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Key Figures

The Inetum Group has had a presence in Spain since 1998 with a workforce of over 6,000 highly-qualified professionals working with a client-focused approach in 33 offices spread throughout the country.









Inetum certified Top Employer Europe 2024

Our 28,000 digital athletes are proud to be certified Top Employer 2024

The Top Employer Europe certification rewards the initiatives that Inetum has been deploying for several years to provide the best possible work environment for its 28,000 employees through our innovative HR practices in order to allow each individual to shape their career path within the Group by living their Inetum Way.

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Our offices

Inetum in 23 cities in Spain

Inetum in Spain is the second largest entity after France in terms of number of employees and is one of the Top 4 national ESNs, and it operates its services from 32 locations throughout the country.

Our offer covers

Why joining us?

At Inetum Spain we have so much to offer : a wide variety of projects and professionals, the strength of a technological leader, personalized career management and much more.

In Inetum Spain we are more than 6000 professionals. We are characterized by our proximity to our clients and that is why we are present all over the country, with a presence in 23 cities. We are "Glocal", which means that we combine the strength of a world leader present in 19 countries, with proximity and local knowledge.​

We work with the most innovative technologies, platforms and methodologies on the market and with solutions from our strategic technology partners.​

We are professionals committed and passionate about the latest generation technology. They are differentiated by their spirit of teamwork, collaboration and improvement in a great working environment.​

Our main asset is our people, for this reason we invest in the best training courses and certifications personalized career plan, work life balance, a competitive compensation scheme that includes flexible benefits programs. We also have a Health Promotion Plan called "Live Healthy", based on our commitment to the Well-being of our employees. ​

All this to offer to you the best conditions for your professional development.

You will be a part of the best teams in the best clients. In Inetum we like to innovate, ask ourselves how to improve and find the best solutions for our clients. We work with the cutting edge technologies to always deliver the best solutions.​

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our challenges: To act for the benefit of our employees, in accordance with our values and for a sustainable planet. We nurture the talent of our employees in order to become a trusted partner that contributes to a better world

We act for the benefit of our employees with actions that promote diversity, such as gender equality programs, access to employment, encouraging the hiring of people with disabilities, etc....

We also have initiatives in place to attract and retain talent, looking after our employees' well-being and promoting initiatives that improve their quality of life at work and the balance between their private and professional life. And let's not forget the ambitious training program that ensures adaptation to the increasingly rapid technological cycles.

All these actions are carried out in line with our values: Ensuring an ethical approach to our business, guaranteeing data protection, ensuring a responsible supply chain and our commitment to society.

The last of our pillars is acting for a sustainable planet, limiting the environmental impact of our professional staff and managing our electronic waste.  

Onboarding Process

At Inetum Spain, we want you to have good memories of your first days with us and this is why we have designed an onboarding policy to help this happen.

Once selected, you will receive a letter of commitment with the conditions agreed by Inetum Spain. Following your acceptance, your onboarding process will begin and any queries you might have will be answered.​

  • Your first day: Welcome to Inetum!​ ​ We will meet with you in our offices to sign the contract and other documentation.
  • We will introduce you to your manager who will spend time with you and provide you with everything you need to start working, as well as introducing you to the rest of the team.​ ​
  • You will also receive your Welcome pack, which includes your new laptop, username and passwords for corporate applications and email, as well as any other material you need to feel part of the company and operational from the very first moment.​ ​
  • During your first month with us, you will be invited to the Welcome Session with other colleagues who have recently joined us. In this session you will learn a lot about the Inetum business and how to use our Employee Portal. And we take the opportunity to do a little networking!​ ​
  • We want your start in our company to be perfect, so in the first months after joining Inetum , we will contact you to confirm that everything is on point compared with what had been discussed and that you are happy within Inetum.​ ​
  • After a few months with us, we keep going on providing you feedback on the work you are doing and you will also have the opportunity to discuss your professional career with your manager and share any concerns and worries.​

Mobility program

Combine your personal and professional horizons.​

The global scale of Inetum Spain makes it possible to offer you a wide variety of destinations to broaden your personal and professional horizons. If you wish, geographic mobility, both national and international, can be one of the characteristics of your career within the company. All mobility requests are studied and if an opportunity matches both your interest and your profile, we will work with you to make it happen.​

Professional career

At Inetum Spain you can evolve within your reference job family to become an expert or make a change to an other job family area. Whatever will be your choice, we can offer you a large range of career paths.

