Intelligent Information Management

An IIM strategy is based on two complementary lines of content services

1. Intelligent Capture (IC)

This key element in any Digital Transformation Strategy consists of capture and automation services for inbound information. We can provide all these services from owned and certified Centres for Document and Content Processing.


2. Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Can be defined as Content Services and Solutions to simplify the complexity of the documents, contents and every non-transactional information in business processes. It is a set of platforms and services that capture, create, classify, preserve, secure, analyse, access, deliver, share, integrate and automate all the contents and documents in business processes, involving either internal or external participants.

That is, not only software solutions, but also specialized services, mainly in the cloud, applying  the Inetum invesDoc IP software or products from the OpenText or Alfresco portfolio, as well as other solutions for ECM, BPM, CCM, RM and EDM.

Your Intelligent Information Management strategy

The three challenges of an IIM strategy for the Digital Transformation of Business Processes. Intelligent Information Management is a strategy to optimize the Management of Corporate Insights. It is about facing the challenges of understanding, anticipating and redefining experiences with employees, clients and partners, that is, all users who can consume information in the Companies. These three cthallenges are raised by the need for digital transformation in current business processes.

Users and consumers of the non-transactional information applying a methodology for information governance to take advantage of the corporate knowledge.

The needs of information of the users, in a consistent Digital Business Workspace, providing all the data, contents, related tasks and relationships with other users in that single workspace.

And finally, with a complete information governance and an accurate digital business workspace for content management, we can redefine the way to integrate information and contents, putting them in the context of business processes and Core Applications.

Disruptive IIM technologies for digital transformation

What are the keys for an IIM strategy to be successful in managing your information assets? As a recognized ECM leader in Spain, Intetum can integrate its own IP software platform (invesDoc suite) as well as worldclass ECM platforms and Cloud Solutions. Doing this, we achieve the key benefits for an IIM strategy to be successful in managing your information assets:

To give users SIMPLICITY of use. Incorporating the usability of consumer market technologies, what the user really wants, into their experience. Like mobility, immediacy, etc.

Focused on protecting data, and especially Personal Data to ensure GDPR Compliance. Prioritizing semantical and auto-classification approaches to minimize the human factor in data protection and information governance.

To allow information to be available anywhere. This facilitates fast rollout, more flexibility, and continuous update of contents.

Using open content services. That is, prioritizing the use of low-code and no-code development platforms to minimize customizations.

Supported in an Intelligent Capture strategy for the input stream. Tools to manage the “tsunami” of incoming information, in order to standardize information and integrate it into the flows of business applications.

Applying auto-classification and Artificial Intelligence. To extract value from contents, inferring metadata where it doesn´t exist.

From capture automation and value extraction to enterprise content and knowledge management

A complete catalogue of services and solutions for the intelligent management of corporate insights.

With the best content service components of Intelligent Capture and Enterprise Information Management, we can deliver the most powerful solutions to take full advantage of information assets in business processes.

We provide organizations with the best services to manage and get the most out of information knowledge:

  1. Management and analysis of documents and contents that provide valuable information in the business context
  2. A comprehensive approach to Digital Administration
  3. Document and content cloud SaaS
  4. Digital contract approach for a customer knowledge, electronic signature, intelligent capture of information and content scoring
  5. Consultancy services to apply best practice Information and Content Governance
  6. Document BPO Services for automated and intelligent value extraction
  7. Electronic tendering in Public Administration

Intelligent Information Management for your positive digital flow

We are recognized as an ECM leader in Spain, with our own IP software platform (invesDoc suite) and Cloud Solutions. We treasure a team of more than 250 professionals spread over 7 countries, who offer the best content services from Consultancy to Integration, also based on worldclass software as OpenText and Alfresco. Since 1989, we have completed more than 800 projects. We also own four specialized centres to provide professional and certified document and content processing services, with our own (Iscadnet) and parter technologies for Intelligent Capture of all kinds of information. 

Our solutions (IP software):

  • InvesDoc suite, a complete document management platform
  • ArchiDoc, a world-renowned archiving solution
  • Add-in, the complete platform for Digital Administration
  • InveSicres, the Spanish I/O registry standard for official communications
  • eContrato, an omnichannel framework for electronic signature and identity validation
  • iscadnet, high productivity in mass document processing


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Our partners in rolling out accurate Intelligent Information Management solutions and services

Leading ECM and Capture technologies

  • Opentext (the world's n°1 Insight Management provider)
  • Documentum (an Opentext solution)
  • Alfresco (a Corporate Content Management leader)
  • Eidosmedia (the best media market CMS content management)
  • Bizagi (a recognized digital business platform)
  • (artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and semantic technology)
  • Abbyy (to create value from insights)
  • Kofax & Readsoft (intelligent automation for digital workflow transformation)
  • Readsoft (a Kofax solution)
  • PFU Fujitsu (to digitalize with confidence)
  • Kodak Alaris (turning data chaos into information)
  • Captio (expense management)
  • Wacom & EpadLink (signature pads)
  • Mitek & Mobbeel (identity validation)

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