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Ensure the quality of your digital business

Inetum's Business Quality Assurance Services

Software Quality has become a crucial element in digital business:

• Application architectures are increasingly distributed and complex, spanning the cloud, APIs, microservices, and more, creating virtually endless combinations of different protocols and technologies within a single business transaction. • Thanks to Agile and DevOps, many applications are released in intervals ranging from 2 weeks to thousands of times a day. As a result, the time available for design, maintenance and especially test execution is drastically reduced.

• Now that software has become the main business interface, an application failure is a business failure, and even a seemingly minor incident can have serious repercussions if it affects the user experience. As a result, application-related risks have become a business concern.

To ensure that your software always has the expected quality, it is necessary to establish and execute Quality and Testing strategies in with processes, activities, tools and specialists involved throughout the software development lifecycle. This is an unalterable fact whether we use Agile methodologies, Pipelines DevOps or traditional software development models.

At Inetum, as specialists in software Quality services for more than 20 years, our ambition is to become the benchmark company in Spain in software Quality services with the highest volume of operations and the highest reputational value.

To achieve these objectives we rely on two transformation levers that cover the current market needs:

1 For classic life cycle models, be the leaders in productivity-based, pay-per-test models with significant cost savings for our clients.

2 For Agile & Devops lifecycle models, have the best “QA Agile” profiles that IT organizations in digital transformation are demanding more and more frequently.

Strategic QA, Tactical QA and Continuous QA – where do you start?

Align your business objectives with your quality objectives

Inetum's SQA strategic consultants provide solutions for:

• QA Transformation and global Testing strategy

• Improvements in the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of Quality Offices already operating for our clients

• Operational optimization solutions for QA activities

  • Quality Offices / QMO
  • Testing offices QA Agile Services
  • Intensive test automation offices
  • Data Management Offices (TDMO)
  • Quality code audit services
  • Testing should become an integral part of the development process.
  • Tests should be ready to run almost as soon as the related feature is implemented.
  • The organization must have identified the tests that have to be executed in the different stages of the DevOps Pipeline in the form of Quality Gates.
  • Each test set must be run fast enough to avoid a bottleneck in the associated stage of the software delivery process.
  • The test environment must be stabelized to prevent frequent changes causing a large number of false positives.

Inetum Quality Services – QA specialization as a hallmark

Quality at the service of teams that focus on their customers

Dedicated exclusively to ensuring the quality of applications, with a team of 275 professionals specialized in QA and Testing, with highly regulated training and a marked vocation for QA service, with a revenue of more than €12.5 million in 2020 and with test volumes of more than 500,000 manual test executions per year, more than 300,000 automatic test executions per year, and with performance test teams with more than 30 specialized Consultants. This allows us today to offer all our experience in managing more than 30 QA services in parallel and in all market sectors.

Our proposal, added to our professional experts, allows our clients to obtain tangible benefits and enjoy a differential experience, which gives us access to the recurring renewal of our services, granting them continuity over time and providing Inetum's Quality Services Business Unit with an installed base of benchmark accounts in the national market.

With our services, the industry perceives that our applications are efficient, secure, free of errors, and in line with time-to-market.

Continuously applied methods to detect failures early, automate testing, and eliminate later rework due to poor software quality.

Governance models that continuously measure the quality of developments, optimizing the hiring of integrators and allowing global improvements to the application portfolio.

A complete catalogue of QA consulting services and testing

QA services for Cascade and Agile software developments

We want to be a trusted partner committed to our clients and with services that provide flexibility to adapt to changing business circumstances, with certified teams that ensure the best work and with managed services in which we take care of everything. We focus on accomplishing the required objectives, with industrialized processes and payment for use.

We offer:

Customer references​

Currently we are operating Quality and Testing services in more than 30 leading companies, in every business sector.​

Our average permanence in Quality and Testing services for our clients is more than 6 years.​

In the Insurance sector we are leaders in Testing services with more than 110 people working for 7 major clients
In the Banking sector we have some 65 people working for 7 major clients
In Public Administrations we have more than 40 people working for 8 different clients
In Telco, Utilities, Industry and Retail we have more than 50 people dedicated to 8 clients​
In the Healthcare sector, we have 12 people working on testing services