A career path is so much more than just a journey or a succession of positions and responsibilities, but that is also enjoying the experience of your own progression and development. 

Your professional career will be developed within a Business Unit (BU) of a specific sector (Banking, Telecommunications, etc.) or within a multidisciplinary practice that will support the other areas (Security, Digital, etc.)

Each job family is structured from the most junior profiles to the positions with more responsibility and complexity in their duties. Careers path offer the possibility of being promoted to upper positions increasing technical expertise or project/people management skills.

We work with the most innovative technologies, platforms and methodologies in FRONT, BACK, REST, Task automation, DevOps, Web server administration, Administration and configuration of cache systems, Virtualization, Testing, etc.

At Inetum Spain, four main career paths are designed, related to Inetum business areas :

  • Development: composed with professionals specializing in design, construction, implementation and maintenance of information systems. 
  • Systems: composed with professionals focused on infrastructures, hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware, systems tools, ITIL, etc. 
  • Testing: composed with professionals involved in validating or verifying software and the software production process. This career path shares skills with development and systems' ones. 
  • Consultancy: composed with professionals expert and specialized in a specific knowledge's area of  our clients' business and/or cutting-edge technologies in the market. 

HR Support for employees

"You'll never walk alone" are the words to the anthem of a well-known English football team. This is how we want you to feel at Inetum Spain, always accompanied, always supported, always part of a team. We want to be there for you, so we have in place different communication channels and specific tools which make possible for you to resolve any concerns or aspects relating to your day-to-day working life at Inetum.

Continuous interaction

We have a communication channel between each professional and their manager, so you can put forward ideas and we can grow together.

We also make possible for you to keep yourself up-to-date with the business areas of our organization through the intranet and various internal activities. You can also connect with Inetum Spain CEO during the "Breakfasts with the Management" organized on a regular basis.

Performance appraisal

Because we are committed to your development, we carry out Performance Appraisals in order to discuss about it and also take the opportunity to recognize the importance of your effort and commitment.

  • Performance Appraisal is a way to get to know you better, to establish development challenges together, and to assess and reward your individual contribution to the team. 
  • Above all, the Performance Appraisal is committed to your professional development, to potential salary increases and to training needs. We are focused on recognizing your contribution, keeping on track your career progression and on maintaining constant upgrading of your knowledge.

On Feedback

We want you to actively contribute to both your development and the organization's one. That’s why we set up a continuous process allowing the employees to receive feedback on their work but also the get the opportunity to speak proactively with their manager regarding their career path.

  • We hold regular conversations to provide effective feedback, helping you to have your personal goals online with Inetum's onces.
  • This continuous feedback offers a great opportunity to celebrate what has been well done and to share areas of improvement.

Always connected

We continually give our staff relevant information about the organization, the business and the latest technologies and invite our professionals to participate in many of the initiatives to share their experience and knowledge with other colleagues.

Connection with experts, learning videos, techno-Thursdays and working breakfasts.

  • Since innovation is one of our pillars, Inetum encourages its professionals to be curious and to groom their knowledge. It's a major part of our career progression approach in order to create a team of highly-trained and highly-qualified people. 
  • Learning from other professionals or being aware of the CEO's vision are just some of the initiatives that we make available to you.

Interaction with the organization

Some examples of initiatives to share experiences and vision :

  • Video Experts "2' to understand": It aims to disseminate, with a technological focus, relevant issues and trends of the market. 
  • Meetups: workshops dedicated to all professionals on different topics such as: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc.  
  • Business Breakfasts with the CEO : a great opportunity for all to hear information about the company's update and the strategy but also an opportunity to discuss further with our top management team.  

Training & Certification

Because Inetum’s principal asset is its professionals and their high level of training, we offer you comprehensive and personalized training plans to develop your potential within the company on line with client's requirements.

The Training Plan includes a set of actions, constantly updated and rolled out to develop and update the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our professional employees.

