Mass Passenger Transportation

A digital approach for seamless transport services

Enable the various stakeholders to streamline multimodal transport.

Inetum considers the Mass Transportation business from the traveller’s perspective to improve their daily life and meet environmental and climate constraints by addressing the various contributors to the end-to-end passenger’s journey: terrestrial operators (Railways, Bus, Metro, trams), airlines, shipping companies, Infrastructure holders (Airports, Ports, Railways Stations, Highways…) and local/regional Transport authorities, whose priorities are to provide :

  • High client focus, centred around green mobility and enhanced customer experience: real time information, cabin improvement (airlines), global loyalty programme, and even more  for transportation players whose passengers are looking for personalisation and a unique green traveller’s experience.

  • Networked, multimodal transportation (MaaS: Mobility as a Service): connectivity throughout the transportation systems between vehicles, surrounding infrastructure and users, to enable people to easily move from point A to B regardless of the transportation mode and service provider.

  • Dynamically priced services: variable pricing of shared use assets.

  • Cost optimisation (IT Infrastructure, support functions).


Implement a passenger-centric model

Your partner in an eco-responsible digital experience for transportation operators and passengers

Technologies are a key driver to achieve your objectives as they enable:

  • A Customer-Centric approach and tools (CRM, Loyalty management, Passenger Information) to allow transportation players to better serve and retain their passengers

  • Simplification, digitalisation and personalisation of transportation services (such as green mobility/MaaS apps for passengers); 

  • Higher productivity though process alignment (such as ERP); Cost optimisation of IT services (such as Go-to-cloud, SaaS solution) and variable pricing/work units services to adapt to fluctuant business demand

  • Turnkey transportation solutions (MaaS, Passenger Information/PIS, Ticketing, Infrastructure protection)

“Your innovative partner in digital experience and green mobility all along the passenger journey, for all kinds of mass-transportation services and infrastructures.” 

Digital Passenger Experience
Transportation Service Simplification
High productivity Variable pricing
Transportation Turnkey solutions
IT Functions
Core business Functions

A highly localized industrial IT approach

We own IP of Smart Transportation solutions to simplify the passenger experience.

We help both global and international companies (operators such as Airlines, Infrastructure/Airport management) and domestic players (such as city/regional Transport authorities) in their transformations while acting close to clients and to be relevant in their ecosystems.

Industrialization and automation approach of IT operations (from Design to Build & Run) with a delivery model that is close to the local context of our clients and their projects.  We have an end-to-end Integration role and are IP owner of Smart Transportation solutions. 


From Legacy Systems to Innovative Transportation Solutions – Digital Platforms (MaaS, PIS, CRM, Security…) for enhancing and simplifying the passenger experience and corporate functions.

Broad sectorial and cross-disciplinary know-how to improve your transport service

From passenger experience to support functions across the company, we cover all the IT needs of transport stakeholders.

Digital Passenger  Experience

  • Passenger Information systems/solutions (PIS)

  • Customer Relationhip Management (CRM)

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Transportation Service simplification

  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Green Mobility & eMobility

  • Smart Ticketing

  • Automatic Boarding

  • Passenger counter

  • Freeflow Tolling

Transportation Infrastructures

  • Protection/security of critical infrastructures

  • (such as Airports, Ports, transportation networks …)

  • Security/Safety

  • Road-risk reduction/Automatic Incident detection

Transversal Functions

  • Digital Employee Experience

  • Digital Workplace

  • Finance & Control

  • Procurement

IT Excellence

  • IT Digitalization & efficiency, such as Go-to-Cloud, Go-to-Agile, Smart Automation, Data performance/Big Data/Predictive maintenance, IT ops, application migration, cybersecurity

  • Outsourcing & AMS

A broad software ecosystem ​​

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