operational consultants / AMOA / project managers​ ​
  • 1 centre of expertise​
    • 60+ ESM experts​
    • 60+ RPA expert​
    • 15+ chatbot experts​ ​
  • 7 local centres in France​
  • 2 European locations in Spain and Belgium​
  • 1 offshore service centre in Casablanca​

Delivery models:​

  • Occasional technical and/or operational expertise​
  • Technical assistance on site or remotely​
  • Intervention in skill centre​
  • Fixed-rate interventions​
  • Capacity to deliver remote service (service centre)​
  • Catalogue of work units available for the entire service catalogue​
  • Tool maintenance for solutions rolled out​ ​

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