The Training Plan is structured in 3 large areas:

  • Core Technical : Technical Training dedicated to Inetum's professionals and adapted to the job position covered. 
  • Soft skills and Languages: Trainings that aims to develop / improve your personal skills such as teamwork and the development of professional competences. 
  • Specific Training: For this specific training, we have established partnerships with the main software companies, such as: RedHat, AWS, Oracle, WSO2, ATLASSIAN, Cisco, Dynatrace, Liferay, Google, IBM, Salesforce, etc.

We also have Specific Training plans for Junior Professionals where experts are sharing their knowledge and best practices.



Inetum is committed to maintain certifications in all of its technologies. In line with our objective to promote career development, we leverage Technical Certifications, meeting the demands of the market.


Nuria Arribas, HR Department 

Her experience acquired over many years has enabled her to gain a global vision of the company while developing her own career.

"All these years at Inetum have meant that I have been learning constantly which has helped me to grow and, above all, to understand that it is worth making an effort to achieve the goal you are aiming at."



Pedro Cuenca, Junior Programmer

Pedro tells us how the Junior Plan, with which he started his career at Inetum, works and the opportunities that he has been offered within the company.

"I must say that, from day one, Inetum offers us the opportunity to develop professionally and to be able to be promoted thanks to individual monitoring of an employee's progress."

Leticia Miguélez, Test Engineer and Consultancy

Leticia came to Inetum after Efron Consulting was incorporated into the Group. Discover her experience of integrating into her new team and what this has meant for her professional career.

"Both HR and my current area manager did everything possible to facilitate my introduction to the new offices, here at Inetum, accompanying me throughout the process. I am now part of a large multidisciplinary department, like the SQA, where I have been able to continue growing both personally and professionally, thanks to the team spirit that prevails in this company."

Young graduates & Scholarship

At Inetum Spain we have a programme designed for young graduates who want to develop their career with us.


At Inetum Spain we believe in young talent, we believe in you!

You are just graduated and want to join a dynamic team where you can continue to grow, working with first-rate professionals in multidisciplinary teams, where the combination of experience and youth is key ? this is your opportunity !

We are passionate about having people like you on our team. We have extensive experience of training professionals in the main technologies and successfully integrating them into our high-performance teams.

The secret? A mixture of enthusiasm, challenging projects and diverse teams, where senior staff support the more junior staff, where everyone contributes from day one and where we all work together.

We prepare your career plan with you, which includes constant training and recognition.

We have a plan for you. Would you like to know what it is? Have a look on our opportunities

Jobs Offers


Are you considering doing practices? Do you want to put your knowledge into practice and join a team where you feel like one of the team, where you really learn and know that your contribution counts?

Do you want to feel guided in your learning and supported at all times by expert tutors and great colleagues and where there is a real possibility of joining the staff? Inetum is the company for you! 

We offer internships for students who are studying Professional Training or a Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

We are one of the companies in the ICT sector which is rated most highly by its interns.

Sign up for our Scholarship Program and find out why!

A high percentage of students who do internships or scholarships with us end up joining our staff.

Advantages and Benefits

Our objective is to innovate in this area and to stay up-to-date on equal opportunity policies, family-friendly policies, flexible working and to play a part in your personal projects.

Inetum sets remuneration according to your professional category, experience, performance and criticality of your expertise in relation to a client, project or organizational unit. This remuneration will consist in a fixed remuneration and variable one for some positions.

In addition, we offer the option of obtaining a higher net salary through our flexible compensation plan.

We also have some initiatives to help you in your life's key moments, such as birth, wedding, etc.

Flexible compensation plan: You choose if you want to obtain a higher net salary

Choose the flexible compensation plan that suits you best: Restaurant card, transportation, childcare and medical insurance

Each employee, voluntarily, can decide how to receive part of their salary. That is, each employee can choose how much of their salary they wish to receive in cash and how much in certain products or services.

These products or services are purchased from their fixed gross monthly salary, which results in a reduction in the percentage of personal income tax that is deducted from the payroll, so achieving tax savings and ultimately a higher net salary. 

Always with you

At Inetum we have a series of initiatives that support milestones in your personal life and help you to balance your personal and professional life so that you can achieve all your projects.

  • Gift card for wedding or domestic partnership.
  • Delivery of layette if you have had a baby
  • Personal bank loan with excellent conditions
  • Profit-sharing from the Bankinter virtual office - Inetum
  • Benefits club: Agreements with other companies with more competitive prices for Inetum employees (home, travel, clothing, etc.)

Flexible working hours

We want you to manage your working time in the way that suits you best. We believe in our professionals and in their ability to choose efficiently, both their work schedules as well as if they need more time off.

  • Flexible start, finish and meal times
  • Purchase up to 5 additional holiday days per year
  • Short working day in July and August and every Friday and some days before public holidays
  • Leave of absence for childcare extended to 3.5 years
  • Extension of some paid leave

Quality of Life

For Inetum, people constitute the lynchpin of its activity, therefore, our objective is to incorporate a culture of health, safety and well-being as a basic principle of our business, forming part of our corporate identity, through continuing improvement

At Inetum we run a program called the "Plan Vive Saludablemente", which is part of the company's strategic Plan.

The program is directly related to Corporate Social Responsibility, Inetum's business vision and its objectives, the Equal Opportunity Plan, etc. We strive for the best practices in IT service management.

Through our adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration we are expressing our commitment to continuing improvement in the promotion and management of workplace health, thereby contributing to creating a positive impact on society and committing to people's health and well-being, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition, our "Plan Vive Saludablemente" includes the 4 avenues of influence of the WHO Healthy Workplace Model. We are currently working on completing the certification process which will enable us to gain this certificate.

Inetum's objective is to make people feel proud of being part of the company where there is an atmosphere of well-being, trust and a good working environment, developing and implementing actions that respond to their needs.

Our environment

Much more than just an office!

Inetum assumes that its success depends on its professionals, and sees promoting their health and well-being as an obligation in order to assure the search, retention and development of talent, as well as their career progression.

Our Live Healthy Plan includes various initiatives:

  • Modern offices that invite creativity.
  • Short Working Day: Every Friday, the summer months and some days before public holidays.
  • We do not work on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  • Flexible working hours
  • The possibility of working from home: as long as this is compatible with the requirements of the project.
  • Extension of some Leaves to support your work-life balance
  • Extension of leave for child care up to 3.5 years
  • Possibility to "purchase" 5 holiday days/year
  • Flexible Remuneration: Restaurant Card, transportation, childcare and medical insurance.
  • Newborn layette in collaboration with a company dedicated to social and occupational integration.
  • IKEA gift voucher to celebrate the wedding/domestic partnership of our professionals
  • Welcome Pack
  • Employee portal with all the information you may need, in a single application.
  • Breakfasts with the CEO
  • Special offers for Inetum professionals with service companies (discounts for hotels, shops, shows, etc.)
  • Welcome session to guide you in your first days
  • Meetups: internal technology training sessions
  • Free physiotherapy in the office, during business hours.
  • Back workshop-school

Moments to share

For Inetum it is essential that people feel connected to the company and their colleagues, so we promote activities that allow us to share moments of leisure and fun both inside and outside the work environment

  • Awards and internal competitions: Christmas for the children of our professionals, Photography, Father's Day and Mother's Day...
  • Santa Claus visits various Inetum offices in an open day for people who work at Inetum and their families. The children get to meet Santa Claus and his elves: photos, snacks and gifts for the little ones.
  • Special days at the office: Geek Pride Day, Christmas sweater day, Valentine's Day, etc.
  • The other side of Inetum: these are initiatives suggested by the employees themselves to share spaces and recreational activities with Inetum colleagues outside the work environment (hiking, football and basketball games, bike/motorcycle trips, wine tasting, paintball, etc. …)
  • Collaboration with the Thinkids Summer Camp
  • Participation in Carrera de las Empresas (Company Race)
  • Charity collection of food and toys at Christmas in collaboration with the Fundación Madrina and Banco de Alimentos.

Recruitment Process

Join our team! We have so many opportunities for you!

Our selection process is quick and friendly.

We want you to know us better: our company, projects, challenges and opportunities. Discover all the opportunities that a multinational company like Inetum can offer you.

We also want to get to know you better, to know what your interests are, what motivates you, to know where you stand out and what are your personal and technical strengths.

To this end you will have meetings with our professionals from the Talent Acquisition Team, as well as with the technical managers of the departments and projects which you will be able to join.

These meetings will allow us to get to know each other better and you will discover all the things we can do together.

Let’s talk…? We have a wide range of opportunities for you!

You can see our offers below and register immediately if any of them suits your profile and interests you.

You can also contact us at:

Our opportunities